Why Choose Grafyt?

Safety comes first not only for your restaurant’s kitchen but also for the people working there and to do so a trusted fire prevention plan is a must. If you want to prevent any loss or damage of your business property then have a look at the safety measures that we provide. No matter what service you want, we have your back. We offer you experts who can execute a wide range of activities may it be setting up your new appliance or even completing scheduled maintenance. Grafyt is capable of providing absolute fire safety measures to restaurants and other industrial buildings across India.


Installing fire safety systems in hotels, restaurants and other building can be lifesaving as it ensures safety for the occupying people. Similarly in the kitchens of the restaurants, it is very important to install a fire safety system to prevent any significant accident. The industrial kitchen is dangerous as that involve high temperatures, fire and a lot of oil and lubricant in the environment which can result in a sudden disastrous kitchen fire. To avoid such situations and keeping all of the staffs, employees and customers protected, it is very important for the restaurants to install a reliable fire prevention system in their kitchen that can be easily kick-started with the first sign of fire.


Grafyt also provides a wide range of preventive measures to the facility managers to fulfill Emergency Management compliance responsibilities. Following are some of the factors that should be followed:

  • An Emergency Plan must be chalked out
  • Complete training to each and every member of the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) and Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)
  • Hand-on Training of selecting and using fire extinguishers, hose reels, and fire blankets
  • Supply Fire Warden Clothing Accessories
  • Supply a well-trained and experienced Emergency Planning Consultant and Fire Safety Advisors to evaluate the current Emergency procedures in practice.

Brush Up On Equipment Planning Basics

For sourcing, installation and maintenance, don’t go it alone.


If you want to keep your business and huge investments unharmed then installing fire-safety equipment is the best option. It can not only protect your business but also safeguard the lives of hundreds of employees, staffs and even customers of your business. The choice is yours, you can either get a new fire suppression system installed or you can upgrade the old system to a new one, the expert technicians of Grafyt is always ready to help you. To ensure that each and every appliance in your kitchen can handle fire, we install a huge range of products as mentioned below-

  • Industrial kitchen fireplace suppression systems
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire alarm system
  • Backflow preventers
  • Emergency lighting


In some cases, you can also choose a person who will be trained so that he can skillfully implement a solid fire prevention plan, firefighting, and even evacuation procedure. Following are some of the situations that should be considered:

  • Action to be taken with the first sight of a fire
  • Step to be taken on listening to the fire alarm
  • Calling the fire brigade
  • Power/process isolation
  • Identifying the key escape routes
  • Fire wardens/marshals
  • Places of assembly and roll call
  • Firefighting tools provided
  • Training required
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Emergency services provided

You probably place a good deal of emphasis on food safety and customer satisfaction, but don’t overlook the importance of fire protection to your restaurant. Don’t lose your business to a kitchen fire. Grafyt Fire & Safety has served restaurants and commercial kitchens for a lot of years. Our extensively trained technicians are licensed and certified to meet restaurant fire safety needs.

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