Icematic N-502M Ice Cube Machine

Icematic N Series full ice machines are large capacity and have no storage bins. They are the best. They include

• Ice maker with a horizontal plate
evaporator • Attachment for separate storage container
• Plug-in chiller with water-cooled condenser
• Cube size approx. 23 x 23 x 26 mm
• Fully automatic production control
• Patented AGION Antibacteria coating
• Electronic control board with an integrated monitoring system
• Fully automatic cleaning program with 7 cleaning cycles
• External cladding in stainless steel, DIN 1.4509 with rounded edge protection
• Water- carrying parts made of food-safe materials
• All components can be easily expanded for service and cleaning purposes


Additional information

Weight78 kg
Dimensions56 × 62 × 57.5 cm


Product Features

  • Production (24 h): 465 kg

  • Binge is not included.

  • Width: 760 mm

  • Depth: 620 mm

  • Height: 725 mm