Necta Karo Instant Coffee Machine

Necta Koro- a touch of class to enjoy a cup of coffee, we find it helps if you close your eyes, inhale, enjoy the taste of a cup of coffee and then take in the aroma. It forms part of the ritual of drinking coffee. In everyday life, at work or we find the ideal moment to indulge in this pleasure that is fantastic. The Koro dispenser comes in the technology and expertise of Necta. With clean lines, the Koro offers tasteful Italian design pleasing the machine offers excellent value for money yet benefits from being superior. Koro is reliable and compact, as a result of the use of the best quality components utilised in dispensers that encourage much heavier workloads. Koro is great for environments such as restaurants, meeting rooms, shops studios and offices, and could be handled in a variety way.


Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 53 × 33 × 61 cm
Power Input



Product Features

Version:  Instant
User interface:  Direct selections
Voltage:  220/240 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Display: Graphic display
Drinks Delivered: Espresso Americano
Black Coffee
Café macchiato
Café latte Cappuccino
White Coffee
Hot Water
Appr.Number Of coffees before refilling: 100 cups
Soluble canister: 630 gr coffee + 750 gr milk + 1800 gr chocolate
Hourly output: Up to 40 Lt/hour