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A commercial kitchen is a prep kitchen rented for use. Also known as a culinary kitchen, community kitchen or kitchen incubator, a commercial kitchen has all the equipment needed to work efficiently to prepare and serve meals to large numbers of people during any given shift.

To understand how a commercial kitchen works as a workplace, understanding its components is incredibly important. The chief components are maintenance of hygiene, meal preparation and cooking and the presence of a service station. Here is a deep dive into the basic understanding of a commercial kitchen and all its components.

  1. Appliances and kitchenware: An essential element that makes a cooking space is the presence of appliances and kitchenware. The most important task is to select good quality equipment with easy cleaning and maintenance. Stainless steel equipment like prep kitchen, sinks, counters and tables is a big plus point. These equipment survive the effects of time very well. Therefore, quality equipment with easy maintenance must be there.
  2. Thoughtful storage: A properly organised storage mechanism is the key to efficient and fast working daily. There must be segregated storage arrangements for dry, cold and non-food items.
  3. Food preparation: A key factor is preparing food in dedicated workspaces that are easy to clean and maintain. Segregation of the workspace for washing ingredients, cutting and mixing and sorting items can be beneficial in ensuring the efficiency and pace of work.
  4. Meal cooking: After preparing ingredients is the part of cooking the prepared ingredients. In the workspace, this area needs a lot of attention. Segregation of the whole area allotted for cooking is a wise move. For frying, grilling, baking and other activities, there must be dedicated stations of their own.
  5. Service section: The chefs’ delicious preparations and helping staff reach the consumers from the service station. And yet again! Stainless steel proves to be the saviour. While maintaining the speed of delivering the dishes to customers, things might not be the cleanest. Stainless steel helps ensure that there are no issues with cleaning the place.
  6. Efficient layouts: When brought together, all elements make up a layout. This layout is meant to be highly efficient when the kitchen is in motion. With designs like the Assembly Line and Zone Style in use, there must not be difficulty in finding pre-existing and proven layouts. However, there is no harm in one trying one’s layout.

Thus, a commercial kitchen’s components can ensure outstanding service, with hygiene and other standards held high. Furthermore, with just steel as the main element, one can ensure that all the pieces of designing a kitchen fall perfectly in their places.

Establishing a commercial kitchen takes a lot of consideration. Considering certain factors like space, appliances, communication, and storage is important before setting up such a project on a large scale.

  1. Space: Space is an essential factor. For any workplace, the first thing it takes is land. Just measuring the space’s dimensions is not enough. The purpose of focusing on the availability of land is to determine the layout. The place needs to be designed, so the kitchen does not look crowded.
  2. Appliances: Appliances play an important role in ensuring that the community kitchen runs perfectly. The quality is not the only thing in question here. The quantity is in question as well. Every appliance must be available in enough numbers to help with the day-to-day work.
  3. Storage space: The storage space’s importance cannot be overlooked. The idea of storing ingredients in a place is one of the very first things considered by one while designing the layout of a community kitchen. That is why shelves and spaces are some of the most crucial elements under consideration.
  4. Communication: Some might not think of communication as an essential factor, but it is one of the most critical factors. It is necessary because communication between employees and employees or employees and customers increases understanding and trust. Thus, communication needs to be considered as well.

With these basics covered, one should be aware of what one needs to consider and what one needs to ignore. Without understanding the above-mentioned factors and their importance, establishing a commercial kitchen can go wrong.

A commercial kitchen is not just limited to its employees and cooking equipment. There is a lot more to a commercial kitchen. There are four major systems that one needs to think of. All four of these systems are incredibly crucial in the day-to-day working of one’s workplace.

  1. Cuisine: Cuisines served by an eatery have massive importance. The thought that goes into deciding which cuisines to serve ensures the daily working ideology of the commercial kitchen. The cuisines also determine the equipment to be purchased. Within the available space, there must be proper management of the working staff and all the equipment a commercial kitchen has.
  2. Safety: Safety has to be ensured. If there are people employed, the safety of the employees is a significant thing to be considered. Various equipment like sensor-controlled fire suppression systems and exhaust fans are very important. They can help control things early in case of a mishap. The presence of non-slip floors should also be considered while brainstorming over the safety of the people. When it comes to safety in a commercial kitchen, industry-grade safety systems are the best.
  3. Dishwashing equipment: In an atmosphere where sanitation is valued a lot, dishwashing equipment has immense significance. Depending upon equipment like the dishwasher is the satisfaction of customers. Customers tend to prefer restaurants that have the essential elements of hygiene checked. Clean crockery and cutlery make up for a significant portion of it all.
  4. Time taken for food preparation: With the equipment comes the ease of working. Traditional equipment usually takes more time to prepare food from raw materials. The purpose is to serve quality food to the customers in the desired time slot.

To conclude, the four systems listed above must not be taken lightly; otherwise, your kitchen fails to maintain its decorum. Along with a proper food preparation and serving system, you need the best equipment for your restaurant kitchen. So come over to Grafyt, one of the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kolkata and shop away.

With all the initial brainstorming and planning, the time to bring and install all the elements has come. These are the pieces that shape the perfect commercial kitchen. So how long does it take? Small and medium-scale installations should not take more than 3 months to complete. Manufacturers offering a structured installation must be preferred to ensure that the work is done within the desired time frame. During a tight schedule, discussing all the factors with the manufacturer during the consultation can help greatly.

To set up a community kitchen, searching for commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kolkata is necessary. But finding them can be difficult. But do not worry. After clearing all your doubts about a commercial kitchen and its establishment, here we have the ultimate list of all the solutions you will need for your own setup. So here is the list of the top 5 kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kolkata.

  1. The Grafyt: Out of the many commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kolkata, Grafyt, with over 100 brands and more than 50 outlets spread all over India, is one of the leading names in the country. With its own brands like Icematic, Promac, BUTLER, Indiwash and Rational, the variety is exceptionally likeable, with quality maintained in every product. Based out of Navi Mumbai, it has consistently offered excellent-quality equipment all over its outlets. It has a lot of items under its products-equipment for refrigeration, baking, commercial kitchen work, etc. Their history of supplying quality equipment to customers in various price ranges speaks for their service. With such variety and quality, Grafyt has become one of the most promising commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kolkata. 
  2. Yellow Star: Even though it is a very young company, Yellow Star has established its name among the reputed kitchen equipment suppliers in Kolkata. Their faith in customer satisfaction and high-quality equipment makes Yellow Star an excellent kitchen equipment supplier.
  3. Golden Kitchen: Golden Kitchen is another name with a wide range of products that can help you establish your own commercial kitchen. Counted among the leading kitchen equipment suppliers in Kolkata, they manufacture restaurant kitchen equipment, pizza ovens, commercial kitchen equipment, and display counters.
  4. Kolkata Kitchen Equipments: With its team of skilled professionals, Kolkata Kitchen Equipments have an excellent reputation for manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment. Having worked in hotels, clubs and canteens, they have considerable experience delivering what is needed. The fact that they follow international standards while working makes their work trustworthy. With an experienced team that has worked on commercial kitchen equipment for various environments, they surely meet the expectations. While listing names of reputed kitchen equipment suppliers in Kolkata, make sure to jot down the name of Kolkata Kitchen Equipments. 
  5. Technocon: If refrigeration specialists are being talked about, how can one miss out on Technocon. Trying to improve the experience of their customers with quality work, Technocon is another name to consider in the long list of kitchen equipment suppliers in Kolkata.

With all the above names given, one can make one’s ambition to commence commercial kitchen operations a reality. Unfortunately, finding manufacturers who are good with both quality and service is incredible. However, Graft is one of the best kitchen equipment suppliers in Kolkata that provides excellent-quality stuff at affordable prices and outstanding after-sale service.

Choosing the right manufacturer is crucial before one embarks on the journey to make a commercial kitchen. The project is an ambitious one, and it takes wisdom to turn ambition into reality. The very first step is choosing a manufacturer who meets the demands that one has. It is not difficult to find a good kitchen supplier. The tricky part is finding good ones. In a city as sprawling as The City of Joy, the challenge is finding a supplier who meets the demands of quality, variety and price. Here are the things to keep in mind:

  1. Search for reputed manufacturers: A manufacturer with a good reputation in the industry must be looked for. There is a reason behind a manufacturer’s reputation, and it is the first thing to look for.
  2. Look for a supply chain: Another crucial factor is searching for a manufacturer with a supply chain around Kolkata. Graft takes the point here. Regarding supply chain, Grafyt’s presence in more than 50 cities speaks for the robust mechanism that keeps them going.
  3. Compare price quotations: Price quotations must be sought from different companies. Nothing is as wise as comparing prices and keeping alternatives for each case.
  4. Do proper research: Doing research and comparing different manufacturers in the city is a wise decision as it helps one get introduced to the variety of products in the market and their various prices. Keeping alternatives and doing regular research results in helping one find the ideal manufacturer to approach. In matters of variety, Grafyt takes it once more. With more than a hundred brands working under them, Grafyt is one of the best options in the case.
  5. Evaluate and decide: The choice must be made after going through the alternatives and checking whether the products fit in the slots of one’s demands of functions and pricing. In a city as big as Kolkata, with numerous manufacturers available, proper research and selection based on one’s demands help make the right decision.

Correct decisions in the very beginning can help get the necessary foothold. Then, with all the basics of a commercial kitchen described and the factors of purchasing sorted out, one must be capable of making the right choice. With this handy guide to setting up a commercial kitchen in Kolkata, finding kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kolkata is no more an arduous task.

So if you are looking for kitchen equipment suppliers in Kolkata, consider Grafyt. We are among the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kolkata. So book your appointment with our experts today!

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