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In the simplest words, a commercial kitchen can be described as a cooking area meant to sell food to several people at a time. You can find the best example of a commercial kitchen in a hotel, restaurant or industrial canteen. These places have cooking areas from preparations to the plating. The first thing to be ensured while building such a kitchen is that all its products are safe for public consumption.

These kitchens require two basic things: a layout and industrial-grade equipment. Connectivity is the most basic yet important requirement for serving food to several people at a time. A good design with good connectivity ensures that the food’s preparation and serving are smooth. Industrial grade equipment withstands daily use on a commercial scale.

For commercial use, the kitchen’s equipment needs to be selected with some factors into consideration. The factors are:


  1. Budget: With enough finances in hand, one needs to have enough understanding to buy equipment which has good quality. A high price might not necessarily mean high quality in every case. Considering the features in equipment as per one’s own needs and not running after high price helps one aim for a desirable profit margin.
  2. Alternative Options: Having alternative options can help one ensure that one can survive the incredibly competitive market of today. Alternatives also help with finding good quality equipment at comparatively lower prices.
  3. Warranty: Warranty is one of the major determinants. In case of failure, a product with a warranty offers the scope to exchange the product within a time period. The warranty also ensures high quality. It shows the manufacturer’s trust in its product after testing it to the point of a standard.
  4. After-sales Service: After-sales service ensures that the manufacturer and the buyer have a good bond existing beyond the scope of purchase and warranty. Higher brand value is achieved by the product whose manufacturer offers excellent after-sales service.
  5. Spare Parts Availability: Spare parts availability is necessary to be ensured when purchasing equipment. Their availability helps one just change the affected part of the equipment. Without them, the purchase of brand new equipment will be inevitable.

The factors listed above are to be considered when purchasing cooking equipment. They will also be ideal when evaluating commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Delhi NCR and their products.

For every commercial kitchen, a few standards are set. Your design must meet these standards for the kitchen to work with exceptional efficiency. According to the Certified Food Professionals handbook, here are the six factors to be kept in mind while designing a new commercial kitchen:

  1. Flexibility and modularity: A design needs to be dynamic with the changing needs and circumstances of operations. Changes in the modus operandi must not affect the efficiency. Flexibility and modularity help ensure the same.
  2. Simplicity: With the commercial kitchen mechanism serving large numbers of people on a daily basis, the possibility of clutter piling up in the kitchen cannot be left out of consideration. The only way to mitigate the possibility of clutter is by ensuring simplicity remains a critical element of the kitchen’s design. Eliminating unnecessary elements is a way to ensure simplicity in the kitchen.
  3. The flow of materials and personnel: When the aim is to serve large numbers of people on a daily basis, the kitchen has to run on time. A logical layout is necessary to ensure efficient working by each and every person.
  4. Ease of sanitation: Besides preparing and serving, cleaning is another point of a kitchen’s work. Installing casters is a way to ensure that the work on tables and in the overall workspace is an easier affair.
  5. Ease of supervision: Supervising the work is one of the most important jobs one can have in this sector. From checking food quality to ensuring efficiency in the form of equipment and people, the work requires a combination of vision, movement and communication. Lesser the walls, better the supervision.
  6. Space Efficiency: A huge factor to be considered while designing is the placement of equipment and other assets in the whole area where one is supposed to work. The availability of space affects almost every significant thing that matters in a kitchen.

Before seeking commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Delhi, think of a design that makes work efficient. Seeking restaurant kitchen equipment in Delhi with a wide range of products is something that is tough to find. But Grafyt is one of the companies that can help set up your kitchen with high-quality products at affordable prices.

Making sure that the customers get food is something any kitchen can do. But for a good kitchen, the priority is serving the customers good food with hygiene assured. It is a herculean task in its own right but still needs to be done right.

It takes some time to set a good benchmark of sanitation and consistent efforts to maintain it. Using soak tanks is an incredibly efficient way to save time and money. The supervisors must focus on maintaining a detailed hygiene checklist and ensuring that all the list elements are ticked off. 

Another way to maintain quality sanitation is by utilising manpower. Those not directly involved in preparing and serving can help clean the utensils, equipment and workspace.

Maintaining equipment is crucial to ensuring that the customer gets quality food and drops positive reviews for the restaurant. To ensure that every asset is clean and working well, the recommendations listed here must be brought into practice.

1. Encouraging employees to wipe as they work

Workplaces are often considered the places where most hygiene-related problems emerge. Therefore, the employees must be encouraged to clean their workspaces whenever they are done with work. Delaying cleaning on a daily basis results in the accumulation of bacteria and other contaminants. Therefore, daily cleaning must be considered important to ensure that there are no problems with hygiene anywhere.

2. Assigning sections to different staff

As speed is necessary for working in a commercial kitchen, sanitation does get overlooked. Proper division of the workforce ensures that there is no such issue. Responsibilities must be allotted to different employees, and they must be told to clean their respective workspaces immediately after the end of a task.

3. Performing monthly deep cleans

Deep cleans on a monthly basis have a vital role to play. Wherever there is no need for daily maintenance, you must do a monthly check to review the cleanliness and working of the equipment or space.

Ensuring that the above-listed measures are taken seriously regularly can help a commercial kitchen get five shining stars in its reviews. While searching for commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Delhi, you must look for material that actually helps maintain cleanliness.

If you are looking to purchase commercial kitchen equipment in Delhi, consider Grafyt. We can help you with high-quality equipment at affordable prices.

Finding the best kitchen equipment can be confusing because of the many choices. So while people are looking for ways to have their eateries booming with outlets in every corner of the city, here are a few commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Delhi you can trust:


  • The Grafyt: With a wide range of products and the support of those who have trusted it, Grafyt has already become a name to look out for in the realm of kitchen equipment manufacturers in Delhi and other cities. Based out of Navi Mumbai, Grafyt is making its presence felt in over 50 cities with its outlets.


For those willing to purchase commercial kitchen equipment in Delhi and other major cities, it must be known that Grafyt functions with its brands like Electrolux, Dean, Rational, Indiwash, NECTA, Promac, etc. With over 100 brands under its belt, Grafyt manufactures all sorts of bakery, commercial kitchen, and refrigeration equipment.


  • Unikue Kitchen and Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd.: Unikue Kitchen and Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. are among the country’s most capable kitchen equipment suppliers. Unikue’s credentials cement its reputation among the commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Delhi. 


Business with them is highly fast-paced due to their flexibility in payment and delivery of quality equipment.


With the values and quality they wish to deliver to their customers, Unikue must be among those to watch out for commercial kitchen equipment in Delhi and around.

  • Sultan Kitchen Equipments: Operating out of Chattarpur since 1953, Sultan Kitchen Equipments have the capacity to make some of the best commercial kitchen equipment in Delhi. With their flexibility in matters of modes of payment, Sultan Kitchen Equipments have a name of trust when it comes to the business.
  • Chefs Shop: They have a wide variety to offer when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment in Delhi. Covering bakery equipment, hotel kitchen equipment and much more, Chefs Shop must make it to the list if the need is for restaurant kitchen equipment.
  • Amity International Kitchen Equipment: Amity International Kitchen Equipment has a reputation for its quality products in the commercial kitchen equipment industry. With credentials adding to their legitimacy and an extremely flexible approach towards payment, quality restaurant kitchen equipment in Delhi indeed fits in their domain. 

The above-mentioned companies are some of the most capable hotel equipment suppliers in Delhi. Choosing a supplier like Grafyt can help you build your restaurant with some of the highest-quality commercial kitchen equipment in Delhi.

The realm of commercial kitchen manufacturers in Delhi has too many names. And to get the perfect one in the very first go does not seem like a possible thing to attain. So what ways can help you get the best commercial kitchen equipment in Delhi? These are some things to think of.

  1. Quality and long-lasting products: In a massive city with a lot of options, confusion is something that one is sure to have. There is no surprise about the amount of confusion one has when thinking of getting good-quality restaurant kitchen equipment in Delhi. But quality is the first parameter on which every piece of equipment has to pass. 
  2. A diverse range of products: As a customer, it is understandable to want to go through a diverse range of products. This bit is something that nobody wants to miss. Diversity is the key to having a good idea of what features can help one achieve one’s aims in the best way possible and at the least cost. Grafyt, with over 100 brands under it, has all of it to its name. The variety of products that Grafyt has is simply stunning. With brands like Electrolux, Promac, Icematic, NECTA, Dean and Indiwash, the crown surely has to go to Grafyt.
  3. Nationwide service and support: With the usage of commercial equipment being way more than that of a family kitchen, they need high-quality equipment that helps them work well on a daily basis with the desired speed and performance. Not only does the consumer get a smooth performance at work, but the manufacturer also ends up establishing a bond of trust with its consumer. It also increases the chances of the consumer approaching the same manufacturer with the latter’s responsiveness in consideration. Grafyt wins it here as well. With the presence of their outlets and offices in more than 50 cities of India, they deserve to have this factor ending up in their favour.

Grafyt is one of the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Delhi. With its quality and services, along with its affordable range, Grafyt ticks all the criteria one can possibly use to go for a sensible purchase. 

Grafyt wins it in this case with excellent quality that one can rarely find. Moreover, their history of maintaining the quality of all their products makes them win it.


So do not wait; consider Grafyt for excellent restaurant kitchen equipment in Delhi.

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