Icematic F200 Modular Flake Ice Maker

Flake machines are best for health care facilities use in hospitals and ice displays in fish retail, in addition to beverages that are blended. They produce a slow-melting, smooth, soft and flexible ice form which never fails to please. The F80C and F125C flake ice machines are self explanatory, meaning that they have an in-built storage bin whereas the F120, F200, SF300, SF500, SFN1000 and SFN2200 are modular head unit only finally requiring a compatible storage bin to maintain the ice flake outputs in the machine. Likewise with the modular ice maker models, all non self-contained ice flaker machines require a separate storage bin.


Additional information

Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 53.3 × 56 × 52.5 cm


Product Features

  • Icematic F200
  • 200kg of flake ice in 24 Hour Production
  • Storage bin not included
  • R404a Refrigerant
  • Unit cooled by air
  • Net Weight: 49kg
  • Use standard storage bin D105 or  D205 +Adaptor – D305 + Adaptor.
  • Recommended Water Filter ICE145
  • External Dimensions (mm): H 525 x W 560 x D 533