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A commercial kitchen is an area where meals are prepared for people in large numbers. Places like hotels, cafeterias and hospitals have commercial kitchens of their own. Setting up a commercial kitchen anywhere is something that requires a basic amount of understanding. A commercial kitchen is designed for the production and preparation of food. Safety is an essential element of it all. Licence by local authorities is a requirement for one to establish a community kitchen. An inspection of the community kitchen’s design is conducted by an inspector of the local health department. Approval during inspection leads to licensing.

Searching for kitchen equipment manufacturers in Navi Mumbai or elsewhere, there are several factors like price, service and quality to consider. In all those aspects, Graft is one of the best options to shop from.

The time taken for a commercial HVAC system’s installation is usually between a day and a week. Business operations are surely slowed down during the installation process. Any company can try to mitigate the effect of installation on the business operation speed, but none can promise zero impact. The motive of any company that deliberately slows down work is just one- making more money. To determine the period of installation, one must talk to the concerned company about the needs.

Ventilation is extremely necessary for any eatery. Therefore, ensuring proper ventilation is one of the first and foremost things for one to do while setting up a commercial kitchen. Here are the ways to ensure that the ventilation part is ticked off from your list.

  1. Ensure that you have necessary ventilation: Necessary ventilation is one of the two pieces that shape the perfect ventilation mechanism. The other element is general ventilation. You can ensure excellent ventilation with the help of a few components. The very first component is an exhaust hood. Along with exhaust hoods comes the task of integrating a fire suppression system. With the exhaust hood comes the comfort of filtering all of the fumes, heat and smoke. The work of the fire suppression system is to ensure that fires don’t cause damage to the commercial kitchen. Another component to have is the kitchen vent hood which is usually mounted on the wall or installed on the top of ovens.
  2. Ensure that you have general ventilation: General ventilation is the other important part of the complete ventilation mechanism of one. It might not sound as important as necessary ventilation, but it ensures fresh air comes inside the kitchen and the eatery. The rooftop intake unit is the most essential part of general ventilation. Other additions are additional fans and well-screened windows and doors.
  3. Integrate your restaurant’s HVAC system: The last thing needed to ensure excellent ventilation inside a commercial kitchen is the integration of HVAC. With HVAC integrated, proper ventilation is what one can be sure of. To assist with the components, central air conditioning can also be added.

The wise move is to ensure that all three things are ticked off, Withnecessary and general ventilation checked, HVAC integrated, and the part of ventilation is completed. While searching for kitchen equipment manufacturers in Navi Mumbai or elsewhere, one must also ensure that the ventilation part is considered.

With the basics of a commercial kitchen understood, the next part is of understanding what shapes a commercial kitchen. These elements must be taken care of while charting a commercial kitchen’s layout. Finally, you must take proper steps with each of the elements in consideration for an efficient commercial kitchen.

  1. Storage: Storage of food ingredients and equipment is as basic a function as the preparation, cooking and serving of food. The key to ensuring good storage is having a suitable storage mechanism with segregated storage units. Broadly categorising items is a way to ensure that there is no issue regarding storage. The best way is to store dry goods in the pantry, perishable goods in a refrigeration unit and equipment in cupboards/shelves. It is the best way to ensure that food, cutlery and other equipment are stored in an organised manner.
  2. Washing station: When talking about preparing food and serving it, a crucial thing to consider is hygiene. To ensure excellent hygiene, the first thing to do is washing food ingredients, crockery, cutlery and other equipment. How to do it well in a commercial kitchen? The solution is there in the form of separate washing stations. The use of separate washing stations helps in faster cleaning and helps prevent dirty utensils and dishes from mixing up with food ingredients. Some additions to make are drying racks, sinks and commercial dishwashing machines. 
  3. Food preparation: The preparation of food is another important part that you surely cannot skip. But how to do it efficiently? Separate workstations. Separate workstations can surely help pace up the food preparation process. An area for cutting tools, one for storage containers, and a counter space help fastrack the work.
  4. Cooking station: No eatery can skip the cooking part. There must be different workstations for equipment regarding different tasks like grilling, baking and frying. It helps increase the speed of the process, and employees can focus well on their assignments in their respective workstations.
  5. Service: The place from where the food reaches a customer’s table is the service area. Heated lamps must be installed to make sure that the food remains warm. A sensible move is to ensure that the service area is close to the dining area.

With these steps, one can be sure of a commercial kitchen being a brilliant project. Moreover, focusing on points like these can ensure that your commercial kitchen and its delicacies get 5 stars from the customers.

The idea of maintaining a commercial kitchen can be a tiring and costly affair. There are problems that are indeed worrying. But all these problems have their solutions as well. One should know solutions to problems and must bring them into regular practice.

  1. Cooker issues: Cooker issues can truly be troublesome. Overhearing is the most prevalent cooker issue. The common cause behind it is the lack of filter cleaning. The solution is simple. Clean the vents on a regular basis.
  2. Fryer temperature problems: The heating problems of a fryer can end up affecting the procedure of a dish’s cooking. An external thermostat should be used to check the oil heat and to prevent overheating. 
  3. Warewasher is not cleaning properly: The work of a commercial warewasher is usually efficient. A commercial warewasher is usually durable as well. Although these pros can come to a halt if there is a faulty spray arm or filter is blocked or an incorrect detergent is used. These are the most common problems one comes across.
  4. Clogged sinks: Those who know about cooking already know how commonly clogged sinks are. Usually, pieces of food choke a sink’s exit, and the sudden clogging can catch one off-guard. A plunger, a drain sieve or a powerful drain cleaning solution can surely help one when it comes to sinks. 
  5. Refrigeration issues: Refrigeration issues can be there if one turns an eye away from regular maintenance. The air filters and gaskets are prone to damage. Filter blockage can affect ventilation. The solution? Regular cleaning of the evaporator coils and refrigeration condenser.

The maintenance-related problems have solutions that are very easy to implement practically. In addition, these solutions mitigate the risks of you being caught off-guard on a busy workday in the kitchen.

A space like Navi Mumbai attracts a lot of attention when it comes to fueling ambitions. If one is trying to establish one’s own commercial kitchen, it is nearly impossible without doing enough research regarding kitchen equipment manufacturers in Navi Mumbai. With a good layout ready and with enough funds to put in, one should understand that the need to do enough market research is ever-present. Here are some of the best manufacturers to consider.

  1. The Grafyt: Based out of Navi Mumbai itself, Grafyt is a name to reckon with. Offering variety, quality and service, Grafyt is among the best up-and-coming kitchen equipment manufacturers in Navi Mumbai. In matters of variety, Grafyt has more than one hundred brands and numerous products under it. With brands like Indiwash, Promac, Icematic, Rational, Electrolux, BUTLER, NECTA, and Dean under it, Grafyt makes its presence felt around India. There are more than 50 cities with Grafyt outlets. In addition, the manufacturer offers products for bakeries, commercial kitchens and refrigeration purposes.
  2. Yash Food Equipment: A young manufacturer, Yash Food Equipment focuses on a variety of quality commercial kitchen equipment. With professionals and advanced tools, they provide quality equipment. Their high-quality tools come in affordable price ranges. Another plus point is that they also work on customer-specified designs.
  3. Delta International: Delta International is another name to consider when thinking of kitchen equipment manufacturers. With decent experience in various environments, Delta International tries to incorporate internationally trending designs. Not compromising in quality, Delta International must be on your list.
  4. BS Enterprises: With the experience of dealing in industrial refrigeration and commercial kitchen equipment, BS Enterprises are one of the well-known names in the sector. With the variety in their work, they must be among one’s preferred names.
  5. Delight Kitchen Equipment: Working on technologies of international standards, Delight Kitchen Equipment are known for making quality commercial kitchen equipment. Their aim of working for customer satisfaction is what makes them present here.

The above-mentioned kitchen equipment manufacturers in Navi Mumbai are among the most prominent ones in the country. They have made their names for the quality and the variety that they offer. Moreover, if you are looking for fantastic quality and service, come over to Grafyt.

After knowing the basics of a commercial kitchen and going through the five recommendations of who to go for, the question is of the best. From the many kitchen equipment manufacturers in Navi Mumbai, the question is choosing the most suitable one. For that, there need to be certain factors in one’s mind. While taking the decision, these factors can come in handy.

  1. Quality: The quality of the equipment is the first thing one must look for. Good quality equipment is what saves one from untimely failures and the expenses that follow. Sturdy and easy-to-maintain equipment is what people look for. Purchasing equipment with good quality is the first priority for any consumer. That takes enormous importance when it comes to the commercial kitchen sphere. In commercial kitchens, one can never go easy on equipment quality. In matters of quality, Grafyt has to be the choice. With over one hundred brands, Grafyt has the variety and the quality of products with specialisation in several equipment’s manufacturing.
  2. Warranty: One of the most significant aspects to consider while purchasing any equipment is the warranty. Especially in the sector of commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing, one cannot afford to go for equipment without a warranty. Equipment with an extended warranty period should be purchased.
  3. Price: Before building a commercial kitchen, money is one of the first prerequisites. Price is a significant factor that must be kept in mind while purchasing equipment in bulk. Purchasing equipment that meets the demands of good quality at comparatively lower prices is a very wise move. It helps one maintain a decent profit margin. While researching, the price range is one of the things that must not be left out of the evaluation standards.

In matters of price, Grafyt is the preference. With a variety encompassing over one hundred brands, Grafyt’s range of prices is something one can only imagine.

With all the basics of a commercial kitchen covered along with factors of evaluation for equipment purchase, you must be able to decide things that end up being profitable for you in the future.

Do consider paying a visit to Grafyt, one of the best kitchen equipment manufacturers in Navi Mumbai. With such variety, quality and service spread across more than 50 cities, Grafyt can be the right place for all your demands. So come over to Grafyt and shop away!

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