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Commercial kitchens are professionally designed and managed kitchens for cooking food in large amounts. It needs a licence to open a commercial kitchen and run it. Food truck owners, bakers, and chefs all run commercial kitchens. Benches, storage space, hoods, crockeries, cookware, exhaust canopies, and fans are some of the items of a commercial kitchen. 

If you want commercial kitchen equipment for your food establishment, get in touch with Grafyt, one of the top kitchen equipment manufacturers in Goa. You can find a vast range of products from utensils and disposals to refrigerators, ovens, sinks and more.

The type of commercial kitchen ventilation needed generally depends on what catering equipment you will be using. Space determines the type of equipment and hence the type of ventilation required. Another factor one should consider before installing a ventilation system is the surrounding environment. You should check if your ventilation becomes a nuisance for your neighbours. Adhere to the local council to make sure your ventilation is compliant. 

Installing a ventilation system can be challenging in residential areas with a high-density population in proximity. It is important you ensure that the ventilation extract termination point is high in such areas. Thus, it prevents fumes from entering windows. Moreover, if lots of frying occurs, it is crucial to incorporate an odour control system. It includes a carbon block filter, electrostatic precipitators or an ozone system. Sound attenuating silencers can also be fitted. Remember to consider:

  • Ductwork termination point
  • Odour control measure
  • Sound attenuating measure
  • Local authority compliance
  • Gas Safe regulation

The ventilation system is one of the essential components of a commercial kitchen. Therefore, choosing the best and most effective one for your kitchen is recommended. Want to know which ventilation system would be best for your kitchen? Then contact Grafyt, one of the leading hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Goa. You can find all the equipment for your hotel or restaurant kitchen.

The equipment that goes with the commercial kitchen impacts its design. For example, large appliances like refrigerators and ovens need space and need to be placed close to electrical outlets. 


Generally, the requirement of equipment will depend on your menu. However, some appliances that are essential for all food establishments are: 

  • Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Food processor and mixer
  • Ovens and ranges
  • Dishwasher and compartment sink. 

If you are confused about which brand of kitchen equipment to choose, visit Grafyt, one of the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Goa. You can find products of different price ranges and brands of all styles, sizes and shapes. So no matter what type of food establishment you have, you can contact the experts at Grafyt.

Some of the reasons that led to commercial kitchen failures are: 

  • Lack of maintenance

Regular checkups and preventive maintenance, without a doubt, extend the service life of the equipment. But, above all, it also saves time by preventing minor issues from worsening. 

One of the best things to do is to have a service contract. The more smoothly the equipment runs, the lesser the risk of severe damage. Hence, you will lose significantly less profit on repairing.  

  • Not inspecting the deep fat fryer

The deep fryer needs maintenance, most of all, your kitchen equipment. A malfunctioning deep fryer can lead to hazardous kitchen fires. Therefore, it is vital to keep them clean as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Above all, bi-monthly maintenance is also required. 

If you have had the deep fat fryer for five years now, it is important to get it checked at least once every year. It eliminates the possibility of mishappening in the kitchen. 

  • Lack of cleaning

If you do not clean all your equipment properly after using it, you will surely experience grease build-up. It usually happens in the vent hood and duct. Therefore, it is vital to get your equipment cleaned thoroughly once every six months by professionals. 

Other than that, kitchen staff too should keep the kitchen and equipment clean to avoid grease build-up. A dirty clean is unhygienic and affects the food quality as well. 

  • Not replacing parts

Apart from the maintenance, replacing the parts that are no longer working is also essential. It is better to replace the parts sooner than to wait until it completely breaks. 

  • Improper ventilation

If you do not get your ventilation system cleaned professionally for a long time, then you will experience grease build-up. In addition, it can abrupt the airflow in the kitchen. 

If you find your kitchen getting hot, then know there is some issue with the ventilation system. An overheated kitchen affects not only the equipment but also the food’s quality. Hence it is vital to get your ventilation system cleaned at regular intervals. 

It is important to keep your kitchen clean and provide all your equipment with regular cleaning and maintenance. It not only raises the service life of appliances but also avoids any mishappening in the kitchen. Above all, it also makes the food taste better and healthier. Get top-quality products and a warranty from Grafyt, one of the leading kitchen equipment manufacturers in Goa.

Some of the basic yet vital components of a commercial kitchen are as follows: 

  • Cleaning/Washing

The cleaning or washing section includes sinks, basins, ware washing machines, drying racks and many more. For washing utensils, you must pick three-compartment sinks. Warewashing machines help to clean plates and serving utensils easily. The section should be near the entrance so servers can quickly drop the dirty dishes. 

  • Storage

The storage area has three sections; non-food area, cold storage and dry storage. To make your kitchen organised and clean, you can divide the non-food area into the disposable product area, cleaning supplies section and clean dishes area. The critical thing to remember is that you should never keep cleaning equipment and chemicals above food items, food equipment, utensils or disposals. 

All the food items that need to be stored or frozen are kept in cold storage. Whereas dry storage stores the non-perishable and consumable items. Moreover, it might also contain an inventory shipment area to shorten the distance of new stock to the restaurant. 

  • Food preparation

The kitchen has sinks for washing produce, a cutting section, and a mixing area for food preparation. Generally, for food preparation, the kitchen has two sections. One is for processing raw food, such as breaking down cuts of beef. The other area is sorting food into batches like chopping vegetables, mixing salad etc. It is recommended to place this area near storage for quick access to all the items. 

  • Meal cooking

The rest of the kitchen includes a meal cooking area. It is the area where the main dishes are cooked. The site consists of equipment like ovens, fryers, ranges, etc. 

Meal cooking areas can also be split into smaller sections such as baking, grilling and frying. Since meals are prepared here, this area should be in the front of the kitchen near the service room. 

  • Service

It is the last area of commercial kitchens. The service staff will pick up the dish from this section to serve it to the diners. In case you have a self-serve or buffet system, the service section is the area where you will display your food. The section is located at the front of the kitchen next to the meal cooking area. 

Whether you have a small cafe, food truck or restaurant, all these components are necessary for your commercial kitchen. Looking for a manufacturer to purchase the kitchen equipment? Then look no further because Grafyt has an excellent collection of kitchen equipment. We are one of the top kitchen equipment manufacturers in Goa.

You can find the list of top 5 commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Goa below: 

  • The Grafyt

Grafyt is a well-renowned company known for its top commercial kitchen equipment in Goa. You can find all the kitchen equipment for the HoReCa (Hostel, Restaurant, Cafe) industry. 

The Grafyt has its main office in Navi Mumbai. Besides that, it has other outlets and offices in 50+ cities of India. Grafyt has world-renowned brands like Promac, Rational, BUTLER, Dean, Electrolux, Icematic, Indiwash, NECTA etc. You can also find other internationally acclaimed brands. 

You can find more than a hundred manufacturing, brands and service partners. Grafyt offers a wide range of commercial kitchen products in India. Some of the bestseller’s products are bakery equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, refrigerator equipment, exhaust hood with filler, etc.

  • CKE Kitchen Equipment

CKE Kitchen Equipment was established in 2015. It emerged as one of the top suppliers of sweet display and gas stoves in just a few years. It is one of the leading kitchen equipment manufacturers in Goa. They are the verified sellers that provide superior quality products also in bulk. 

The company supplies, distributes, and sells premium quality kitchen equipment for all types of commercial kitchens. Their products also include combi ovens, commercial ovens and convection ovens. The products are manufactured with complete accuracy, and before distribution, the company scrutinises every part to avoid any faulty errors. Above all, the products have to undergo certain quality checks. As a result, CKE kitchen equipment is always in high demand for its long-lasting service life, hassle-free operation and low maintenance. 

  • Apollo Kitchen Equipment

Apollo Kitchen Equipment is one of Goa’s leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The company has been in business since 1986. They are known for executing several prestigious commercial kitchen projects in different sectors such as hotels, milk dairies, corporate institutions, hospitals, canteens, etc. 

 Whether setting up a new kitchen or renovating the old one, their staff can help you with full-fledged commercial kitchen services. They have a range of imported equipment such as combi oven, convection oven, dishwasher, vegetable preparation, meat preparation, bakery or pizzeria equipment, coffee machine, ice cube machine, refrigerator, juicer and many more. 

  • Suvidha Kitchen

Suvidha Kitchen has one of the best ranges of quality commercial kitchen equipment in Goa. Other than that, they also supply in Maharashtra, Chandigarh, and Karnataka. Their range includes everything from stainless steel utensils, and catering supplies, to refrigeration and cold storage equipment. Suvidha Kitchen team and technical staff together provide effective and economically feasible solutions to their customers. 

  • Sheeba Equipment

Sheeba Equipment has some of the best commercial kitchen equipment in Goa. Established in 2002, Sheeba has retained its position as one of the top companies in the field. It is located at Shop No. 35, Goa University, Goa University Road. The store is in close proximity to the university. You can find high-quality products made of premium material. They accept various modes of transactions, such as cash and cheques, to make the business more seamless and the whole process more effective. 

If you want commercial kitchen equipment, it would be best to consider one of the above 2 manufacturers. In addition, Grafyt is one of the country’s best hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

When choosing a commercial kitchen manufacturer, you must consider various factors. It generally depends on your requirement and the food establishment you are setting up. However, there are certain things that everyone needs to look after: 

  • Cost

The cost of the commercial kitchen is dependent on various factors. For example, what type of equipment you need to buy, what brand you are purchasing, size and features of the kitchen all determine the cost. Moreover, other factors should also be considered while determining the price, such as labour, delivery, and warranty coverage. 

  • Guarantee

While choosing a manufacturer, make sure you opt for one that is renowned and offers incredible customer service. In addition, your manufacturer should offer warranty and replacement policies on the products. 

  • Product Options 

Do not rush while purchasing commercial kitchen equipment. Instead, examine various companies’ products to choose your best option. Moreover, checking reviews is the best way to ensure you make the right choice. 

So what are you still looking for? Go and buy the best range of commercial kitchen equipment for your restaurant, hotel, cafe or whichever food establishment you have.

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