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The basics of knowledge shape a lot of understanding about commercial kitchens. Simply put, commercial kitchens are established to store, prepare and serve food commercially. These kitchens serve meals in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, cafeterias, etc. They differ in size, cooking stations and equipment as the operations or head chefs change.

It is advisable to design a kitchen with the head chef’s requirements in mind. The reasons? The head chef knows the workstations and equipment required. Therefore, the head chef is the best person to consider for design requirements.

To add to it all, there is nothing that works in a commercial kitchen like at home. It is important to know that there are some standards on which the kitchen is inspected. Several rules and regulations need to be followed. A commercial kitchen stands on these basics.

With this, we are one step closer to helping you get good commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu. Grafyt can not only help you design the cooking space in your hotel, cafe, restaurant or bakery but also provides excellent quality equipment at affordable prices. That’s why we are considered one of the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu.

It can be quite challenging to know how and on what basis one should purchase commercial kitchen equipment. However, it is crucial to know that purchasing equipment impacts everything. From budget to efficiency in the kitchen, the equipment affects everything. Here are the factors to consider before purchasing commercial kitchen equipment. 

  1. Setting an affordable budget: Having a well-calculated budget helps. Maintaining good profits depends upon the budget of one. It is not wise to put in money blindly. The worst idea is purchasing costly equipment that does not even meet the demands. Purchasing equipment at a medium or above-average price is the best move. 
  2. Equipment quality: Quality is one of the most important factors when buying equipment on a large scale. It is important to ensure that the purchased items stand heavy use daily. Although high-quality equipment is usually priced high, purchasing the best available in one’s budget is reasonable.
  3. Available space: Purchasing equipment that does not fit in the kitchen can also be a source of embarrassment. The best way is to confirm the size of the kitchen, have a floor plan ready and then know what size of equipment is needed. This way, there is no issue of space.
  4. Equipment that fits your needs: No two eateries can employ the same type of equipment. A pizzeria cannot be the same way as a bistro. It goes the same way for other eateries as well. It is always wise to have equipment that fits one’s needs. While setting up the commercial kitchen and designing it, one should be clear enough about what type of eatery it would be and what equipment would be needed.
  5. Design and style: Design and style do not mean anything extravagant. It means having a design and the equipment in a way that does not slow down the effectiveness and productivity of the working environment.

With the knowledge of equipment and the affecting factors available, it should be easy to know what is needed and how it should be placed. With this much knowledge, you can surely contact commercial kitchen manufacturers in Tamilnadu or elsewhere. Thanks to our vast range of products, excellent quality, long-term warranties and outstanding after-sale support, Grafyt is often recognised among the top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu.

We mentioned the word ‘design’ a lot in the previous kitchen. Design is something that you should discuss with the experts in the field. Here are some things to keep in mind while designing a commercial kitchen.

  1. Delivery: Efficiency is one of the essential things when it comes to delivery in a kitchen. While the kitchen runs continuously for long shifts, there must be ways to ensure fast movement, offloading and storing. A commercial kitchen must have a 24-hour access loading bay. Having cargo lifts, large doors, and flat, open floors helps. It helps make the whole delivery process faster and easier.
  2. Storage: Storing food is one of the fundamental functions of any kitchen. A large, safe and secure storage unit and a cold storage unit are surely needed to store large amounts of food. Checking the temperature and doing pest control are two more things to ensure good storage.
  3. Kitchen: It is the core of any food-based establishment (including a hotel). So there is no way you can leave it out. How to know if a kitchen is good? If it has adequate storage space for your equipment, the day-to-day work can be done with ease. To add, one can install gas, water and electricity points and a sound ventilation system.
  4. Designing an Eco-Friendly Space: ‘Eco-friendly space’ might sound a bit new to some. Especially in the matter of commercial kitchens, an eco-friendly space is something that surely needs an introduction. It requires the use of materials like porcelain, stainless steel or glass. Such materials actually help reduce the carbon footprint. The focus must be on the same.

With all the points concerning a commercial kitchen’s design mentioned above, contacting commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu must be an easy job for one. With expertise in design and high-quality equipment, Grafyt, one of the top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu, will help you develop an outstanding, effective cooking space in your hotel, restaurant, cafe or bakery.

There are some ways to ensure that the commercial kitchen experience is exceptionally smooth. With a prior idea of these problems, it becomes easy to set up a commercial kitchen of almost any kind. With such things clear, it will be easy for you to discuss your plans and ambitions with or anywhere else. The problems are:

1. Lack of adequate research

You must research the technicalities of the equipment and other installations. It helps with the design and development of your kitchen. However, insufficient knowledge leads to long-term problems that are usually visible after purchasing the equipment.

2. Sole focus on pricing

Price is surely an important factor in the purchase of equipment. The price factor cannot be kept out in a business as huge as a commercial kitchen. You certainly would not want to take a hit on your pocket. But do not compromise with quality just to keep the prices low. Purchasing substandard equipment leads to early breakdowns and replacement purchases.

3. Ignoring energy-efficiency

The idea of energy conservation is often ignored by many. No matter how many are contacted, the bills will shoot up if you don’t purchase energy-saving equipment. It is always wise to purchase equipment with energy star ratings. It helps reduce bills and make sure that there are 

4. Choosing inappropriate equipment sizes

While purchasing equipment, keeping the kitchen’s size in mind is incredibly important. With the space in mind, it must be easy for one to ensure that the equipment purchased is of the correct size.

5. Not understanding warranties

Having equipment comes with the understanding that it will break down at some point in time. Therefore, equipment with a warranty period is necessary. At the same time, it is essential to read and understand the warranty terms. Under certain conditions, a warranty period grants replacement or repair. These terms must be kept in mind while purchasing equipment.

So, before reaching out to commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu, it is important to make sure that you are aware of the problems that can knock on your door. Considering such issues in advance and contacting the best commercial kitchen manufacturers in Tamilnadu can help you mitigate these problems. Grafyt is one of these leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu who can help you design and develop the cooking space at excellent prices.

Having equipment is a necessity. But it is even greater a necessity to maintain the equipment. While the equipment is of industrial quality, it is still good to extend its life by maintaining it. Not only does it extend the equipment’s life, but it also keeps the productivity of a kitchen and its workers running well. Here are some ways to ensure a good level of maintenance.

1. Review your owner’s manual

Every piece of equipment comes with its own user manual. Therefore, it is advisable to go through a user manual for the knowledge of using and maintaining the equipment.

2. Repair broken parts

It is a fact that with time, there is wear and tear that the equipment goes through. It costs you a lot in terms of productivity. You would not want yourself in a situation where the equipment breaks down during a hectic day. Repairing and replacing equipment requires a proactive approach. 

3. Cleaning and sanitising

Cleaning equipment helps prevent dust, debris and other contaminants from affecting the efficiency of any piece of equipment. Mild soapy water must be used to clean the stainless steel appliances. Cleaning and sanitising equipment can help increase the piece’s life as well. In case of a doubt, the first point comes into play. Go for the user manual. The best thing to do is to be regular with cleaning and sanitising.

4. Schedule professional planned maintenance

For equipment as large and sophisticated as the cooking and refrigeration equipment, it is good to go for timely professional maintenance. Not only does a professional give your equipment a check, but the move also helps ensure that the equipment is running at its peak of it.

Always remember- a stitch in time saves nine. Make sure to maintain the equipment that you purchase. It is important to make sure that you make good profits with no extra purchases and no damage to your productivity. Contacting commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu and buying equipment in multiple amounts will pay off only if you are willing to maintain the purchased equipment.

It is tiring to research finding good commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu. In a state so huge and with many businesses of the same kind, it is surely a herculean task to go for the one that suits you well.

1. The Grafyt

With over one hundred brands like Icematic, Promac, BUTLER, Indiwash, Rational, NECTA, Electrolux, etc., The Grafyt cannot be ignored. With such a wide range of brands and specialisation in manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment for baking, refrigeration and ventilation, Grafyt is present in more than 50 cities across India. With such variety, availability and service, Grafyt is one of the must-check commercial kitchen manufacturers in Tamilnadu.

2. Kalam Equipments

The idea of opening a commercial kitchen in Tamilnadu should make you have their name on the list. With a decent variety of equipment ranging from custom stainless steel fabrication to catering equipment, Kalam Equipments offers an impressive number of services.

3. RV Kitchen Equipments

RV Kitchen Equipments surely count among experienced commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu when it comes to manufacturing and supplying equipment to kitchens and canteens of an industrial scale, hotels, messes, clubs, restaurants, etc.

4. Kookmate

Having its roots back in 1983, Kookmate’s reputation is excellent in performance and pricing. However, the quality they have managed to provide speaks for their experience.

5. Paramasivam Kitchen Equipments

In matters of quality, Paramasivan Kitchen Equipments have zero compromising attitudes. Their experience in manufacturing and providing equipment for baking, washing, dining, refrigeration and other equipment is what gives them a spot on our list.

To conclude, we have summed up your search for some commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu you should go for. These names are reputed in the business for their work and the values that they have in it.

Even after having a list of equipment manufacturers, there is still one big question- how to choose the ideal one? The focus must be on efficiency. A manufacturer must be your preference in the matters of:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Variety

Considering products based on these three factors leads to the selection of an ideal manufacturer. Out of the many commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu, using such factors can help you find the ideal one.

At Grafyt, we offer you almost every solution regarding the kitchen of your hotel, restaurant or cafe. So you won’t need to look for someone to design your cooking space and then separately search for commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu. Instead, you can book an appointment with the experts at Grafyt, as we are one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Tamilnadu, dedicated to helping you establish your kitchens at affordable prices. So visit the Grafyt store today!

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