Lincoln 1155 Conveyor Pizza Oven

The Lincoln 1155 Impinger Conveyor Oven is the best solution for pizza stores in addition to restaurants, hotels, bars or clubs with a pizza menu. Using its Fastbake™ technology decreasing times by around 30%, and offering users a platform that is compact that decreases labor and time, it is no wonder that the Lincoln range of pizza ovens have won Best straight!


Additional information

Weight330 kg
Dimensions153.7 × 203.2 × 49.8 cm
Power Input



Product Features

  • Model No: 1155
  • Conveyor belt: 1422L x 457D (fits 18″ pizzas)
  • Dimension( W x D x H): 80″ x 601/2″ x 195/8″, 203.2cm x 153.7cm x 49.8cm
  • Weight: 727.5 lb, 330 kg
  • Power Input Type: Electric
  • Primary Power Input: 208-230 V x 60 Hz x 3 PH, 208-240 V x 50 Hz x 3 PH, 208-240 V x 60 Hz x 3 PH
  • Capacity: 220-240
  • Machine Body Material: SS