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Even before one contacts commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Lucknow, there must be some clarity regarding what a commercial kitchen is and the basics of its day-to-day working. Let us start off with knowing what a commercial kitchen actually is.

Just the way every home has a kitchen, prominent public places like hospitals have their own kitchens. These kitchens are called commercial kitchens. The purpose of these professionally designed and managed facilities is to store, prepare and cook food for large numbers of people. They are also rented by independent chefs and food truck owners. Crockery, storage space, fans, and cookware are some of the items that are popular and necessary for commercial kitchens.

Ventilation equipment depends upon the catering equipment used in a commercial kitchen. Space is an essential factor to consider, and the size of equipment depends upon it. The effect of the ventilation system on the surrounding environment is another factor to consider. To make sure that the system is not a problem for others, adhering to local authorities’ guidelines is a must. Controlling fumes is a crucial thing to tick off the list. The solution for it is a high-level ventilation extract termination point. One must go for the ventilation system’s additional odour control to control smell. Ozone systems and carbon block filters are two of the more effective ways to control odour. Contacting local authorities can help one know the criteria for ventilation and lead to further purchasing and designing. Some things to be considered are:

  • Gas safety regulations
  • Measures for odour control
  • Ductwork termination point
  • Compliance with local authorities
  • Sound attenuation measures

Grafyt is one of the best places for commercial kitchen equipment in Lucknow. We can help you with the ventilation equipment and installation. So make sure to contact us for quality ventilation equipment and lasting installation.

Equipment is what any kitchen’s design primarily depends upon. Special attention, in matters of designing a kitchen, must be too large appliances. Appliances like refrigerators demand space. Another thing needed is proximity to outlets of electricity. Although a lot of equipment depends upon the food items being served in an eatery, some equipment like refrigeration equipment, food processors, ovens, dishwashers, mixers, ranges, and compartment sinks are necessary for storing, preparing and cooking in any atmosphere.

If you are looking for kitchen equipment manufacturers in Lucknow, there are several options available. But Grafyt is known to provide high-quality commercial kitchen equipment in Lucknow with an excellent warranty and outstanding after-sale service and support.

After considering some factors, one can make a list of the equipment needed. But what if there is some sort of equipment failure? Analysing the reasons for such equipment failure is important to overcome them. Some reasons behind equipment failure scenarios are here. 

  • Lack of maintenance: “A stitch in time saves nine.” It is incredibly valid when it comes to maintenance. Timely checks and maintenance sessions make it easy for anyone to avoid unexpected breakdowns. It will ensure that the equipment’s quality is maintained. Another advantage comes in the form of a service contract. In all, the best way to avoid unexpected breakdowns and to ensure fewer losses is maintenance.
  • Failure to inspect the deep fat fryer: An essential piece of equipment is a deep fat fryer. Equalling its importance is the demand for maintenance. Not maintaining a deep fat fryer can lead to kitchen fires. As kitchen fire is counted among the common accidents of a kitchen, preventing it is securing your space from a very common mishap. So maintaining a deep fat fryer is extremely crucial. Getting bi-monthly checks done by specialists is also advised. An annual checkup after the fryer’s five years in service is also recommended. 
  • Lack of cleaning: No person would want the necessary equipment to break down at an unexpected time. Regular cleaning is another easy way to avoid problems. Without cleaning, grease and other contaminants cause trouble. A qualified technician must clean equipment every six months. In front of customers, clean equipment also keeps the reputation of the eatery high.
  • Failure to replace parts: Waiting for a breakdown is not a sensible move. Replacement of equipment is an efficient way to avoid breakdowns. Once a technician advises replacement of a certain part, it must be replaced with no possible delay. Not only does it extend the life of equipment, it also makes sure that you do not face the damage in terms of work efficiency. Being proactive is extremely necessary to ensure that the equipment keeps running.
  • Improper ventilation: Not cleaning ventilation equipment can lead to an undesired grease and dust build-up. It is preferred to have a professional for cleaning the equipment. The ventilation system is sensitive when it comes to contaminants. Thus, regular cleaning is necessary. A rise in the kitchen’s temperature can result from improper ventilation. Moreover, this sudden rise can also cost you your equipment or the quality of the food.

In all, one should consider certain problems and must be prepared for them. While contacting commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Lucknow or elsewhere, possibilities of problems and availability of technicians must be discussed. Knowing these problems and their solutions can help one work with the least harm done to efficiency.

While establishing a commercial kitchen, it is extremely important to know what the components are. Without having basic knowledge of components, installing a commercial kitchen can be really tough. As these are the elements that make a commercial kitchen the place that is, one must have at least a basic idea of the components of a commercial kitchen. There are five components to consider when thinking of opening one’s own commercial kitchen.

  • Cleaning/Washing: Cleanliness is one of the most important things to ensure when it comes to a kitchen. Be it commercial or conventional, the trust in the hygiene of a clean kitchen’s food is notable. Equipment like sinks, drying racks, and warewashing machines are necessary. It is preferred to have three-compartment sinks for washing utensils. Plates can be cleaned quickly by warewashing machines. It is advisable to have this space near the kitchen entrance. Why? So that servers can drop dishes there for the cleaning staff to clean them.
  • Storage: Among the primary purposes of a commercial kitchen is storing food. Large amounts of food have to be stored in a kitchen. To store food efficiently, there must be different types of storage sections. Separate storage sections like a cold storage, a non-food storage and a dry storage section are necessary. As it can cause contamination, storing chemicals above food, equipment, dishes and utensils must be avoided.
  • Food preparation: The preparation of food is another crucial process in the journey to the table. It is a wise move to have different workstations for different works like processing and sorting food. To ensure that the processing is done on fresh food, it is wise to have this area near the storage sections.
  • Meal cooking: Before the meal is served, the final step is cooking it. A lot of large equipment(like ovens) are required to be placed inside the kitchen. It is good to have different stations for tasks like grilling, baking and frying. But, as it is the final step, it is good to have it at the kitchen’s front.
  • Service: That is the very end of it all. The service can be done in two ways- self-service or with the help of serving staff. Having this section at the front is good to shorten the distance between customers and the kitchen.

Above mentioned points are important to consider before purchasing commercial kitchen equipment in Lucknow. These points must be thought of. Without considering these components, having an efficient working kitchen mechanism is nothing short of a Herculean task.

After so much theory about what a commercial kitchen is and what all to keep in mind for it, the time has come to discuss the preferences for commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Lucknow. So let us know some of the names for you to know.

  • The Grafyt

When it comes to quality, variety and service, The Grafyt is the place with some of the best commercial kitchen equipments in Lucknow. It is not easy for one to come across a manufacturer with so much in one place. Rising with its quality maintained and with variety in its products, this brand could not have been kept out of the list. With over one hundred brands like Indiwash, BUTLER, Icematic, Promac, Electrolux, Rational, Dean and NECTA under it, Grafyt is no newcomer in matters of variety. The service can be judged from the fact that over 50 cities have their outlets. Specialising in equipment for baking, refrigeration etc., in commercial kitchens, Grafyt must be on your list.

  • Glory Kitchen and Refrigeration Work

A relatively new manufacturer in Lucknow, Glory Kitchen and Refrigeration Work is rising up the ranks very quickly. The thing to commend is their focus on the quality of the equipment they manufacture. Specialising in cutters and bakery equipment, they have a flexible payment mechanism. So in terms of quality, be sure to list them.

  • Bharti Refrigeration Works

In Lucknow, Bharti Refrigeration Works make their presence felt. They specialise in refrigeration equipment manufacturing with a wide variety of equipment. With experience making various pantries, bakery, dishwashing and commercial kitchen equipment, Bharti Refrigeration Works made it on our list.

  • Himalayan Equipment Manufacturing Co.(HEMCO)

Himalayan Equipment Manufacturing Co.(also known as HEMCO) have extensive experience when it comes to manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment. HEMCO’s experience with cutlery sets, barware, and under-counter refrigerators is something that makes them skilled manufacturers when it comes to the commercial kitchen manufacturing realm of Lucknow. 

  • Goyal Kitchen Equipments

In the matters of manufacturing and supplying equipment for food processing and other purposes that take place in a commercial kitchen. With experience in developing commercial kitchens and their equipment for restaurants and hotels.

We know that research can be tiring. Therefore, we have chosen the above-listed names to summarise all the research you can do online. These are the names you can surely consider for purchasing commercial kitchen equipment in Lucknow. Thanks to the excellent warranty and outstanding after-sale support, Grafyt is known as one of the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Lucknow.

Finding manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment is easy. But how to find the ideal one? Even if given the names of some preferred manufacturers, how can one choose the perfect manufacturer for a commercial kitchen’s design? Here are the factors that can help you select the ideal manufacturer.

  • Cost

When setting up a commercial kitchen, the first thing to keep in mind is the cost of the equipment. Whenever a project as ambitious as a commercial kitchen commences, the budget is first in mind. Purchasing and installing equipment, developing the space, or any other work requires money. So extraordinary expenditure is not a sign of wisdom. Therefore, considering prices is important. Prices also include costs of delivery and labour. Warranty coverage is also counted among costs. At the same time, thinking of purchasing commercial kitchen equipment and comparing the prices of all the shortlisted manufacturers is advised. It is good to compare the costs of the equipment and additional charges.

In this case, it is recommended to consider Grafyt. With the kind of variety that Grafyt offers, it becomes easy to have a wide range of equipment prices.

  • Guarantees

Something neglected by many is a guarantee. In reality, the guarantee is significant. It is a factor that cannot be ignored. Guarantee is the confirmation of the product’s quality. It helps establish a good connection between the manufacturer and the customer. It is also important to consider the warranty and replacement policies of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that guarantee, warranty and replacement policies are kept in mind.

  • Product Options

When going through the list of manufacturers, it is an excellent decision to go through all the options. It helps by giving an idea of what the market has to offer. The next thing you can do is purchase the equipment that meets your demands. Checking reviews is another part of the process.

Grafyt should be considered here. With over a hundred brands like Icematic, Rational, Promac, Indiwash and BUTLER, the variety that Grafyt has to offer is simply desirable.

Considering all the above factors will prove beneficial in choosing the ideal one out of the many commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Lucknow. The choice is yours. With the guide given above, you can understand what a commercial kitchen is and how to start things off.

At Grafyt, we offer superb quality with variety. In our 50+ stores, you can find the quality we are known for. So make sure to contact Grafyt for fantastic commercial kitchen equipment in Lucknow!

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