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Even before we reach the point where the discussion about preferred kitchen equipment manufacturers in Gujarat commences, it is important to go through the basics of commercial kitchen establishment. This way you can familiarise yourself with what it takes to establish a business so ambitious.

Just like kitchens to cook food at home, there are kitchens for commercial places like hotels, cafes and restaurants. These kitchens are called commercial kitchens. These kitchens are meant to store ingredients and then prepare and serve foods to large numbers of customers during any given shift. Also known as community kitchens and industrial kitchens, they are present in hospitals, hotels, cafeterias, etc.

A prerequisite for a commercial kitchen establishment is licensing. In addition, there are licence requirements to store and prepare food. These kitchens are rented or bought by independent chefs and bakers. Such kitchens require crockeries, fans, storage space, hoods, cookware, exhaust canopies, etc.

With this, we have taken off on our journey to help you have a smooth commercial kitchen establishment experience.

A critical step in establishing a commercial kitchen is ensuring sufficient ventilation. Ventilation is essential to ensure that the kitchen temperature is normal and there is fresh air circulation inside the eatery. It impacts the environment inside the eatery significantly.

The ventilation canopy is an element of the whole ventilation system of a commercial kitchen. The kitchen space determines the style or amount of equipment and the size of the ventilation canopy. Another factor to consider is a nuisance. Whether the ventilation system will disturb the neighbours and affect the environment or not, these are why following authority guidelines is important. In a built-up area, it is advised to have the ventilation extract termination point at a high level. What does it help with? It helps prevent the extract fumes from entering the kitchen. Having additional odour control is a big plus point. Having carbon block filters and ozone systems can also help control odour. The only issue is that there are expenses of these systems that one has to bear. Having suitable silencers can help reduce the noise of fans. Considering gas safety regulations, ductwork termination points and compliance with local authority guidelines can also help.

There are several kitchen equipment manufacturers in Gujarat. But thanks to the high-quality products with an excellent warranty and outstanding after-sale service and support, Grafyt is highly-regarded among the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers.

One of the most obvious things about a kitchen is that it takes equipment to run a kitchen successfully. Some equipment like refrigerators and ovens take up space. They also need to be close to electrical outlets. This equipment has a lot of effect on the commercial kitchen’s design.

Some necessary equipment are ovens, dishwashers, food processors, refrigerators, sinks, ranges, freezers and mixers. The mentioned equipment cannot be avoided in any commercial kitchen. Other pieces depend upon the specifications of the menu.

Purchasing high-quality equipment does not mean escaping from the chances of equipment failure. Sad but true. The possibility of the equipment not failing is zero. But early failures can be avoided. There are some very simple solutions to the problems. Knowing the problems and being proactive in solving them is the key. The problems are:

  1. Lack of maintenance: Maintenance is the key to ensuring that any piece of equipment has a long life. Fixing minor problems at early stages does not only extend life. It also saves the costs of later, more expensive work.
  2. Failure to inspect the deep fat fryer: Maintaining a deep fat fryer does take attention, but it is crucial. So missing out on cleaning the deep fat fryer can prove to be really expensive. Issues with deep fat fryers can lead to issues as serious as kitchen fires. It is good to have a technician for bi-monthly maintenance of the fryer.
  3. Lack of cleaning: A thing overlooked is cleanliness. One must make sure that equipment is cleaned regularly. It is good to do superficial cleaning on a daily basis. A technician must be called over at least once every six months for dedicated and specialised cleaning. Daily, superficial cleaning has its own advantages. The customers see the eatery as a clean place, and the things do not turn out to be extremely bad for the technician to check.
  4. Failure to replace parts: Replacement of parts is a task that gets overlooked a lot. To extend the life of any piece of equipment, it is necessary to make sure that every part of it runs well. It is safe to use spare parts whenever wear and tear are visible.
  5. Improper ventilation: Ignoring professional ventilation system maintenance can lead to grease build-up. So what’s the conclusion? A kitchen that is too hot can result from a ventilation problem. What can be the result of an overheated kitchen? Equipment can break down, and the quality of the food can also degrade. So a regular check by a technician is necessary.

The problems listed above can do significant damage. But their solutions are very simple. Purchasing equipment from some of the best kitchen equipment manufacturers in Gujarat is easier than maintaining the equipment. It takes regularity and attentiveness to make sure that everything works perfectly.

Even before running a business as busy as a commercial kitchen, it becomes important to understand its basic components. While running a business, there are almost zero chances a person can avoid making a mistake. Even a tiny mistake can become a blunder if ignored. Therefore, it is advisable to know the components of a commercial kitchen in advance.

  1. Cleaning/Washing: Cleaning is an essential activity. Cleanliness is observed by the customers as well. A significant part of any eatery’s reputation depends upon the hygiene and the cleanliness maintained by them. The whole cleaning section consists of appliances like sinks and warewashing machines. It is good to have the cleaning section near the entrance so that the dirty dishes can be received and cleaned quickly. What all to have in the cleaning section? Three compartment sinks for washing utensils and warewashing machines to clean the plates.
  2. Storage: As stated in the very first answer, one of the purposes of a commercial kitchen is storing food ingredients and equipment. Storage has to be segregated for better organisation. A dry storage section, one for non-food elements and cold storage, should be there. It is advisable to store chemicals away from food, equipment and other assets.
  3. Food preparation: Preparing food is an unavoidable step in the journey of food to the customer’s table. Having separate workstations to prepare food is a wise move. One for processing raw food ingredients and one for sorting must be there. It is good to have the preparation section near the storage area. It helps one have fresh dishes and leads to faster preparation.
  4. Meal cooking: Cooking is the final step before the food gets served. A lot of large equipment pieces are in this section. Ovens and fryers, and ranges consist of the cooking section. It is advisable to have separate workstations for various tasks like grilling, baking and frying. The cooking section near the service area at the front of the kitchen helps serve freshly cooked food fast.
  5. Service: Service area is the place from where the customers get the food. The service area close to the dining area helps serve warm and fresh food. Be it a self-serve or buffet-style eatery, having the service area at the front of the kitchen is the most preferred way to place it.

Listed above are the components that need to be kept in mind. Even before contacting kitchen equipment manufacturers in Gujarat or elsewhere, these components must be brainstormed.

Researching kitchen equipment manufacturers in a state as massive as Gujarat is incredibly tough. There are certain factors to be kept in mind while researching. Contacting each and every manufacturer is practically impossible. To ease your work, here is the list of manufacturers to consider.

  1. The Grafyt: Grafyt is a name to reckon with. Quality? Check. Variety? Check. Service? Check. With more than 50 outlets/offices spread all over India, it is easy to estimate the scale of service offered by Grafyt. You will find several brands like Icematic, Rational, Promac, NECTA, BUTLER, Indiwash, Electrolux and Dean, along with the products of our own brands. The variety of these many brands is more than enough. In matters of specialities, Graft has adequate experience in manufacturing equipment for refrigeration, baking and other commercial kitchen purposes. Even for ventilation, they have exhaust hoods with filters. With these many plus points, there was no way Grafyt could have been kept out of the list.
  2. J.R Equipment: With excellent infrastructural facilities and the presence of experts, J.R Equipment makes it to the list. The experience that they have in the matters of manufacturing and supplying commercial kitchen equipment to hotels and canteens surely backs their expertise. Another good thing is that they and their products meet the customers’ specific demands. Their focus on quality is what makes them a name worth checking out for commercial kitchen equipment. 
  3. Klal & Co.: Among some of the trusted kitchen equipment manufacturers in Gujarat, there is no way Klal & Co. could not have made it to the list. Their experience in the matters of providing quality commercial kitchen equipment to eateries is what counts Klal & Co. among the ones to look for. They must be among the ones for you to consider with reasonable pricing and modern infrastructure.
  4. Ambica Industries: With the professional guidance of 30 years to show them the way, Ambica Industries make quality commercial kitchen equipment. At reasonable prices, they aim to offer quality equipment. Specialising in manufacturing equipment of gas, steam and catering, they cannot be ignored. Working with only high-quality stainless steel, they value their customers. With such a record, be sure to jot their name down on the list of options.
  5. Zeel Equipment: With their approach focused on customers, Zeel Equipment manufactures high-quality pastry counters, Chinese cooking ranges, water coolers, double deck ovens and espresso coffee makers.

Out of the many kitchen equipment manufacturers in Gujarat, the ones listed above are the ones we suggest. We sorted out some up-and-coming manufacturers based on factors that matter. Make sure to consider the mentioned manufacturers to establish a commercial kitchen.

Even with some of the trusted names mentioned in the previous question, how to find the suitable one for you? With many manufacturers offering many advantages, it is tough to zero in on one manufacturer. However, certain factors for you to consider when selecting your ideal kitchen equipment manufacturer.

  1. Cost: It is the most crucial factor. To establish a commercial kitchen, money is a necessity. Not a small amount of money but a decent sum. From the very first day, maintaining the desired profit margin is something everyone aims to have. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the costs do not cause damage to the pocket. With a list of manufacturers in hand, it is important to check the prices offered by each. An ideal piece of equipment has to meet the demands at a low price. However, compromising the quality is not feasible. To conclude, it is essential to keep the costs in mind.
  2. Guarantees: Guarantee is something neglected a lot. It is crucial to ensure that there is no compromise with the quality. A manufacturer with a guarantee is confident of the product’s quality and the standard that it meets. Along with guarantee, considering warranty and replacement policies should also be kept in mind.
  3. Product Options: Variety matters. It surely does. It is imperative to have equipment that meets your demand. A manufacturer with variety can help you with such a need. The ideal manufacturer must have a decent variety. It also helps a person get some idea of the trends in the market.

In this case, it goes to Grafyt. It has over a hundred brands like Icematic, Promac, Indiwash and Dean. So naturally, over one hundred brands offer an accurate idea of what equipment to have and what not to have.

With these factors in mind, it is easy to make sure that you select the ideal manufacturer. Deciding on a name out of the very many kitchen equipment manufacturers in Gujarat can be difficult. With this, we have tried to ease your work and make your experience better. Furthermore, with such a guide of dos and don’ts of commercial kitchen manufacturer consideration, you should be able to have a basic idea of how to commence your own commercial kitchen project.

At Grafyt, we offer quality equipment at prices with a lot of variety. Counted among the promising kitchen equipment manufacturers in Gujarat, Grafyt has you covered. So contact us now to make your commercial kitchen project a success!

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