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A commercial kitchen is designed for mass production of food and safety. No matter what or where your food establishment is, it is essential to design and develop the commercial kitchen in a strategic way to work efficiently. 

Safety and hygiene are two essential components of a commercial kitchen. So whether you make a few batches of cookies or run a whole restaurant, it should meet the food hygiene standard. The commercial kitchen is inspected and licensed. 

The process of inspection starts right from the designing stage. First, your local health department inspector will ensure that the design meets the requirements of various kitchen equipment. 

Grafyt is one of the leading commercial cooking equipment manufacturers in the country. So contact us now if you want to give your kitchen a renovation or want to build it from scratch. You can find a most acceptable range of collections of commercial kitchen appliances, from ovens, refrigerators, and grinders to trolleys, fryers, etc.

Installing a commercial HVAC system in your building is not that easy or problem-free task. One of the primary obstacles is that it can slow or stop the operation. However, this is something that unethical companies do to make more money by slowing down the process. 

Good HVAC companies impact the operation as minimally as possible. However, it is necessary to remember that no company can guarantee that the system won’t influence your experience. As per the building’s needs, the installation can take one day or a week.

Here are tips that can help you ensure that ventilation is installed in a way to maximise the efficiency and success of your kitchen:

  • Make sure you have the required ventilation.

To ensure that the restaurant runs smoothly, two types of ventilation are required: general and necessary. 

Necessary ventilation can be done with an exhaust hood. It captures heat, smoke, fumes and air particles and then filters them. Kitchen vent hoods are an essential component of the ventilation system. It is generally installed on top of an oven or wall-mounted. 

Your kitchen also needs a fire suppression system. It should be integrated with a commercial exhaust hood. It is vital as fire is one of the leading causes of damage in the kitchen. In addition, the fire extinguisher system should be maintained and cleaned annually. 

  • Have a general ventilation

The general ventilation system is beneficial; however, it is not as necessary as required ventilation systems. In your kitchen, makeup air comes from various sources such as rooftops, screened windows and doors. General ventilation can be as simple as installing shutters and opening doors or windows. It also allows the restaurant to cool down, and fresh air flow is maintained. 

If the restaurant is still hot for diners and staff to sit and eat or work comfortably, add fans. Test different locations to ensure the best air circulation. 

  • Integrate the restaurant’s HVAC system

Integrating the HVAC system with the ventilation system is an important and beneficial step. It is one of the best ways to ensure proper ventilation is circulated throughout the restaurant. When it comes to air quality, you need to consider the kitchen and dining areas. 

A central air conditioning system is beneficial as you can not install portable fans or window ACs around your hood vent. It is so because these items can force hot air to move under the hood and expel them in the dining halls. Hence, professionals should install any type of cooling system in the commercial kitchen. 

Grafyt is one of the top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Jaipur. So if you are looking for a renowned supplier to ensure your kitchen is built with top-quality yet affordable products and equipment, get in touch with the experts at Grafyt.

While we continue to discuss the working of a commercial kitchen, it is important to know the systems that rule the kitchen. As the workplace is bustling during any given time of a shift, you cannot afford to be slow and inefficient. So, here we are with the systems that you need to know of. 

  1. Cuisine: A lot of installations are determined by the cuisine of the kitchen. The use of a lot of equipment is majorly dependent upon the factor of cuisine. The size of the restaurant and the number of workstations required in a kitchen largely result from what a kitchen serves. The use of industrial equi[pment, largely considered sturdy, is also a result of the cuisine factor.
  2. Safety: With a large number of staff members working in the kitchen, one cannot undermine the safety of workers. There are separate standards for the safety of the employees. One needs to make sure that it is ensured at all costs. Installing exhaust fans over cooktops, installing sensor-controlled fire suppression systems, and the presence of non-slip floors are factors that ensure employees’ safety and prevent any accident.
  3. Dishwashing equipment: Cleanliness cannot be ruled out in the case of any eatery. An eatery as large as a commercial kitchen indeed needs to ensure a certain level of cleanliness and hygiene. Having spotless and odourless cutlery and crockery can be factors that lead to good customer reviews.
  4. Time taken for food preparation: While a commercial kitchen must be large enough to ensure that food can be produced at a mass level, it must also be sufficient for the time limit to prepare food. With industrial equipment in the modern commercial kitchen setup, it is easy for one to prepare food at a faster pace compared to traditional restaurants.

Understanding the four systems mentioned above can increase your knowledge in the realm of commercial kitchens, with considerable theoretical know-how of how such a large mechanism functions with this much efficiency daily, it must be easy to ensure that the later steps are executed with little or no confusion. 

You can get in touch with the experts at Grafyt, as we are among the best kitchen equipment manufacturers in Surat. We can help you with high-quality commercial equipment and help you design and develop the kitchen at excellent prices.

Before you start with the kitchen design, it is crucial to plan out the needs and equipment required for the kitchen. When you know what equipment is to be fitted in the commercial kitchen, designing the layout becomes more accessible and effective. 

  • Storage

Kitchen stores various components from cooking tools (utensils, pans, etc.), food (dry goods, meat, produce), and place settings (glasses, plates, and linens). To store all these items, the kitchen needs separate storage units. For example, a refrigerator is needed for perishable items, a pantry for dry food items, and cupboards for placing glasses, plates and other tools. 

  • Washing station

Cleaning is very important for commercial kitchens. During the entire operating time of the kitchen, a lot of cleaning takes place to ensure the safety of food and dishes that are served to the customers. 

It is recommended to build separate stations for washing food and utensils to avoid the accumulation of dirty suds on clean produce. The washing stations need dishwashing machines, sinks, and drying racks. 

  • Food preparation

Depending on the food on the menu, there can be different food preparation areas. The food preparation area consists of counter space, storage containers and cutting tools. 

It is recommended to place the food preparation area near the refrigerator so as to make it quicker and safer for the team to store raw items for future use. 

  • Cooking station

Your commercial kitchen needs some cooking equipment to execute the menu. Most restaurants can find gas range-oven combinations, commercial fryers, and other specialised cooking equipment. Moreover, a display makes it easier for the staff to keep up with the incoming tickets. 

  • Service

The service area of the commercial kitchen is used for plating dishes that servers deliver to the diners. Therefore, the service area must have heat lamps to keep the dishes warm. Moreover, keeping the service area close to the dining room is best to lessen the distance for the servers and ensure quick delivery. 

These are the main components one should consider before designing a commercial kitchen. Grafyt is one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Jaipur. Visit our website now and check out the wide range of collections.

The well-planned kitchen is less likely to face any problems after completion. However, it is common to face maintenance issues now and then. Therefore, it requires immediate technical assistance. 

We have mentioned below five common maintenance issues with commercial kitchens for you to be prepared for beforehand. 

  • Cooker problem 

Cooling appliances are one of the most commonly used equipment in the commercial kitchen; therefore, they are more likely to face issues. The most general issue with them is overheating due to the absence of filter cleaning. To prevent it, ensure regular cleaning of filters and vents. 

  • Fryer temperature issue

Temperature control is the biggest issue that your fryer can face. If the fryer gets heated too much or can not control the temperature, it eventually impacts your dishes as food is not cooked properly. An external thermostat can help you to check the oil heat and regulate the temperature. 

  • Bad functioning of warewasher

Commercial warewashers are built from top-quality materials, but they are not free from partial faults. The common issue with them is the inability of applicants to clean properly. If your dishes are still stained at the end of the warewashing cycle, then it means that your equipment is not working properly. There can be various reasons, such as a faulty spray arm, a blocked filter, or incorrect detergent. 

  • Clogged sinks

In commercial kitchens, a tremendous amount of food is processed, which is why clogged sinks are one of the major issues there. The blockage of drains is a hazard that can impact the proper functioning and hygiene of the kitchen and restaurant. The staff must follow a hygienic sink routine to avoid this situation. Using a drain sieve, keeping a plunger, and using an effective cleaning solution ensure healthy and clean drains. 

  • Refrigeration issues

Routine maintenance is necessary whether it is a commercial refrigerator, freezer or cooler. Too much grease and oil can damage the gasket. Therefore, it is vital to check gaskets and air filters regularly. In addition, once every month, clean the refrigerator condenser and evaporator coils. 

It is important to be prepared to avoid these problems. If you want to purchase top-quality cooking appliances, visit Grafyt. We are one of the top kitchen equipment manufacturers in Jaipur.

Here are some of the top kitchen equipment manufacturers in Jaipur: 

  • The Grafyt

Grafyt is one of the top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Jaipur. You can find all kinds of commercial kitchen equipment for the HoReCa (Hostel, Restaurant and Cafe) industry. 

The main headquarter of Grafyt is in Navi Mumbai, and the other outlets and offices are spread in other 50+ cities of India. Grafyt has its own brands and internationally-acclaimed commercial brands like Promac, Rational, Indiwash, NECTA, Icematic, BUTLER, Dean, Electrolux, etc. 

Grafyt has more than a hundred manufacturing, brands and service partners. It offers a vast collection of cooking products in India. Some of the most famous ranges of equipment are associated with bakery products, commercial kitchen equipment, refrigerator equipment, exhaust hoods with filler, etc

  • Vijay Udyog Kitchen Equipment Private Limited

Established in 1987, this company is known for exceptional commercial kitchen equipment. The wide range of high-performing equipment tends to meet the customer’s requirements for all small and big food establishments. 

They aim to provide modern-day equipment that comes with quality construction, seamless operation, excellent performance, ease to use, energy-efficient, and reliable service life. To achieve this, their products are a combination of anticipation and innovative mechanisms. 

  • Keshav Industries

Keshav Industries manufactures and supplies wholesale commercial kitchen equipment. The company was established in 2010. Their products include commercial refrigerators, commercial burners and trolleys. All the equipment is manufactured from advanced tools that make them fit for hotels, restaurants, and canteens. 

Their products have a compact design, minimum maintenance, high performance, and lower power consumption. In addition, all the products are made from quality assured materials. The materials required for products are procured from trusted and reliable vendors in the industry. 

  • CKE Kitchen Equipment

CKE Kitchen equipment is one of the top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Jaipur. You can find sweet display counters, gas stoves, etc. The company is situated in Jaipur. 

They focus on supplying, distributing, and trading excellent collections of commercial kitchen equipment. Our products include combi ovens, commercial ovens, and convection ovens. 

  • Cookman

Cookman is a well-known name for commercial kitchen equipment. You can find top-quality equipment for restaurants, hotels, canteens etc. Their kitchen philosophy is based on high quality, high security, reliability and best performance. 

These are the top 5 kitchen commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Jaipur, besides being the leading suppliers in the country. You can find all kinds of commercial kitchen equipment of quality material, under budget and with a long-term warranty. So, go and get your requirements fulfilled.

There are various things that you need to finalise before starting planning the commercial kitchen, such as: 

  • The quality of the equipment that has been installed in the commercial kitchen should be top-notch. For the food to taste good, always choose the manufacturer that offers the best quality equipment. 
  • The next thing is to keep an eye on the equipment’s warranty. Commercial kitchen equipment can cost quite a sum, which is why it is crucial to go with a manufacturer that offers a long-term product warranty. In this way, you can get it replaced or repaired without spending any extra money. 
  • Always choose the commercial kitchen manufacturer who offers affordable prices and contract terms.

If you are starting your own food establishment, before designing the commercial kitchen, it is important to decide on what equipment you will need. So it would be best for you to get in touch with the experts at Grafyt, one of the top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Jaipur.

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