Winterhalter-Single Tank STR-155 Rack Conveyor Dishwasher

The Winterhalter STR 155 rack conveyor dishwasher that is single-tank provides a lot of power and is performance.
You can choose from two transportation speeds based on load size and level of residue. Well, thought out foundation filtration, in combination with a high-performance wash system ensures for wash results.
The machine offers you high performance with up to 155 racks per hour in peak times and saves energy in less active stages thanks to racking controlled zone activation.


Additional information

Dimensions 80.0 × 51.0 × 142.0 cm
Power Input



Product Features

Type: Rack Conveyor Dishwasher
Power Supply: Electric
Theoretical capacity [racks/h]:155
Tank temperature [ºC]:60
Boiler temperature [ºC]:85
Minimal water inlet temperature [ºC]:10
Rinse water consumption (full load)* [l/h]:260
Total connected load (with minimal water inlet temperature) [kW]:24.7