Sugarcane Juice Machine Capacity Upto 600 Glasses

Sugarcane Juicer Machine, the most important decision is to find a manufacturer that not only produces the machines but has also spent considerable time researching and refining the product.

Our sugarcane juicer machine is a model of high strength sugarcane juicer, which is one of the most resistant and robust cane juicers available in the market since we have constantly evolved our machines with the best engineering practices, regular research and development and with more than 3 years of our experience in sugarcane juice. This model is suitable for the Shop in-store model, restaurants, restaurants, cafeteria, juices, canteens, dining rooms, etc.



Product Features

Product Type: Sugarcane Juice Machine
Capacity: Up to 600 Glasses/Hr
Crushing Capacity: 250-300 Kg
Roller: 3 Rollers
Material: Stainless Steel
Motor Power: 3HP