Icematic N-132M Ice Cube Machine

The Icematic modular ice cube machines with vertical evaporator are exclusively conceived for large scale users: junk food, discos, hotels and bars, combining maximum strength yield and low investments.

The vertical evaporator produces an ice sheet that, dropping into the bin, breaks into single die-shaped cubes.


Additional information

Weight 53 kg
Dimensions 62 × 56 × 57.5 cm


Product Features

  • Production (/24h): 154Kg
  •  Easily accessible components.
  • Low power and water consumption.
  • Condeser filter for easy maintenance Electronic controls.
  • Built in cleaning system.
  • Storage bin and production areas protected by Agion.
  • Air cooled condenser.
  • Large selection of icemakers and storage bins.
  • Modular design customisable to customer requirements.
  • R404a refrigerant.
  • 12 gram dice ice cube, ideal for all outlets in need or large quantites of ice.
  • Manufactured in Italy.