New Year is probably the best time when you challenge yourself with some New Year resolutions. But the fact is how many resolutions are actually effective? Most of these New Year resolutions fail by a month or two. But if you are determined enough about your New Year resolution to make a positive change for your Restaurant business then you need a full proof planning right from the beginning. Making just the plan is not really a good idea, but you need to execute the business plan effectively that creates a positive impact on your restaurant business. 

Keeping this in mind, following are some of the thought-provoking New Year resolutions that must be incorporated in your business in the coming year to make your business a profitable one.

New Year resolution four yourself is good but you must not forget making resolutions about your restaurant business. The following mentioned are some of the crucial New Year resolutions that can help to run a business profitably in the year 2020.

Resolution #1: Boost up your online presence and interaction

Are you active on Facebook and Instagram? But how often do you keep your social media updated? 

“Content isn’t king, it is the Kingdom”! This is even more applicable for marketing your restaurant business. But having an online presence isn’t just about creating an account over social media like Facebook, Google Ads, etc. It is about how often do you keep your social media updated?

Ensure that you are updated in social media and post-high-quality content periodically on online channels to boost up your restaurant’s online presence. It is important to post high-quality content and great picture resolution. You may invest in hiring a food photographer or you may also click photos of your own with a high-quality camera. 

You can also add your restaurant’s name in any of the leading food delivery apps because it can contribute to huge growth for any start-up restaurant. 

In addition to this, having an active restaurant website is also very crucial to showcase your online presence. This will not only increase your online appearance but will also help you to get more online orders as well.

Resolution #2 Enhance your Restaurant sales

One of the most important motives of any Restaurant owner is to boost up the sales by using some super fascinating strategy. But it usually takes some time to increase sales and you have to be very patient about it. Following mentioned are some interesting strategies that can help to boost up your restaurant sales keeping customer satisfaction under consideration-

  • Provide proper training to your team- Create a team where the members are all well trained and are capable of upselling the most lucrative items without overdoing it. The servers must be able to briefly elaborate every single topic to boost up the sales. 
  • Keep your team updated – You must keep your team updated with the latest technology. For instance, you may employ chefs who can efficiently use the smart equipment that can speed up the cooking process. Additionally, you can provide your servers with a tablet where they can take the order and send it directly to the chefs. This saves a lot of time and the restaurant can serve a lot of people within a short time span.
  • Implement smart Marketing Campaigns- Technology is progressing each day and now it is time where you can control your marketing campaigns. Instead of sending bulk SMS or emails to the entire contacts, it would be the best idea to maintain a customized database where you can send them an email or SMS based on their ordering history. This is a proven marketing gimmick that can boost up your restaurant sales to a surprising rate. 

Resolution #3 Improve your customer’s experience

A restaurant owner must not just focus on attracting new customers. They must also focus on the dining experience of loyal customers. A loyal customer gives a great pay-off and some stat report says that they spend 67% more than any of the new customers. 

A restaurant owner must maintain a personal relationship with the customers. They must discuss their dining experience and make them feel very important.

Resolution #4 Keep Stalking your online reputation

No, don’t stake other’s profiles. You have to stalk your own online presence on the internet. Keep an eye on the customer reviews. One negative review of your restaurant services can create a great impact on the restaurant’s overall reputation. This is because most of the people now choose restaurants after reading through the restaurant’s reviews. 

You must keep track of the online reviews and take the required actions on negative comments. This will help you to improve the restaurant’s business reputation in 2020.

Resolution #5 Know your customer’s requirement

Living a healthy lifestyle is a very common New Year resolution which includes having healthy food. But a healthy resolution is not really a good idea when it comes to boosting up the restaurant’s sales. So now restaurants must also keep some healthy dishes and start promoting that. This way a restaurant promoting a healthy lifestyle can effectively boost up sales and reputation as well. You may also collaborate with any reputed well-equipped local gym to promote a marketing campaign about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Resolution #6 Cut off your reputation and expand your business

With the growing cost of food, labor and competition running a restaurant business successfully can be really difficult. While maintaining all of these factors, it is very important to check the overall cost of the business which may dehydrate the restaurant. A restaurant owner must keep track of the stock and ensure minimum wastage of food to keep things within budget. 

The ultimate motive will be to expand the business as much as possible even if that involves taking a step back to make a large leap. But before doing that it is crucial to evaluate the current business model and simultaneously make research of the financial planning. One of the most effective ways of boosting up a business within a short time span is through Franchising. 

So let go of the old one and make a new start to run your restaurant business successfully in 2020.

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