Trufrost-IC 50BW Ice Machine

Relevant for commercial outlets this self-contained Trufrost Ice Machine produces Dice shaped ice cubes and presents a fantastic alternative and can be used for undercounter applications. Connect your ice-maker into a water inlet that is purified or add a water jar, then turn the machine on, and you can start to enjoy the ice . Designed to turn off when the storage bin is full, it ensures a high degree of energy efficiency.

  • Insulated ice storage bin and doorway decrease air condensation and water formation.

Additional information

Dimensions 59.0 × 50.0 × 85.0 cm
Power Input



Product Features

Brand: Trufrost
Product Type: Ice Maker
Rated Capacity / 24 hrs.*: 50 kgs.
Ice Storage Capacity: 18kgs
Cube Shape / Size: Dice / 28*28*22 mm
Electricals: 220V/50Hz./Single Phase