Icematic E-35 Ice Cube Machine

This paddle technology system from Icematic with fingers evaporator is the only system able to ensure the perfect performance of the machine despite hard water or water full of limestone and impurities. New water level detector enables customers to better handle block size. Generation per 24 hours. 12kg Storage. This ice maker from Icematic has stainless steel exteriorventing storage bin and door gasket.

The control panel (from left to right) is clearly organized and easy to operate. The button that is large is the switch. The green LED indicates the working condition of the machine, in the washing cycle as storage and ceased. The LED screens lack of condenser probe or water, storage bin probe not working. The pushbutton offers you the option to begin the reset of the maintenance period and the cycle.

Finally, this control panel provides you with the chance to choose functions such as water filling production cycle time limitation, time limitation cycle time limitation and the maintenance warning.


Additional information

Weight 36 kg
Dimensions 54.5 × 40 × 69 cm


Product Features

  • Icematic E35
  • 35kg of ice in 24 Hour Production
  • 12kg Storage Bin Capacity
  • Ice Scoop & Service Hoses Supplied
  • Paddle System Method of Production
  • 1 Years Parts Warranty as Standard
  • Supplied with installation kit and handy scoop
  • Dimensions in mm : H 690 x W 400 x D 545

Due to the favourable paddle system there is no need for a water treatment device in hard water areas.

For Icematic E Range, a water filter is not required.