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Commercial kitchens are specially designed to serve food to several people at the same time with ease. Therefore, these kitchens need to be inspected to ensure that the food is fit for consumption. It can be found in restaurants, cafes, hotels, hostels, institutes and several other places. They all serve the same purpose. However, the types of equipment and size of the kitchen can vary per the operation’s requirement.

The cooking style and methods of the head chef can also impact the design of the commercial kitchen. Their method determines the equipment and the number of working stations required, which further helps to allocate the space. As a result, the commercial kitchen and its equipment are much different from the residential kitchens.

Some of the crucial factors that need to be kept in mind while purchasing commercial kitchen equipment are:

  • Affordable Budget: Before setting up the kitchen, it is vital to set the budget to ensure a profitable business. Go with the quality products at the middle and above-average price range.
  • Quality of Equipment: The durability and performance of the equipment depending upon its quality. The premium quality equipment is the one with minimum downtime and a long-lasting lifespan. Remember that high-quality equipment also prices higher, so choose the best one in your budget.
  • Available Space: Before purchasing any equipment, it is best to measure your available space. It helps you to choose the equipment of the size that perfectly fits your kitchen.
  • Requirement: Every food establishment has its own requirements as to what it will serve. For instance, a pizzeria’s primary need is an oven, whereas, for a bistro, it is a blender and processors. So, be sure what you will need.
  • Design and Style: It is best to plan out the design and style of both the kitchen and equipment to be used to ensure that your staff works comfortably in the commercial kitchen. It helps to maintain hygiene standards and productivity. 

Planning to open your own hotel, cafe or restaurant? Then keep all these factors in mind as Grafyt can help you to set up your kitchen in the most functional way. With us, you can find excellent commercial kitchen equipment in West Bengal. Every piece of equipment and appliance is of the highest quality and is affordable when affordable to other companies.

A commercial kitchen can be divided into three main segments: production, delivery, and storage.

  • Delivery: Most commercial kitchens operate all clock around; therefore, ensuring that the flow of operation is smooth becomes vital. The deliveries of produce should be easy, ready to store and use. Loading-bay with 24-hour access, cargo lift, large doors, and well-maintained floors are some of the important components. It makes incoming and outgoing deliveries easier.
  • Storage: No matter how big or small your business is, storing the food safely is very important. A large, secure storage unit and cold unit help to store bulk items. Above all, keep regulating the temperature to preserve raw food and pest control.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is the main sector where the cooking, cutting and other functions take place. Other essential components include the ventilation system, food preparation area, gas, water and electricity point.
  • Eco-friendly space: The design of your commercial kitchen, its equipment and the food that is being prepared should not harm the environment. Make sure all the materials you use in your kitchen are eco-friendly. To reduce carbon footprint, go with stainless steel, porcelain and glass.

Want to make your kitchen functional and efficient? Then contact Grafyt. Not only can our experts help you design and develop your kitchen, but we are also known among the best manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment in West Bengal.

Some of the common problems that one can face in a commercial kitchen are:


  • Lack of research: The kitchen equipment has various technicalities. Before purchasing any equipment, it is vital to go through all the product attributes. Lack of research can lead to buying the wrong product. It is either unawareness of your requirement or insufficient product knowledge.


  • Focusing more on price: When purchasing equipment, your sole focus should not be on the price. It can turn out to be much more costly. Pricing is an important factor, but one should not compromise the quality of the product. If your budget is a little tight, go with the refurbished equipment.


  • Ignoring energy efficiency: Commercial kitchen equipment consumes much more energy than domestic appliances. This, in turn, increases the cost. Always check the Energy Star rating; poorly rated equipment consumes a lot of energy.


  • Wrong equipment size: Take the measure of available space before you go purchase the equipment for your commercial kitchen. When you know about the kitchen floor plan and available space, you can buy equipment of the correct size. Buying too small or too big equipment becomes a liability.


  • Not going with warranties: Always go with the equipment that comes with warranties. That is so as commercial kitchen equipment operates all day around, so any wear and tear caused can be repaired easily. However, ignoring the terms of the warranty or being unable to renew it can lead to added expenses.

Grafyt is one of the best manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment in West Bengal. Our products ensure the hassle-free operation and long service life. So whether it’s ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, toasters, water coolers or any other kitchen equipment, Graft has you covered.

Commercial kitchen equipment operates all day around. Though they are specially designed to withstand high volume work, ignoring maintenance can damage the equipment. Below are some tips that help maintain commercial kitchen equipment and make the best of your investment.


  • Review owner’s manual: Every piece of equipment has its own maintenance rules and methods. Knowing your kitchen equipment properly is essential by going through the owner’s manual. It helps you to understand how to operate and maintain the equipment.


  • Repair broken parts: It is common for some pieces of equipment to wear out in a year. If you notice any broken or noisy components, then have them prepared by a professional technician. It helps to keep your commercial kitchen up and to work for many years.


  • Cleaning and sanitisation: Food debris, rust and grimes can build up and lead to equipment failure. It happens gradually over time. You can prevent it by keeping the equipment and your working counter clean and sanitised. It prolongs the lifespan of the machinery. Clean your stainless steel utensils with mild soapy water. Above all, go through the user’s manual to know how to maintain and clean the equipment.


  • Professional maintenance: Professionals should maintain the equipment and kitchen at least once or twice a year. It minimises equipment downtime and ensures that they run at their peak.


Install your kitchen in the best and most efficient way with Grafyt. We are one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment in West Bengal. So get in touch with Grafyt for high-quality quality equipment at affordable rates and excellent service.

Here is the list of the top 5 kitchen equipment manufacturers in West Bengal:


  • The Grafyt

Grafyt is known for its top commercial kitchen equipment in West Bengal. You can find all the kitchen equipment for the HoReCa (Hostel, Restaurant, Cafe) industry. 

The Grafyt has its main office in Navi Mumbai. Besides that, it has other outlets and offices in 50+ cities of India. Not only does Grafyt have its own brands, but it also houses some of the world-renowned brands like Promac, Rational, BUTLER, Dean, Electrolux, Icematic, Indiwash, NECTA, etc. You can also find other internationally acclaimed brands. 

It has more than a hundred manufacturing, brands and service partners. It offers a vast range of products in India. Some of the most famous range of products are bakery equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, refrigerator equipment, exhaust hood with filler, etc.


  • Kolkata Kitchen Equipment

Kolkata Kitchen Equipment was established in 2010. Right from the start, they have been the top suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment in West Bengal. They extend their service to restaurants, canteens, industrial kitchens, bars, clubs, hospitals, etc. 

They have their manufacturing unit in Kolkata. You can find all the modern machinery of top quality and high utility. Their products meet international specifications and standards. 


  • Technocon Refrigeration

They are a fast-growing company in the field of refrigeration. They aim to build a long-term relationship with their esteemed customers with outstanding products. You can find some of the top quality products of different ranges and varieties here. 


  • Hadala Kitchen Equipment

Hadala Kitchen Equipment is a renowned name for commercial kitchen equipment in West Bengal. They are known for their outstanding range of products with premium quality. From washing, baking, storing, refrigeration, and culinary requirements, you can find everything here. 


  • CKE 

CKE supplies, trade and distribute high-quality kitchen equipment. They offer an assortment of products from combi ovens and convection ovens to commercial ovens. All the products are designed and developed with full precision. 

If you are looking for excellent commercial kitchen equipment in West Bengal, get in touch with the experts at Grafyt. Not only can you get excellent-quality equipment, but we can also help you design an efficient cooking space to ensure delicious food for the customers.

Equipment that consumes less energy is vital for better cooking efficiency. That is why it is recommended to use induction cooktops or microwaves rather than frying pans. Moreover, technology also plays an important role. For example, gas ovens fitted with catalytic converters generate more heat and emit fewer pollutants. Hence, innovative products are recommended as they offer various benefits. Also, one should go for automated cooking applications, as it reduces the risk of food getting burnt.

To maintain an ideal ambience for the working staff, commercial cooking efficiency is needed. Other merits include lower costs, reduced labour requirements, greater operational flexibility, lesser food wastage and many more. Hence, an efficient kitchen always ensures profit.

Whether you have a small or big food establishment, you must keep in mind all the vital factors of setting up a commercial kitchen. The food quality and standard of hygiene are two important ones. The quality of equipment also determines the food quality. 

So if you are opening a new hotel, restaurant, bakery or cafe and looking to purchase commercial kitchen equipment, consider Grafyt. We offer high-quality commercial kitchen equipment in West Bengal. So visit now to meet our experts and get an excellent range of commercial equipment!

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