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A kitchen with durable equipment that is designed specifically for mass production of food is known as a commercial kitchen. It also incorporates safety measures such as safety shields and finger guards that are generally not found on equipment made for residential use. In commercial kitchens, you can also find exhaust fans over cooktops, industrial extinguishers, automatic fire suppression systems and fire retardant systems. 

A commercial kitchen is where price meals are prepared and served generally for on-premises consumption. It can be found in hotels, cafes, restaurants, hostels, institutes, etc. The establishment with a commercial kitchen has a kitchen, dining rooms and a number of employees to prepare, cook and serve the meal. 

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Before picking any commercial kitchen equipment, it is vital to consider a few things as they can make or break your business. Equipements affects the workflow, service, quality of food, and safety compliances. Here are the three most important factors:

  • Energy Efficiency

The commercial kitchen equipment is generally energy intensive. Restaurant equipment uses twice as much energy as an average commercial building and six times more than domestic models. Thus, energy-efficient equipment will reduce the carbon footprint and help financial savings. The energy-saving appliances can save around 25% on electricity bills. 

  • Quality

The commercial kitchens are generally operational throughout the day. Therefore, choosing kitchen equipment that can handle rigour or daily use becomes necessary. 

You can buy new or used commercial equipment, whatever suits you better. However, no matter what you choose, make sure that the appliances are made of commercial-grade material that offers extended service life. Before purchasing, inspect the equipment for any physical or functional flaw. 

  • Size 

Your commercial kitchen’s design plays a vital role in workflow efficiency. The appliances should fit perfectly in the given workspace of your kitchen without making it too crowded. When you go to buy the equipment, take the measure of your kitchen and tape measure with you to find the perfect size appliances for your kitchen. 

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It is important to integrate your restaurant’s HVAC system with the commercial kitchen ventilation. The “V” in HVAC stands for ventilation. 

The heating and cooling system should work per the kitchen’s ventilation. If not, then it can compromise the functionality of both. Therefore, kitchen designers and HVAC experts need to work together. Moreover, choosing an HVAC designer experienced in installing designs for food service establishments will benefit you.

It does not matter what food service establishment you have; you should follow the six guidelines to meet the standards of a commercial kitchen. The six components of a commercial kitchen are:

  • Flexibility and Modularity

The first very important component of a commercial kitchen is its flexibility. The layout should be flexible and should be able to accommodate change. Different factors such as redesigning the menu, adding new dishes or hiring a new chef that operates differently can compel you to change the layout. Hence creating an adaptable workspace ensures multi-use workstation or movable equipment. 

  • Simplicity

Commercial kitchens need to meet the standards of hygiene. Kitchens can get cluttered, which is the root of poor sanitation and confusion. Thus, it has a negative impact on food service operations. Therefore, a more straightforward kitchen design maximises production and ensures sanitation. The limited trips to the dining hall and modular equipment eliminate unnecessary shelvings, and selecting equipment with only necessary accessories saves money and time. 

  • The flow of material and personnel

You should design a kitchen to eliminate chaos. It should be designed around to ensure the easy flow of material and personnel. Thus ensuring no employees or material is backtracked. 

  • Ease of sanitation

Apart from cooking in the kitchen, the employees spend much time cleaning it to ensure cleanliness measures. Hence you should optimise the design of a kitchen for sanitation. By installing a caster on work tables and equipment, you can allow their easy movement while cleaning. 

  • Ease of supervision

The executive chef manages the kitchen by designing the menu, ordering supplies, monitoring food quality, and ensuring the equipment works properly. In addition, an open kitchen with little to no walls can help ensure increased vision, more effortless movement, and better communication. 

  • Space efficiency

The commercial kitchen should be space efficient. The restaurants have minimum room for their equipment, and therefore it is essential to place all your equipment in limited space. While designing a small kitchen, it is crucial to have countertop equipment and other small products. 

It is crucial you follow these guidelines to ensure the standard hygiene of the kitchen. If you want to purchase top-quality kitchen appliances, then visit Grafyt. We are one of the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Hyderabad.

The three common problems with commercial kitchen drainage systems are:

  • Food waste blockages

Waste food blockages are the first and most common threat to commercial kitchen drainage systems. Catering staff can neglect what goes to drainage at the time of peak hours. There is so much going into the commercial kitchen that food debris from the preparation phase and leftovers can sink into the drainage. These leftovers can lodge in any u-bend narrow pipes. 

The waste starts building up, and the dirty water starts backing up into the sink, which is no less than a hygiene disaster for commercial kitchens. In addition, unclogging these pipes causes unpleasant smells and a lot of frustrations. 

  • The issue with the FOGS management system

Different technologies are available to help manage fats, oils and grease (FOG), from simple grease traps to more advanced automated grease removal units (GRUs), accredited biological dosing systems, or a combination of three. 

If the starch is one of the main issues for you, then you can add a biological solution that especially tackles FOG and starches (or FOGs) into the grease system. Sometimes restaurants face issues with FOGS due to the installation of the wrong solution. An efficient combined FOGS system requires lesser servicing and emptying than standalone grease traps. 

  • Building related issue

The food drainage starts with the building process. Therefore, the drainage system needs to be properly planned, constructed and maintained regularly. If you choose a building where the drainage system is improper, it can lead to various drainage complications and even cost more. 

If the building has a kitchen beforehand, you can design the new space with an exciting drainage system. For instance, if you are looking to set up your commercial kitchen at a warehouse, you will need to take up flooring and add channels to install drainage. However, if the kitchen is a multi-storey building, it is important to consider how you will access drainage and whom it might affect. 

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Here is the list of top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Hyderabad: 

  • The Grafyt

Grafyt is one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in India. You can find all kinds of kitchen equipment for the HoReCa (Hostel, Restaurant, Cafe) industry. 

The main office of Grafyt is in Navi Mumbai, and the other outlets and offices are spread in other 50+ cities of India. Grafyt has its own brands as well as internationally-acclaimed brands like Promac, Rational, BUTLER, Dean, Electrolux, Icematic, Indiwash, NECTA etc. It has more than a hundred manufacturing, brands and service partners. It offers a wide range of products in India. Some of the most famous range of products are bakery equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, refrigerator equipment, exhaust hood with filler, etc. 

  • Chef Ash Consultation and Fabrication

Chef Ash Consultation and Fabrication is known for catering to customers’ demands and is considered one of the top hotel kitchen equipment suppliers in Hyderabad. The company was established in 2010 and had its headquarters in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. It has earned stamps such as Jd Pay and Jd Verified. That is because it aims at providing top-quality products and services to its customers. 

  • So good Commercial Kitchen Equipment

So good commercial kitchen equipment is known for its outstanding kitchen equipment. The company was set up in 2017 and had its headquarters in Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad. It has earned stamps such as Jd Trusted, Jd Escrow and Jd Verified. It aims to provide a positive business experience with its services and is known to be one of the leading hotel equipment suppliers in Hyderabad. 

  • Mvik Equipment Pvt Ltd

Mvik Equipment Pvt Ltd offers some of the best commercial kitchen equipment in Hyderabad. The company was set up in 2014 and, since then, known in its field as one of the best hotel equipment suppliers in Hyderabad. Its headquarters is in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad. You can find top-quality products made of premium material. 

  • Just Kitchen

Just Kitchen in Bala Nagar, Hyderabad, was established in 2012 and is one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Hyderabad. It has set up a firm foothold in the industry. The company aims to achieve customer satisfaction with its exceptional products and services. You can find a vast collection of products with commercial-grade material and robust warranties. 

If you want to buy the appliances for your commercial kitchen, you can find semi and fully-automated equipment at Grafyt. We are one of the top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Hyderabad, aiming to provide top-quality products at affordable prices.

You can find various hotel kitchen equipment suppliers in Hyderabad but choosing the right one can be daunting. Choosing the best manufacturer to get the premium quality product is vital. Let us see how you can select the right commercial kitchen manufacturer:

  • Finding right supplier

The first step is to choose the right supplier or manufacturer. They can help you in many ways. Moreover, you can also avail installation and maintenance service benefits. 

  • Quality checks

The most crucial factor while buying any commercial kitchen equipment is its quality which you can not compromise in any form. It should be made of commercial-grade material as you will use it daily for hours. That is why you should always choose the manufacturer with top-quality products and proper quality checks. 

  • Ease of Usage

The vital factor to consider is that the equipment should be easy to operate as it needs to be used daily. Therefore, choose the manufacturer that offers efficient operating equipment. If the product is complicated, it should come with a guide to make it easier to use. 

  • Pricing 

While purchasing kitchen equipment does not go beyond the budget. However, high-price catering equipment does not mean high quality. Investing a lot of money in equipment creates a quite hectic situation in the operational process since productivity is required more. Thus, you should focus on manufacturers who have budget-friendly products with the required features.

Above all, the best thing is to check the testimonials and online reviews of the manufacturer to know if it is worth buying their products or not. By keeping all the points in mind while purchasing the equipment, you can find the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Hyderabad. For example, Grafyt is highly-recognised among the leading hotel kitchen equipment suppliers in Hyderabad. Not only are our products high-quality, but they are also economical. So visit Grafyt and shop away!

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