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A cooking area designed and built with the purpose of selling food is known as a commercial kitchen. It is built and inspected to prepare food which is to be used for public consumption. Commercial kitchens are usually used in hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals, canteens, schools and professional institutes, marriage halls, bakeries, IT centres, etc.

A commercial kitchen needs high-quality, durable industrial-grade equipment that can handle a restaurant’s pressure. Also, the design of the kitchen should be such that it can allow easy flow of food from the preparation cooktop to the serving table. Then, the kitchen is the centre of your restaurant, where the menu is prepared, and the magic happens. 

There are several differences between a traditional kitchen and a commercial kitchen. In the home kitchen, meals for one family are prepared; in a commercial kitchen, food is prepared for thousands of people; hence, it should be well organised to avoid confusion. It saves time during peak hours and helps reduce the rate of accidents and wastage. 

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Here are a few things to consider before and during the purchase of equipment for your commercial kitchen:

  • Budget: It is necessary to have good financial planning before going shopping. There is no need to approach highly-priced equipment as they don’t come with the guarantee of high quality. Investing a lot in the machines would require a higher operational process to create more profit, thereby increasing pressure on the entire team.

While choosing the equipment, ensure not to go just by the aesthetics and check its utility in your process. Also, ensure the equipment price is not too high to avoid unnecessary losses.

  • Alternative options: There are certainly several alternatives to one product in competitive features and price. Thus, instead of focusing on purchasing a particular brand, try to get your hands on the best product in your price range. It helps you in getting a better product at a lower price range.
  • Warranty: While purchasing equipment, check the warranty. It is better to choose a product with a warranty as it helps in product replacement and repair in case of any damage till the time of its warranty period.

Besides this, the manufacturers often give a warranty on a product after checking it on various parameters and ensuring that the quality is top notch; hence it ensures that the product is of good quality. Hence, it is an excellent way of getting high-quality equipment which also helps save the money used for repairs.  

  • After-sale services: If given a choice between two products offering after-sales services and another without them, go for the former. The after-sales service is a way of adding to the trust factor and quality of the product. On the other hand, manufacturers further increase their market value by achieving higher customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust. Hence, the brand value of the company enhances through it.
  • Spare parts availability: While choosing the equipment, always go for a company whose spare parts are easily found in the market. It ensures faster repair in case of any damage to the equipment. If not, it would consume a lot of time to get the part or might need the replacement of the entire equipment leading to higher investment.

By following these five ways of the above-stated things, you can ensure the purchase of higher quality equipment for your kitchen. You can also take advice from any professional for buying commercial kitchen equipment. 

While looking for commercial kitchen equipments in Mumbai, check for their method of manufacture, materials used and durability of the equipment. You may contact us at Grafyt for commercial kitchen equipments in Mumbai. We use high-quality anodised manufacturing materials in the process. So contact us and get the best.

Irrespective of the type of food service you cater to, here are some of the objectives to follow to build an efficient commercial kitchen. Here are 6 points to consider while building a commercial kitchen: 

  • Flexibility and modularity: A commercial kitchen is an active working space such that the cooktop layout should be easy to change and highly adaptable. Whether you have redesigned the menu, added some new dishes as per the season, appointed a new executive chef, ensure that everything is efficient and falls in place. Trying to build an adaptable workspace would help in multi-use workstations or portable equipment.
  • Simplicity: It is common for the kitchen to look like a mess at a certain point in time. It can lead to further confusion and unhygienic practices, leading to low-quality food. To ensure maximum space utilisation, plan with a simple approach. Keep the server stations near the kitchen. Reduce the number of trips through the dining room and use modular or drop-in equipment, which avoids corners, edges and unnecessary shelves, saving space. Such kind of equipment with only the required accessories saves time and money.
  • Ease of flow: The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant and thus has a lot of things going on simultaneously. You should design the kitchen so there is no problem with the flow of materials and staff during working hours. It is better if the kitchen follows a circular path. 
  • Sanitation and hygiene: Maintaining cleanliness is the next big workload in the kitchen after cooking. Thus, ensure that it can be done easily. A smart way to do this is by installing casters on the work tables and equipment such that they can be easily removed while cleaning the floors and walls.   
  • Ease of supervision: The executive or the head chef has to handle a lot of things at a time. They ensure the final plating of the dish, decide the menu, maintain and check order supplies, check food quality and ensure that the equipment is working fine while managing the staff. A kitchen with lesser or transparent walls makes it easier for the executive chef to keep an eye on all the aspects, which helps more effortless movement and communication. 
  • Space management: The restaurants usually have a small space for the equipment. Thus, it is necessary to plan how to accommodate all of it in the limited kitchen space. If you are designing a kitchen for food trucks, top shelves can be a handy way to store ingredients. 

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The kitchen with a commercial purpose has a lot of things going on at a time. At one moment, while it is catering to the customers, it is simultaneously important to ensure it is clean and hygienic with a well-organised system to maintain a flow. Hence, it’s a fast-paced business where each mistake can cause a significant step back.

One of the major problems here is sanitation. The most minor mistakes can cause considerable losses with respect to finances. Once a word of the unhygienic restaurant is started, it’s nearly impossible to stop. To avoid such a scenario, most hotels have staff and managers have been assigned tasks to maintain and ensure the cleanliness of each surface. It is checked before, after and during the preparation of food.

Another time-consuming task is going through the list and ticking off all the points. Hence hotels and restaurants have started to invest in machinery and equipment to speed up the process with the highest accuracy. One of the ways to do so is by using kitchen soak tanks which help in better and faster cleaning of used utensils, cooking and other baking equipment. It saves the effect of scrubbing as the utensil can be soaked, and the grease is easily rinsed off by the staff from stainless steel, aluminium and metals.

Washing these baking and metal utensils is a tedious job involving a lot of labour. In previous times, the kitchen had to hire more helping staff to clean the utensils, which are now replaceable with soak tanks. They help in managing the staff in a more efficient way. It is also an utterly sure way of maintaining spotless and clean utensils.

Grafyt is one of the highly recognised commercial Kitchen equipment manufacturers in Mumbai, satisfying the needs of all the top food businesses. We strive to make our equipment perfect and seamless to give a smooth experience to our clients who purchase our commercial kitchen equipments in Mumbai.

Here are a few tips you can follow and incorporate into your routine to maintain the sanitation and productivity of your kitchen. Whether it is concern about the type of liquid to use for kitchen surfaces to maintain it and how to retain it for longer, we have got you all covered.

  • Wipe after every task: It would be great if every employee could just wipe the area once they are done working there. Grease and stains are easy to build up on the cooktops; thus, the faster it is clean, the better. If cleanliness is ignored, this cooktop becomes the perfect ground for bacteria along with the warm conditions.
  • Divide the work: You can divide all the tasks given in the checklist as per their area. Give a fixed section to a person for its cleanliness and maintenance. Ensure that they wipe off or clean the area after completing the work.
  • Monthly deep cleaning: To maintain complete cleanliness, plan preventive kitchen maintenance. Plan for a regular professional cleaning from time to time for the areas which don’t need everyday attention.

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Here are a few things to remember while looking for kitchen equipment for your cafe, restaurant or hotel:

  • Quality and longevity of the equipment:  While purchasing a product from hotel equipment manufacturers in Mumbai, it is essential to check that you have chosen the high-end quality products which last long. At Grafyt, we aim to provide top-notch products to ensure quality and efficiency. We guarantee the equipment and help you have a hassle-free experience.
  • Diversity of equipment: A collection of equipment gives customers the freedom to choose equipment best suited to their food needs and requirements. In Grafyt, one of the leading commercial Kitchen equipment manufacturers in Mumbai, we have various options to choose from. All kinds of big and small equipment, with manual or electric based operation as per the need of your business. Our customers can be sure of the quality as all our products are manufactured in high quality anodised materials which are all made keeping in mind the safety measures and provides sharp blades and powerful motors.
  • All over India support: We are among the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Mumbai to build a supportive network for all our clients around the country. The durability of the equipment depends on its regular servicing and maintenance. Along with standard equipment, we assure our customers a range of service agreements besides the standard equipment warranty.

At Grafyt, we manufacture all kinds of models required with high technical support. So whether you are looking for a small manual machine or a fully automated one, we have got you all covered. Grafyt can cater to the needs of all kinds of businesses with food preparation services. We have top-quality manufacturing setups to provide all the businesses with commercial kitchen equipments in Mumbai.

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