Sirman CERVINO 10 Y08 GELATERIA Blast Chiller

Blast chiller CERVINO 10 Y08 Gelateria is used for freezing of pre-processed products. In the model CERVINO 10 Y08 Gelateria minimal temperature features -18 °C.  General compressors amount — 1. It needs to be noticed, that in represented model compartment place underside. This represented Shock freezer cabinet is handy, control system — digital. Shock freezer cabinet CERVINO 10 Y08 Gelateria includes a configuration and resistant components, that ensures long life term of operation. Used in manufacture instance material steel. And volume substance steel.

Shock freezer cabinet’s use will help in a manner to arrange the storage of merchandise at a vast array of foodservice organizations.


Additional information

Weight 185 kg
Dimensions 75 × 74 × 150 cm
Power Input



Product Features

  • Model: CERVINO 10 Y08
  • Chambers quantity: 1
  • Shelves quantity: 10
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Current frequency: 50/60 Hz 
  • Compressor cooling: air
  • Doors type: hinged
  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Internal volume material: stainless steel