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In the simplest words possible, a commercial kitchen is a professionally designed and managed facility where food is cooked. Found in prominent public places like hospitals, hotels, cafeterias, restaurants and other eateries, these kitchens are required to serve several customers at a single time. With a lot of equipment and staff, they need to run efficiently. Often rented by food truck owners, independent chefs, bakeries and other eateries, commercial kitchens serve a lot of people at any given time of a shift. In addition, these kitchens need to be licensed for food storage, preparation and safety. Cookware, storage space, crockeries, fans, exhaust canopies and hoods are the common purchases for a commercial kitchen.

Several factors influence ventilation in a kitchen. Having ventilation is so crucial that considering factors is unavoidable. The amount and the type of equipment housed in your kitchen are what affect the ventilation a lot. Space is another factor that affects the size of the exhaust canopy of your kitchen. Adhering to the local authorities’ guidelines is advised. In areas with a lot of build-ups, to prevent the entry of the extract fumes into the ventilation system, it is good to have the ventilation extract termination point at a high level, preferably 1.5m above the top floor’s gutter line. To prevent the entry of nuisance smell that disturbs the environment, it is essential to have additional odour control. Even though it is expensive to have equipment like ozone systems, electrostatic precipitators and carbon block filters, this equipment grants outstanding odour control capabilities. Silencers can help reduce the noise emission done by fans.

Things to consider are:

  • Ductwork termination point
  • Odour control measures
  • Measures to control sound
  • Local authority guideline compliance
  • Gas safety regulations

If you are starting a new hotel, restaurant, cafe or bakery, and want commercial kitchen equipment in Ludhiana, get in touch with the experts at Grafyt. Moreover, we can help you design a commercial kitchen with maximum efficiency and ventilation at reasonable prices.

A kitchen is hugely affected by the equipment it houses. The need is to have large equipment like ovens and refrigerators in places where there is space. Such equipment also needs to be close to electrical outlets.

The equipment varies from kitchen to kitchen based on menus. Every kitchen has its own menu, and the equipment is purchased according to that menu. Even though there are these differences, some equipment cannot be avoided. Without this equipment, it is challenging to run a commercial kitchen efficiently. These equipment are:

  • Ranges and ovens
  • Compartment sinks and dishwashers
  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Mixers and food processors

If you want commercial kitchen equipment in Ludhiana, consider Grafyt as we offer exceptional quality products, warranty and after-sale support.

Having commercial kitchen equipment is important. But more important is the realisation that equipment breaks down. Breakdowns might be severe, but they can be avoided with the easiest solutions.

  1. Lack of maintenance: Maintaining equipment isn’t a written rule but must be followed seriously and proactively. Maintaining equipment in time grants the equipment longer life and saves you from the extra expenses of repairing and replacing the whole equipment. What helps one, in this case, is the possession of a service contract. Not only does maintenance smoothen your work experience in the kitchen, but it also helps you gain significant profits.
  2. Failure to inspect the deep fat fryer: Maintaining a deep air fryer is necessary. Out of all the equipment, why is the emphasis on a deep fat fryer? Because an overheated deep fat fryer is what results in kitchen fires. Cleaning and maintaining a deep fat fryer following the manufacturer’s specifications. Having a technician for bi-monthly checks is another good practice. An annual inspection of the fryer after its completion of five years in service ensures that the equipment does not break down prematurely.
  3. Lack of cleaning: Cleaning is necessary for any and every workspace. In a place like a kitchen, we surely need cleaning. Equipment, especially the vent and hood, need to be cleaned once every six months. On a daily basis, the staff must be in the practice of cleaning the equipment. Cleaning on a superficial level is what helps maintain a standard before an expert comes in for the technical work.
  4. Failure to replace parts: A proactive approach is necessary to ensure that pieces of equipment are maintained and replaced in time. The technician might advise you to replace some parts in time. Be proactive in replacing the equipment. If you do not want unexpected breakdowns in the middle of a busy day, removing the parts that can be problematic in the future is way better.
  5. Improper ventilation: Improper ventilation is another issue. The accumulation of grease within a ventilation system makes things difficult when it comes to the environment of an eatery. If the kitchen gets too hot, it is a clear possibility of a ventilation issue. Overheating and breakdown of equipment are also results of a heated kitchen. Even the food quality can be affected due to a ventilation problem. Therefore, the need for a good and well-maintained ventilation system is dire.

The idea of well-maintained equipment is what ensures that a kitchen runs efficiently. On a daily basis, smoothly running equipment can help a kitchen face no problem. Therefore, purchasing commercial kitchen equipment in Ludhiana is surely important. But you should not forget to know about the problems and their solutions.

The idea of a commercial kitchen cannot be turned into a reality without understanding its components. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what shapes a kitchen. The components of a commercial kitchen are necessary for one to figure out the establishment and working of a kitchen. These are the components for you to know of. 

  1. Cleaning/Washing: Cleaning is an activity that has to take place in a kitchen with no compromise. There is a need to have three-compartment sinks for washing utensils and warewashing machines for cleaning plates and serving vessels. Having this section near the kitchen entrance can prove suitable for day-to-day work. The servers can quickly drop off the dirty dishes, and the chefs can quickly find clean dishes. Therefore, the placement of the section along with equipment can prove to be crucial for efficiency.
  2. Storage: Storage is one of the primary purposes of a commercial kitchen. The best way to store ingredients and equipment in the kitchen is by having separate storage sections. A section for non-food storage, dry storage and cold storage are more than enough to ensure the smart and smooth running of this part of the kitchen. In order to avoid contamination, one needs to store chemicals away from food, food equipment, utensils and dishes.
  3. Food preparation: Another purpose of a kitchen is to ensure proper food preparation. Involving various activities before cooking and serving, preparation requires different workstations. A station for washing ingredients, one for mixing and one for cutting. This section must be close to the storage section so that the ingredient can be easily accessed and brought into the preparation process.
  4. Meal cooking: An incredibly necessary and almost unavoidable part of any kitchen is cooking. This section has a lot of large equipment like ovens, ranges and fryers. A smart move is to have different stations for different cooking styles like grilling, baking, steaming and frying. It is good to have this section in the front of the kitchen near the serving area. Why? Because the food must be served warm and fresh.
  5. Service: This is the final step on the journey of food from the kitchen to the customer’s table. This section must be located at the front of the kitchen. This step is incredibly necessary to shorten the distance between the cooked meal and the customers.

Once you understand the components mentioned above, it will be incredibly easy for you to make sure that your kitchen runs smoothly. With all the components understood, you can visit Grafyt and purchase affordable yet efficient commercial kitchen equipment in Ludhiana.

With everything understood, it is time for you to go shopping. But how to get the kitchen equipment manufacturers who will be able to cater to your needs? No need to worry! Here we have the names we would love to suggest for the work of your commercial kitchen.

  1. The Grafyt: Having a variety that spreads across hundreds of brands like Incematic, Rational, Indiwash, Promac, BUTLER, Dean, NECTA, etc., along with its own marks, The Grafyt surely had to make it to our list. With over 50 outlets all across India, the service is also outstanding. Specialising in baking, refrigeration, and ventilation items, The Grafyt is a name you must also have on your list.
  2. Bharti Refrigeration Works: Having worked on various equipment in a commercial kitchen establishment, Bharti Refrigeration Works is one of the names on the come-up. They make equipment for preparation, storage, refrigeration, pantry and display. Having worked with a lot of clients and with their focus on customer satisfaction, they have considerable experience in manufacturing equipment for commercial kitchens.
  3. Sai Kitchen Equipments: With variety and quality, Sai Kitchen Equipments must be considered by you. Having worked on baking, cooking, serving and refrigeration equipment, they have the experience of working for a decent number of hotels and restaurants.
  4. Kay Ess Industries and Ladhar Ac and Ref Sales: You surely do not want your customers to suffer in the heat while you prepare tasty meals for them, do you? That is where Kay Ess Industries and Ladhar Ac and Ref Sales come into play. With a good experience in air conditioning, electronic goods and water cooler-related work, they must be on your list if you are looking forward to having air conditioning solutions.
  5. Sol Pack Systems: Sol Pack Systems make it to our list with their fantastic packing solutions. Focusing on the idea of quality for every customer, they know how to deliver what you need. Make sure to contact them for packing solutions.

Grafyt has excellent-quality equipment and offers outstanding long-term warranty and after-sale support. That’s why we are highly regarded among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment in Ludhiana.

As we have the list of five preferred names, the next question is, “which manufacturer is the ideal one for me?”. Doing a lot of research in the realm of manufacturers can be confusing and tiring. It takes time and a lot of prior understanding to shortlist some manufacturers and select the ideal one from the shortlisted ones. That is another bit of the guide to make the process easier for you. There are certain factors to consider for your ideal commercial manufacturer. Here are the factors you must keep in mind.

  1. Cost: The very first investment that one makes in a kitchen is that of money. After analysing the equipment costs, including labour and delivery costs, there must be a comparison of prices between different manufacturers. The wisest move is to ensure that there is no hit taken to the budget. Considering prices is necessary for it. Not only does it save you from initial expenses, but it also helps you maintain a decent profit margin. Here, we need to consider Grafyt. With a good variety, there is also a decent price range for you to explore.
  2. Guarantees: It is important to purchase equipment with a guarantee and considerable warranty and replacement policies. Nobody wants to be stuck in a situation where the equipment breaks down, and there is no support from the manufacturer. These factors show that the manufacturer has worked on the product quality and good product service.
  3. Product options: Having choices in products helps us select the perfect option. Multiple choices also help us get an idea of the latest market trends. With variety come a lot of advantages. In this, Grafyt takes it. With over a hundred brands like Promac, Rational, Icematic, Indiwash, Dean and BUTLER, the manufacturer makes the cut.

These factors can help you find your ideal manufacturer and get quality commercial kitchen equipment in Ludhiana. With the help of this guide, you can launch your commercial kitchen establishment plans smoothly.

At Grafyt, we aim to provide you with quality commercial kitchen equipment in Ludhiana. With our variety, quality and service, we are willing to make your commercial kitchen as efficient as possible. So consult with the experts at Grafyt today!

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