Hot Chocolate Machine

In winter, individuals love a cup of hot chocolate beverage, In-home, you can do it using a mixer by hand. Or for those who have a home cocoa machine, then will be simple to make. In case you have the store you want a commercial hot chocolate machine to function for your client. 50 cups can be quickly served by the 5 litres dispenser. You can refill chocolate to produce a drink. When you closed your store (restaurant ) at night, you can easy to eliminate bowl with material (no need to extract chocolate liquid) and restore for following days.


Additional information

Power Input



Product Features

  • Type; Hot Chocolate Machine
  • Temperature control by thermostat
  • removable bowl hold 5 l chocolate mix
  • Air-Heating up directly with stainless steel plate
  • Keep warm with thick Al material heater
  • Temperature control by thermostat
  • Dispenser use in Party, Restaurant, Catering etc..
  • Removal tray for clean easy
  • 110-240V 50/60Hz 1000W