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Even before you get to know about kitchen equipment manufacturers, it is imperative to understand what a commercial kitchen is. There are kitchens in hotels, hospitals and cafeterias. These kitchens are almost identical to the conventional kitchen in everyone’s home. The difference is that they have to serve a large number of customers daily. These kitchens are called commercial kitchens. They have ample storage, several pieces of equipment and multiple employees to prepare, cook, serve and clean.

After understanding what a commercial kitchen is, the time has come to understand how a kitchen is set up and how it functions. With the help of the following factors, you will easily understand the process of setting up a commercial kitchen.


  • Plan your layout: kitchen planning: Forget building. Even before designing a kitchen, a plan is extremely necessary. Charting out an outline helps with the progress of the work in a planned way. Placement of various equipment and appliances, refrigeration units and workstations is best done when planned in advance. Planning helps in determining space for placement and accommodation of assets. That also helps in ensuring that there is sufficient ventilation.


  • Kitchen appliances: To make a space a kitchen, equipment and appliances are necessary. It is crucial to determine which equipment to have in the kitchen. The equipment makes it extremely crucial for anyone to operate a kitchen, be it commercial or conventional. While planning things for a commercial kitchen, one must know which equipment is needed and in what quantity. To add to the advantages, it gives a good idea of fitting assets in the budget.


  • Kitchen storage: Storing equipment and food ingredients is one of the most important and basic things to do in kitchen storage. There is nothing exceptionally new about the idea of gaining familiarity with shelves, carts and racks in advance. It is always good to have a general idea of what kind and size of storage is required to store the equipment in a commercial kitchen. It also helps with the transportation of food and equipment.

With the three points above, it must be easy for one to understand the importance of certain components in the day-to-day running of a commercial kitchen. However, not planning for the above-mentioned things in advance can lead to a hit on your pocket and the overall work efficiency in the future. Therefore, all three components must be considered while approaching kitchen equipment manufacturers in Thane or elsewhere.

The planning and layout of a kitchen are its foundational moves. To get them right, there are some factors that one needs to focus on. These factors are important to ensure that accuracy is maintained while the kitchen is being built and its assets are being purchased or installed. The factors are:

  1. Energy efficiency: While running a kitchen on a daily basis, one thing to keep in mind is the profit margin. To maintain a good profit margin, avoiding unnecessary expenses is important. The energy costs are directly impacted by the design of a commercial kitchen. The best way is to prepare a layout which helps one cut down on such expenses. Locating cooking ranges in one place is a smart move. It helps one optimise the costs of energy associated with exhaust hoods.
  2. Ergonomy: To save time and avoid accidents, incorporating an ergonomic design is preferred. The use of an ergonomic design can prove to be very useful. Who would not want to prevent accidental spillages of food? An ergonomic design is necessary for that. While work is going on, it is advisable to ensure that there is minimal movement of staff. Having an ergonomic design is necessary for it all.


  1. Ventilation: The freshness of an eatery depends a lot upon the amount of fresh air it has. For that, ventilation is something that cannot be counted out. Dependent upon the ventilation factor is the hotel staff’s comfort and safety. What else is dependent upon ventilation? The satisfaction of customers. Who would not want to give the customers a fresh atmosphere which is not suffocating? Ventilation helps in that as well. In all, it is not easy to keep ventilation out of the crucial factors.
  2. Maintenance: Maintenance is another crucial factor. The significance of maintenance is that it helps a piece of equipment for a longer time with less need for replacement. Good quality equipment can save one from extra expenditure and secure the maintenance factor to a great extent.
  3. Size: Another important factor for one to consider is size. Thinking of and deciding upon the size of the restaurant and kitchen can be crucial. It is advisable to maintain a space of 5 square feet for each chair in the restaurant.
  4. Team: No extensive work can be possible without the presence of an efficient team. It is an unwritten rule to have professional people with experience. A team of experienced chefs, plumbers, contractors and electricians can help one build the ideal commercial kitchen. A great team can help push the commercial kitchen on the right track. Finding experienced and professional kitchen equipment manufacturers can help develop the kitchen to a point where it can develop at a fantastic pace.


With the above-mentioned factors ticked off, one is all set to commence the journey of establishing a commercial kitchen. You can come to Grafyt and consult with our experts to make the best commercial kitchen with the above factors in mind.

The simple answer to this question is no. There are different forms, sizes and shapes of kitchens. Different manufacturers maintain the same variety. There are ways in which commercial kitchens can be similar and in which they can be differentiated from each other. Be it a commercial kitchen in a pub or a school or a hospital or a restaurant or hotel, there are differences in the styles of working. Other than the differences in the equipment used and the sizes of the different kitchen spaces, there are different standards to be adhered to. The reason behind the adherence to standards is safety. 

Some specifications and similarities are:

  • Non-slip flooring like vinyl/resin
  • CE-approved catering equipment
  • Hygienic wall coverings like stainless steel/ UPVC white rock

If you are looking for excellent kitchen equipment manufacturers in Thane, get in touch with Grafyt. We are highly renowned among the best hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Thane.

The installation time depends upon the factors like specifications, size and complexity. While it takes 1-3 days to install small to medium-sized kitchens, turn-key commercial kitchen refurbishments can take 3-6 weeks to complete. That is because detailed works like interior finishes and mechanical and electrical services are included among turn-key tasks. The thing to note is that it all depends upon the size and specifications of the kitchen. Therefore, it is good to contact kitchen equipment manufacturers in Thane, like Grafyt, to estimate the installation time.

Researching for manufacturers can be extremely difficult at times. Especially in a place as busy as Thane, research can be tiresome. Here is a list of trustworthy kitchen equipment suppliers.


  1. The Grafyt: One of the leading performers in the HoReCa(Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe) industry, Grafyt is the name of the trust. It is making its presence felt across 50 cities with its outlets. If specialisation is what you are looking for, Grafyt can offer quality equipment for commercial kitchen, refrigeration and baking. For ventilation, they have filter-equipped exhaust hoods. If variety is your thing, Grafyt has over one hundred brands like Indiwash, Promac, Icematic, BUTLER, NECTA, Rational, Dean, etc. Grafyt’s name should be preferred in matters of variety, specialisation and service.
  2. Haresh Engineering Works: Haresh Engineering Works make their name counted among some of the trusted manufacturers in Thane. With the quality products to offer, they have been trying to meet the requirements of their customers.
  3. Innovative Kitchen World: As the name suggests, Innovative Kitchen Works have been trying to provide its customers with the latest designs. As if that was not enough, they have been involved in dealing with hardware accessories of reputed brands like Hettich. Their focus on quality has earned them a spot on this list.
  4. Sheeba Equipments: If pantry specialisation is what you are looking for, jot their name on your list. Manufacturing commercial hotel equipment in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai is their domain. They are also into manufacturing equipment for, storing, serving, receiving and hot and cold kitchens. So they do deserve a place among the recommended names. 
  5. Lemarkz Industries Kitchen Equipment: When talking of ovens, do not forget to include Lemarkz Industries Kitchen Equipment. With a focus on quality, Lemarkz has been providing ovens. With the help of modern tools, their ovens and other equipment have been crafted out of fine material. Providing excellent quality products to the customers is what keeps their reputation good.

These are the preferred kitchen equipment manufacturers in Thane. What’s tiring is the idea of searching for manufacturers one by one and checking for each of their reviews and specialities. Instead, use the list provided above to ease your search for your desired manufacturer.

The search for multiple equipment manufacturers is not tiring. You can easily search their names and addresses up on the internet. But the best manufacturer? That is where we come to rescue you. After introducing you to the concepts of a commercial kitchen and providing you with a list of the preferred names, here are the points to consider for the ideal kitchen equipment manufacturer.

  1. Size: Consider the size of the space where you will have your own commercial kitchen. Varying sizes are sufficient for different purposes. There can be different sizes of community kitchens for places like hotels, hospitals, schools and universities. For more storage, more space is also needed.
  2. Equipment: How can we forget equipment? One needs proper equipment to do even the most basic work and pace it up. To get the equipment required by an eatery, do market research and find manufacturers with variety. In this case, Grafyt looks like having the upper hand. With over one hundred brands under it, Grafyt brings a vast range of products to its customers. The variety does not only help you compare the equipment. It gives you an idea about the trendy material in the market. This way, you can think of purchasing equipment with basic knowledge all clear.
  3. Price: While opening an eatery, the most crucial thing is money. Opening a commercial project is undoubtedly expensive. You can find equipment which is really cheap while shopping for the assets. It takes market research to know the prices. The wider the variety, the more diverse the prices. Spending a lot can surely hit one’s pocket. So go for feasibility and practicality. The best way is to do some research and look for variety. Here, Grafyt takes it once again. There is a vast range of brands and products under Grafyt. Over a hundred brands speak for their work.
  4. Warranties and service: You would never want yourself in a condition where your equipment breaks down. So search for equipment with a more extended warranty. It is surely something to look for. Warranties are necessary for any commercial kitchen. Replacement of the equipment, if a mishap takes place, is what one needs. So you should prefer products with more extended warranty periods.
  5. Location: Some might not consider location important. But not knowing about the location can land you against the authorities. Before opening a commercial space, you must make sure that the rules and regulations are followed. The authorities’ nod is indeed necessary before the commencement.

The above factors are the ones that need to be considered when thinking of an ideal kitchen equipment manufacturer. To open a commercial kitchen in your hotel, restaurant or cafe, there is a lot of theory with a good part of practicality involved. Understanding the theory and implementing it properly leads to successful commercial kitchens.

Among the kitchen equipment manufacturers in Thane, Grafyt is a name to reckon with. At Grafyt, we offer excellent service, variety and quality. So give us a chance to solve your commercial kitchen-related problems, and enjoy our flawless designs.

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