Trufrost-IC 18BW Ice Machine

Ice Machines for Pubs Ice is a food item and deserves attention when planning your pub. It permits you to stay in charge of purity and water quality. Trufrost provides quality ice cube making machines with storage containers considered suitable. You can choose between 4 versions that are different depending upon your needs. IC 25B & models IC 18BW create bullet-shaped the models and ice cubes create ice cubes to hard dice which are consistent in size and shape. IC 50BW & models IC 18BW can take at a water jar on top and is excellent for bars where quality water that is online is a challenge. IC 50BW may be plumbed to a water connection.


Additional information

Dimensions 42.3 × 35.7 × 452 cm
Power Input



Product Features

Brand: Trufrost
Product Type: Ice Maker
Rated Capacity / 24 hrs.*: 18 kgs.
Ice Storage Capacity: 2.2kgs
Cube Shape / Size: Bullet / Ø 35*39 mm
Electricals: 220V/50Hz./Single Phase