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Commercial kitchens are kitchens designed exclusively for professional cooking and which include advanced facilities for cooking food. Independent chefs, passionate bakers, and food truck owners are some of the professionals that rent commercial kitchens. Commercial kitchens are equipped with kitchen items such as exhaust canopies, hoods, storage space, fans, and several other things.

The type and quantity of catering equipment required in the commercial kitchen decide the kind of ventilation a commercial kitchen needs. Also, space is a constraint when deciding to install the ventilation canopy. One must also note that the commercial ventilation system they designed should not create problematic issues for the neighbours and should not negatively affect the environment.

Also, it must comply with the guidelines the local council issued. In case you are built in an up area, the ventilation extract point must be 1.5 metres over the gutter line of the top floor. By this, one can avoid the fumes entering windows. In addition, it is advisable to inculcate odour control measures like electrostatic precipitators, carbon block filters, or ozone systems to prevent the spread of odour in the locality. It is required mainly when the restaurant cooks fast food or where lots of frying occurs. A sound attenuating silencer would do good to suppress the noise, especially when the restaurant is in a residential area. Also, remember the gas safety measures while designing the ventilation for commercial kitchens.

Ventilation is one of the crucial parts of any commercial kitchen. For the fastest, most efficient installation and after-sale services, it would be best to look for the top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kerala. Grafyt aims to provide high-quality yet affordable ventilation solutions to your hotel, restaurant, cafe or bakery. That’s why we are highly regarded among the leading kitchen equipment suppliers in Kerala.

The equipment in your commercial kitchen will decide the quality and aesthetics of your kitchen. Some appliances, such as refrigerators and ovens, require notable space near electrical outlets.

Some of the equipment is specific to your menu, but in general, the following appliances are essential to any commercial kitchen:

  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Ovens
  • Food mixers and processors
  • Dishwashers and sinks

With all the equipment as mentioned earlier, Grafyt supplies the best range of products as it is one of the top hotel equipment suppliers in Kerala.

Below are a few of the reasons for which commercial kitchen equipment failure occurs:


  • Lack of Maintenance: Problems fixed when they are small enable you to save much money; but if the minor issues are ignored, and the commercial kitchen equipment is not maintained, the problems become more extensive. The service contract is one of the things that you should do in business. When equipment is subjected to constant maintenance, it runs smoothly, and its life gets extended.


  • Failure to inspect the deep fat fryer:  A deep fat fryer requires frequent maintenance more than any other kitchen equipment. It is the most common reason for fire that breaks out in commercial kitchens.

You must check the fat fryer at least once in a year after using it for five years. It will ensure the proper functioning of the equipment. 


  • Lack of cleaning: Be it any kitchen, grease build-up is inevitable. Some grease can be seen in the vent hood and duct. Hence, you should call a qualified technician every six months to get the grease cleaned from your kitchen.

Apart from technicians, the kitchen staff should regularly wipe the ducts of vents and other equipment. A cleaner kitchen looks more appealing to the customers than a stinky one.


  • Failure to replace parts: If some parts are not replaced per the technician’s suggestions, it may lead to incomplete service and maintenance. Also, waiting until the present equipment breaks down completely before replacing it would impact the business negatively. 


  • Improper ventilation: Ventilation plays a vital role in the maintenance of the kitchen. Sometimes, the kitchen gets too hot. That may lead to improper functioning of a few pieces of equipment. It also affects the workers present in the kitchen. The grease built on the ventilators may block the airflow if not cleaned properly. The commercial kitchens must be well ventilated with ample airflow.

Being among the reputed kitchen equipment suppliers in Kerala, Grafyt offers you top class maintenance and service so that there should be no interruptions in your cooking. Thanks to our exceptional product quality, excellent warranty and outstanding after-sale service, we have come to be known as one of the leading kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kerala to serve you the most delicate equipment.

Here is a list of components of a commercial kitchen:

  1. Cleaning/washing: The cleaning and washing section of the commercial kitchen contains sinks, ware washing machines, and other appliances. Three compartment sinks are necessary to wash the utensils, and ware-washing machines quickly clean the plates. This component should be near the kitchen entrance so that the workers can deposit the dirty plates quickly and also close to the storage area so that chefs can quickly get the clean dishes.
  2. Storage: There are three ways a storage area can be split: non-food storage, cold storage, and dry storage. You can use the non-food storage to store disposable products, cleaning supplies, and dishes in separate sections. To avoid contamination, you should keep food products away from cleaning products. The refrigerated or frozen products should be kept in the cold storage area. It also acts as a receiving area for inventory shipments.
  3. Food Preparation: This area includes sinks to wash ingredients and cut and mix areas. The site is divided based on the different tasks involved in making the food. Placing this area near the store rooms would aid the chefs in fetching fresh dishes from the store room to serve the food.
  4. Meal cooking: It is the heart of your commercial kitchen where the food is cooked. This area is equipped with large equipment like ovens and deep fryers. Like the meal preparation area, the meal cooking area can be split into smaller sections to bake, fry and grill separately. This area must be in the front of the kitchen, adjacent to the service area.
  5. Service: The final section of a commercial; kitchen includes service. The service staff will pick up the finished dishes from this area and take them to customers. This area should be placed at the very front of the kitchen, just immediately after the meal cooking area, to shorten the distance between the chef, meals, and customers.

At Grafyt, one of the top kitchen equipment suppliers in Kerala, you will find every kind of product and service related to the commercial kitchen at your hotel, cafe, restaurant or bakery.

Here is a description of the top five kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kerala:

1. Grafyt: Being one of the prime commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kerala, they are the one-stop solution for all your hotel, restaurant, and cafe necessities. The main office is situated in Kerala and has outlets spread over 50+ cities in India. 

The company produces a wide array of kitchen equipment of both national and international brands. Promac, Rational, BUTLER, Dean, Electrolux, etc., are Grafyt’s kitchen equipment brands. As it is one of the established hotel equipment suppliers in Kerala, over 100+ manufacturing brands and service partners are tied up with this company. The company hosts the products of other companies as well. Fine finished products and a wide variety of products like bakery equipment, refrigeration equipment, exhaust vents, and many more.

2. Brilliant Kitchen Equipment: Based in Ernakulam, Brilliant Kitchen Equipment is a manufacturer from Kerala that strives to offer a positive experience to customers. Cash and cheque are accepted by this company which makes the transactions simpler and handier. Brilliant Kitchen Equipment has built long-term business relationships through its customer-centric core belief. Prime importance is given to serving customers with excellent quality goods and services. It is one of the top performers in making and selling kitchen equipment, bakery equipment, and many others.

3. Bharti Refrigeration Works: They make flexible varieties of commercial kitchen equipment in Kerala along with catering equipment as per the customer’s necessities. Bharti Refrigeration Works makes several types of kitchen equipment such as commercial refrigeration equipment in Kerala, Pantry equipment in Kerala, Counter and storage equipment in Kerala, Dishwashing, Imported commercial and restaurant equipment in Kerala, and much more equipment with industrial importance.

4. CKE Kitchen Equipment: Established in 2015, CKE Kitchen Equipment has been one of the leading kitchen equipment suppliers in Kerala. They supply sweet display counters, gas stoves, and related accessories in India. This company is situated in Kerala and other parts of India as a notable company. This company has been mentioned in Trade India’s list of verified sellers that offer sweet display counters and gas stoves. 

CKE Kitchen Equipment has a top-notch and skilled staff who complete all the processes of procuring, packaging, testing, and delivering in an organised manner. These professionals are hired after strict filtering just to ensure that they are the best among those present in industries. Also, this company has a great vendor base from where they source the products. These vendors are the genuine ones that use high-quality raw materials for their products.

5. SG Equipment: SG equipment is one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kerala. This company turned out into one of the notable manufacturers and suppliers of industrial kitchen equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, and restaurant equipment in Kerala. SG Equipment has specialised steam equipment and other bulky equipment. They also deal with imported products of Electrolux, Rational, Winter Halter, and many others.

If you are starting a new hotel, Grafyt is your one-stop solution for your hotel needs, as they are one of the reliable hotel equipment suppliers in Kerala. Moreover, our product quality, warranty and after-sale service are highly regarded among the best in the country. That has made us one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kerala.

Before selecting a commercial kitchen manufacturer in Kerala, there are many aspects you need to know. Many of these aspects are subjective to your needs and requirements. 

  1. Cost: The cost of commercial kitchens vary due to several factors such as the size and features of the kitchen, materials used during the construction, and the brand name of the kitchen equipment you choose. Also, while comparing prices for commercial kitchen manufacturers in Kerala, you should consider other factors such as labour costs, warranty coverage, and delivery costs.
  2. Guarantees: It becomes essential to ensure that you are purchasing a reliable company with quality customer service when choosing a commercial kitchen manufacturer in Kerala. It is important to know each detail of the company’s warranty and replacement terms to make the best use of it.
  3. Product Options: When choosing a commercial kitchen manufacturer in Kerala, you should learn in detail about the products offered by each company to meet your requirements.

Also, check out previous customer reviews to get a broad and clear view of the products.

All the above-mentioned factors are satisfactorily fulfilled by Grafyt, which is why we are recognised among the most reliable kitchen equipment suppliers in Kerala. So discuss with our experts today!

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