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A conventional kitchen at home and a commercial kitchen in an eatery are two different things. Also known as community kitchens, kitchen incubators, culinary kitchens, food hubs, accelerators and innovation centres, these kitchens are meant to serve large numbers of people during any given shift. So before you contact kitchen equipment manufacturers in Surat, make sure to know everything about a commercial kitchen.

Knowing the components of a commercial kitchen is incredibly important. To run a commercial kitchen on a daily basis, the need to understand the basics is always there. The substitution of basic knowledge is nowhere else.

  1. Appliances and kitchenware: Having appliances is unavoidable. In a modern kitchen, the process of making food needs to be really fast. For it, the need to have appliances and kitchenware is three. There are two things for one to consider- ease of cleanliness and quality of the build. It is advisable to have stainless steel equipment. Easy to clean and resistant to long-term wear and tear, stainless steel is necessary to have in the kitchen. Prep kitchen, exhaust canopies, tables, counters, sinks and splashbacks of stainless steel are needed.
  2. Thoughtful storage: Storage is one of the basic yet essential functions of a commercial kitchen. Having clever storage solutions ensures more efficiency and quick switching between tasks. An innovative storage solution exists in the form of split storage. There must be a non-food storage section, a cold storage section and a dry storage section.
  3. Food preparation: Another section that one needs to have is that of preparation. What is important to ensure in this section? It is important to have different workstations in this section. With stainless steel sinks for washing, stainless steel tables and counters for mixing and cutting equipment, it becomes easier and faster to serve food.
  4. Meal cooking: Before the food reaches the serving section, this is the final step. The section for cooking requires a lot of heavy equipment. With equipment like fryers, ovens, stainless steel exhaust hoods and ranges, it is advisable to have separate stations for tasks like baking, grilling, fryer, salad preparation, dessert preparation, etc.
  5. Service section: It is the final section in the journey of the food to your customer’s table. As it is the area where tasks like garnishing are going on, the idea of a stainless steel serving area is much recommended.
  6. Efficient layouts: The idea of a successful commercial kitchen is true to the core only with a smooth layout; With designs like the assembly line, the island and the zone style, there is no end to the options one can go for. The pro tip is to go for stainless steel elements. The ease of cleaning and maintenance can be ensured with stainless steel in a better and more affordable way.

With the components of the commercial kitchen sorted out, it should be easy for you to understand what makes a commercial kitchen what it is. However, as it is nearly impossible to run a business well without basic knowledge of a commercial kitchen, you must go through the components and other basics before contacting commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Surat.

As we proceed to the next step in the journey to understand how a commercial kitchen works, it is essential to get the answer to the question regarding the things to look for in a commercial kitchen. As a commercial kitchen is a business idea ambitious and massive, the understanding part of it becomes even more necessary to understand than ever before.

  1. Space: The point of a spade is fundamental but understandably crucial. In the case of a commercial kitchen, one cannot expand the allotted space. So the idea is to derive the best out of the available space. Even the layout of the kitchen depends upon the available space. It is important to keep in mind the space factor. You would not want the space to become crowded, would you? The idea is to utilise the area in the best way possible. It must be utilised in such a manner that efficiency is maintained in every corner of the kitchen.
  2. Appliances: Appliances cannot be left out. To make a kitchen, you surely need equipment. Especially for preparation and cooking, there is a dire need for appliances in any and every kitchen. As a commercial kitchen person, one must know how many fryers, dishwashing stations or grills are needed by one. A lot of the kitchen layout idea depends upon the appliances. Considering the space and appliances go hand in hand. Therefore, considering appliances is another important thing to do.
  3. Storage Space: As storage is one of the basic purposes of a commercial kitchen, the consideration of storage space is naturally important. It is important to consider what amount of storage is required for items requiring freezers, dry storage and general pantry storage.
  4. Communication: With a lot of staff working in the kitchen, communication is crucial. To ensure efficiency, communication needs to be there. The idea of a suitable kitchen layout also supports communication in the kitchen. The idea of the staff trying to navigate through an incredibly crowded kitchen space is enough to make one think of the importance of efficiency.

These are the things to look for in a commercial kitchen. All these things compose a commercial kitchen and help you understand what is done in the incredibly busy workspace daily. With each passing bit of this guide, you are learning more and more. By the time you get to consider kitchen equipment manufacturers in Surat, you will understand what needs to be included and what needs to be avoided.

While we continue to discuss the working of a commercial kitchen, it is important to know the systems that rule the kitchen. As the workplace is bustling during any given time of a shift, you cannot afford to be slow and inefficient. So, here we are with the systems that you need to know of. 

  1. Cuisine: A lot of installations are determined by the cuisine of the kitchen. The use of a lot of equipment is majorly dependent upon the factor of cuisine. The size of the restaurant and the number of workstations required in a kitchen largely result from what a kitchen serves. The use of industrial equi[pment, largely considered sturdy, is also a result of the cuisine factor.
  2. Safety: With a large number of staff members working in the kitchen, one cannot undermine the safety of workers. There are separate standards for the safety of the employees. One needs to make sure that it is ensured at all costs. Installing exhaust fans over cooktops, installing sensor-controlled fire suppression systems, and the presence of non-slip floors are factors that ensure employees’ safety and prevent any accident.
  3. Dishwashing equipment: Cleanliness cannot be ruled out in the case of any eatery. An eatery as large as a commercial kitchen indeed needs to ensure a certain level of cleanliness and hygiene. Having spotless and odourless cutlery and crockery can be factors that lead to good customer reviews.
  4. Time taken for food preparation: While a commercial kitchen must be large enough to ensure that food can be produced at a mass level, it must also be sufficient for the time limit to prepare food. With industrial equipment in the modern commercial kitchen setup, it is easy for one to prepare food at a faster pace compared to traditional restaurants.

Understanding the four systems mentioned above can increase your knowledge in the realm of commercial kitchens, with considerable theoretical know-how of how such a large mechanism functions with this much efficiency daily, it must be easy to ensure that the later steps are executed with little or no confusion. 

You can get in touch with the experts at Grafyt, as we are among the best kitchen equipment manufacturers in Surat. We can help you with high-quality commercial equipment and help you design and develop the kitchen at excellent prices.

With everything mentioned above understood, the point comes to an understanding of the duration of a commercial kitchen’s installation. With a lot of heavy equipment involved and many infrastructures needed to be built, it is undoubtedly a question that deserves an answer.

Complex commercial kitchens can take up to two years to complete. With most small-medium scale installations completed within one to three months, it depends upon the size of a kitchen. It is always good to call the kitchen equipment manufacturer in advance. That way, it can be easy for one to have a practical idea with the consideration of all the factors in mind.

It is realistic to accept that researching for good manufacturers can be challenging. So it becomes imperative to keep in mind the time and the results offered by any manufacturer. So here we have the list of good kitchen equipment manufacturers in Surat:

  1. The Grafyt: A manufacturer that encompasses variety, service and quality, Grafyt needs to be on our list and your list as well. With over a hundred brands like Icematic, Rational, Dean, Promac, BUTLER, Indiwash, NECTA and many more, The Grafyt has outlets in more than 50 cities across the country. With such reach, it becomes important to acknowledge the reach of the services that Grafyt offers. Considering the number of brands that are with Grafyt, there is no question in the matter of variety as well. Specialising in equipment and manufacturing for cooking, refrigeration, baking and ventilation, Grafyt is among the best companies out there.
  2. JR Equipments: Focusing on delivering quality, JR Equipments have decent experience when it comes to manufacturing and supplying commercial kitchen equipment. What gives them a plus point is that they use modern machinery to manufacture quality equipment. Therefore, JR Equipmentṣ must be jotted down on your list of manufacturers. 
  3. Apex Homeneeds Pvt Ltd: Desiring to have a loyal customer base, Apex Homeneeds Pvt. Ltd. makes it to our list. Counted among promising commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers of Surat, they have not compromised their values. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, they are among the ones we strongly recommend.
  4. Apollo Kitchen Equipment: Apollo Kitchen Equipment has experience and quality. With the expertise in manufacturing preparation and refrigeration equipment for hotels, canteens, milk dairies and corporate institutions, Apollo Kitchen Equipment surely deserves preference for what they have to offer.
  5. AG Poonawala: AG Poonawala’s variety in the matters of manufacturing is genuinely commendable. Having worked on equipment for cooking like stoves, microwave ovens and other appliances, make sure to consider them for establishing your commercial kitchen.

Although there are several kitchen equipment manufacturers in Surat, the ones mentioned above are among the best. Grafyt manufactures and supplies excellent-quality commercial equipment for your hotel, restaurant, cafe or bakery and provides maintenance and repair services at affordable prices. That’s why we are known among the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Surat.

Now that we know about the few preferred manufacturers, it is time to ponder how to determine which manufacturer is ideal. With the shortlisting process already tiring enough with all the lengthy research, choosing the final manufacturer can take up your remaining energy. There are some factors for you to keep in mind while making a conclusive choice.

  1. A trustworthy manufacturer must be sought in Surat with a good reputation in the industry.
  2. The manufacturer must have a strong supply chain in Surat.
  3. You must get verified price quotes from different commercial kitchens in Surat.
  4. It is advisable to do proper market research on kitchen manufacturers and compare them on various parameters, like price, variety, and services.
  5. Finally, with the above four steps done, you are ready to decide on the final name.

By observing the 5 steps mentioned above, you can select the ideal manufacturer. Out of the many kitchen equipment manufacturers in Surat, it can be very easy for you to choose one who can cater to your varied needs. This handy guide aims to ensure you don’t face obstacles in your journey to setting up your own commercial kitchen in Surat.

At Grafyt, we have high-quality equipment, excellent warranty and outstanding after-sale support. That’s why we are counted among the top kitchen equipment manufacturers in Surat. So get in touch with our experts today!

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