Robot & Coupe J 80 Ultra Juicer

Robot & coupe J 80 Ultra Juicer Stable and sturdy, the J 80 Ultra can create any number of 100% organic juices on-demand and in next to no time! The J 80 Ultra juicer is excellent for producing fresh juices from vegetables and locally grown or exotic fruit, in addition to sophisticated cocktails, all to-tally pure and organic. It, therefore, has programs in pubs, restaurants, canteens, associations and day nurseries, as well as in health care settings and in the creation of dietetic foods, where fresh fruit and vegetable juices play an integral role. Fruit and vegetables, particularly when they’re raw, represent a valuable source of the vitamins, mine-railings and fibres our bodies need to stay healthy. Citrus juices contain mainly mineral salts, while fruit juices are packed full of vitamins to boost our energy


Additional information

Weight 12.8 kg
Dimensions 46.7 × 23.2 × 63.9 cm
Power Input



Product Features

Voltage: 120V/60/1.
Power: 1 HP.
Constant speed: 3450 rpm.
Bowl and Motor unit: Stainless-steel

Technical Specification

Magnetic safety device and motor brake.
Equipped with a large patented automatic feed tube (Ø 3”).
Stainless-steel juicer basket, grating disc and filter.
Extraction rate: 120 L / h, equivalent to one
glass of fresh juice every 7 s.
Supplied with a large 6.5 L waste
container, drip tray and special no-splash spout.