Teikos-TS603 Commercial Undercounter Dishwasher

The double-skinned Teikos TS603 commercial dishwasher is constructed entirely from stainless. The double skin cabinet upon this dishwasher makes a thermal wall which reduces heat loss saving you energy & cash and lessens operational noise. The Teikos TS603 professional dishwasher is designed for durable work within the busiest of professional kitchens. A high quality of build with removable stainless wash & rinse arms ensuring thorough cleaning time upon time. The Teikos TS603 commercial dishwasher includes a selectable 2, 3 & 5 minute wash cycle time that allows you to select the cycle time to suit the strain (i.e. lightly or heavily soiled plates etc.) Automatic detergent & rinse injector pumps are fitted to this dishwasher as normal this means the detergent & rinses aid chemicals are automatically dosed into the dishwashing machine, all you need to do is make certain the bottles are placed topped up. It will always be wise to verify the diameter of your plates before you get a new dishwasher


Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 60.0 × 60.0 × 83.0 cm
Power Input



Product Features

  • Adjustable wash and rinse tank thermostats
  • Double skinned cabinet and door
  • Heavy-duty robust design and manufacture
  • High throughput per hour
  • Drain pump fitted
  • Top & bottom washing and rinsing for thorough cleaning
  • Automatic rinse aid and detergent injector pumps fitted FREE
  • Power: 5.3 kW to 6,8 kW
  • Power supply 400V/3 50-60 Hz (TS603)
  • Up to 40 racks per hour