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In the simplest words, a commercial kitchen is a place where you can serve large numbers of customers excellent-quality food within minutes. Designing a commercial kitchen with some factors in mind can help with the functioning of things efficiently. First, there are standards set for food safety and cleanliness. Then, the kitchens are inspected by health department inspectors. Once the commercial kitchen is approved, licensing is done. That way, the authorities do the licensing of a commercial kitchen.

Some companies deliberately try to extend installation and slow operations. Making more money is the objective behind such efforts. It actually takes time between a day and a week for commercial HVAC installation. 

If you want to ensure a smooth HVAC installation with little to no issues in your business operations, look for excellent commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Pune. You can also consider Grafyt one of the best hotel equipment suppliers in the country.

Ensuring maximum ventilation for one’s commercial kitchen is crucial to any commercial kitchen setup. Here are the ways one can make sure that maximum ventilation is there in the kitchen.

  • Ensure you have necessary ventilation: With two types of ventilation required for efficient working, it can be essential to make sure that both are available in a commercial kitchen. These two types are- general ventilation and necessary ventilation. There are certain components that make up the whole mechanism of essential ventilation. The first and foremost requirement is that of an exhaust hood. 

A fire suppression system needs to be integrated with commercial exhaust hoods. As the hood filters fumes, smoke, and air contaminants, the fire suppression system keeps the safety of the kitchen in check. As it is a necessary element, its maintenance and cleaning are necessary.

  • Ensure you have general ventilation: It might not sound necessary, but general ventilation is crucial to ensure fresh air comes inside the eatery with the help of properly installed air intakes like the rooftop intake unit. In addition, general ventilation’s presence in a commercial kitchen ensures that the kitchen’s cooling is more manageable with no air circulation issues. Well-screened windows and doors and additional fans help one with general ventilation.
  • Integrate your restaurant’s HVAC system: HVAC is the final piece that needs to fall in its place. With HVAC integrated, an eatery can ensure its ventilation is excellent everywhere within the space. Central air conditioning can serve as the best way to assist one with ventilation.

With all the pieces in their places, one can be sure of the work done in terms of an eatery’s ventilation. Out of the many kitchen equipment manufacturers in Pune or anywhere else, the search must be for a company that can serve as a one-stop solution to every demand regarding ventilation.

The establishment of a commercial kitchen requires an understanding of components. First, there must be a sense of knowing what makes up a commercial kitchen. Taking proper steps considering each component can help one shape an impressive commercial kitchen. In the commercial kitchen equipment industry, the components mentioned below are the ones to be aware of.

  1. Storage: Storing ingredients and equipment is one of the fundamental things to be done in the bounds of a commercial kitchen. A kitchen must have an organised storage mechanism for storing food, crockery, cutlery and equipment. The best way to ensure proper storage is by segregating storage units for categories of items. You must place equipment in cupboards and shelves, and the dry goods must be stored in the pantry. Moreover, refrigeration must be there for perishable goods.
  2. Washing station: In a commercial kitchen, one of the essential tasks to ensure daily is cleaning it. The utensils must be clean; the same goes for the dishes and cutlery. Washed ingredients must not be counted out. What is the easiest way to ensure that cleanliness is maintained? Having separate washing stations. Independent washing stations help do the work of cleaning things faster and also make sure that there is no mixing up of ingredients and dirty dishes/utensils. With additional requirements like commercial dishwashing machines and drying racks and sinks, these washing stations are of great help to those cleaning.
  3. Food preparation: Food preparation must be done properly to ensure the food is cooked well. Eventually, it reaches the customer, who shapes an eatery’s reputation. Separate workstations like counter space and a dedicated area for cutting tools and containers can help one ensure that food preparation is done nicely.
  4. Cooking station: The need for cooking equipment is unavoidable for any commercial kitchen. There must be baking, frying, grilling equipment and other specialised appliances because the customer can ask for any meal listed on the menu.
  5. Service: The service area is the place from where the preparations reach the consumers. A service area with heat lamps installed and in close proximity to the dining area is more preferred to keep the food warm and to improve a customer’s experience.

Before searching for hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Pune, make sure to consider these points in the kitchen’s basic design. Without these components in mind, mapping a basic layout of a commercial kitchen idea can be an arduous task.

Setting up a commercial kitchen is much more manageable than maintaining it. But there is nothing extremely difficult about maintenance. Of course, there are problems but with solutions to them. With the help of some measures and with the knowledge of some issues, it is possible to ensure that the maintenance of a restaurant or a cafeteria is nothing tricky.

  1. Cooker issues: Lack of filter cleaning results in cooker issues. The main one is overheating, but it can be prevented if the filters and vents are cleaned regularly. 
  2. Fryer temperature problems: The heat of a fryer can bring up many issues for one to deal with. Overheating can affect the cooking of dishes. An external thermostat can keep the oil heat in check.
  3. Warewasher not cleaning properly: Commercial warewashers are usually durable if of good quality. They work efficiently for reasonable periods of time. But there can be reasons behind a warewasher not working properly. Faulty spray arm, use of incorrect detergent or blockage of a filter can be some of the most common reasons behind warewasher-related problems.
  4. Clogged sinks: With the amount of food processed within a commercial kitchen, sink clogging can surely be an issue. Another worry with sink clogging is that it can happen at unexpected times with no prior visible signs. The use of a drain sieve, a powerful drain cleaning solution and the use of a plunger can come to the rescue.
  5. Refrigeration issues: Gaskets and air filters require regular maintenance. In any commercial refrigeration container, its gaskets and air filters can get damaged. Filters can get blocked if too much dirt and grease go inside them. It can affect the ventilation within a refrigerator. The key to solving refrigeration issues is regular cleaning of the condenser and evaporator coils.

All these problems related to maintenance have very simple solutions. The solutions can prevent or lessen the chances of the problems from happening. The key to any well-maintained equipment is regularity. 

If you want solutions related to commercial kitchen problems, come over to Grafyt. We are highly regarded among the top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Pune.

Out of the many kitchen equipment manufacturers in Pune, the decision of choosing the best ones is a bit tough. However, here are the names one should consider.

  1. The Grafyt: Grafyt, with its reach extended everywhere, has to be one of the most trusted hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Pune. It has over 50 outlets spread over the Indian landmass. If you love variety, Grafyt has everything that you can possibly ask for. With more than 100 brands under its umbrella, its variety of equipment is indescribably great. Grafyt manufactures equipment for baking, refrigeration and other commercial kitchen equipment. Not only does Grafyt have its own proprietary products, but they also have equipment from brands like Dean, NECTA, Electrolux, Indiwash, Promac, Icematic and BUTLER. 
  2. Varnika Enterprises: When it comes to hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Pune, Varnika Enterprises is a name to reckon with. They have a wide range of offerings when it comes to the work they have done. With experience in manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment, Varnika Enterprises must be considered.
  3. Chobhe Professional Kitchen Equipments(CPKE): Making their presence felt across India, Chobhe Professional Kitchen Equipments(CPKE) are among the trusted commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Pune. Make sure to have CPKE on the list if the mission is to have a commercial kitchen in Pune.
  4. United Enterprises: With considerable experience in manufacturing both residential and commercial kitchen equipment, United Enterprises is an up-and-coming name. They make equipment like sandwich grillers and burners out of stainless steel. Counted among reputed hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Pune, United Enterprises have a reputation for abiding by standards.
  5. Alister Equipments: Alister Equipments cannot be left out when talking about hotel equipment suppliers in Pune. Having worked with considerable experience in the matters of kitchen equipment manufacturing, Alister Equipments try to maintain professionalism while keeping things incredibly flexible. Their payment mechanism is not rigid. Dedicated to delivering quality equipment and services, Alister Equipments must be among those to consider.

The above-mentioned names have a history of bringing the best quality and excellent after-sale service when it comes to kitchen equipment. So come over to Grafyt, as we are among the best hotel equipment suppliers in Pune for all types of kitchen appliances with excellent quality and outstanding service.

Having a restaurant or hotel in a city as prominent as Pune is a dream for many. So after one is ready with a good idea, the next task is to find promising hotel equipment suppliers in Pune. But no need to worry. When deciding on a commercial kitchen manufacturer, the following are the points to check.

  1. Quality: The first and foremost thing to look for is quality. With a commercial kitchen fulfilling the needs of large numbers of people at once, the point of having sturdy equipment is unavoidable. Such equipment does not betray at the last moment. While buying commercial kitchen equipment, quality is the first thing to look for. Here we have Grafyt. With over a hundred brands under it, Grafyt has a lot of options to choose from in terms of quality and functions per the customer’s demands.
  2. Warranty: The second thing to consider is the warranty. Replacement and repair of equipment can be crucial. Searching for a kitchen equipment supplier that can offer a longer-term warranty is a wise move.
  3. Price: The thing that lays the foundation of it all is money. Price walks in. Keeping in mind one’s finances, price is an incredibly crucial factor. Researching prices and contract terms of various manufacturers can help save one money. If the research is done well, there is no untimely extra expense one needs to worry about. In matters of price, Graft must be looked at. With its wide variety of products, one can find different products in different price ranges. It makes it easier for one to search for products that suit the demands and don’t take a jab at the pocket.

Out of the many commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Pune, it must not be an issue for you to search for the ideal ones. This handy guide can be crucial in understanding the idea of a commercial kitchen, designing a layout and doing market research for a manufacturer that suits your needs.

If you are looking for high-quality food equipment manufacturers in Pune, come over to Grafyt. We proudly uphold our values of professionalism and deliver excellent-quality products at reasonable prices, which has made us one of the best hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Pune. Our reach and variety speak for what all we have to offer. So do consider contacting Grafyt and purchasing fine-quality equipment today!

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