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Commercial Kitchen is a kitchen that has been built to cook and sell food. These kitchens should be designed and inspected to make sure that the food cooked in them is safe to be consumed by the public. They may carry whatever name, but they all serve a common purpose and belong to the commercial kitchen category. But, the equipment, cooking stations, and other factors modify as per the needs.

Also, it depends on the menu, cooking style, and methods used by the chef. So, it becomes essential to note the chef’s requirements and construct the kitchen as per their needs. That is because the chef’s requirements decide the equipment that will go into the kitchen, the number of cook stations, and the allocation of space to a particular section. Commercial kitchens are different and built tougher than domestic kitchens to withstand the harsh commercial environment. Also, they need to follow some guidelines and safety measures.

Here are some factors to consider before choosing new commercial kitchen equipment for your establishment:

  • Setting an affordable budget: Before you set out to purchase new equipment it is important to set a budget. Financial wisdom is something that is required to run a profitable commercial kitchen. Pick the products whose cost ranges from middle to above average.
  • Equipment Quality: Quality is an essential factor that determines the machinery’s performance, durability, and shelf life. Long-lasting products that have minimum technical issues indicate good quality. Higher quality products are too expensive. Hence, be wise in selecting quality products that you can afford.
  • Available space: Before purchasing, consider the equipment dimensions. Double-check the equipment size with the kitchen’s floor plan so that you can select the right equipment that fits your commercial kitchen.
  • Equipment that fits your needs: A bistro and pizzeria may not have exactly the same needs. While a bistro owner might think about getting a blender, a pizzeria manager might ponder over the deck-type oven. Each requirement has its own equipment needs; make sure you consider them.
  • Design and style: Design and style are important to creating a comfortable and pleasant work environment for your staff. A well-designed kitchen, as per the guidelines, ensures productivity and the maintenance of health.

If you are looking for high-quality commercial kitchen equipment in Coimbatore, Grafyt is your one-stop solution. It focuses on all the above-mentioned factors so that you enjoy a great cooking experience.

Commercial Kitchen Design has certain vital elements that can be divided into three parts: Delivery (in and out), production, and storage. Let us get to know these components a little better:

  • Delivery: An easy in and out movement becomes vital to keep things going efficiently in any commercial kitchen. Since most modern kitchens never shut, one must consider where the meat deliveries and other products are getting to be placed. The ease and challenges of offloading and storing.
  • Storage: Either big or small, food storage safety is vital to any business. Whenever products are bought in small supplies, it seems costly. So, a large, secure, and safe storage unit, along with a cold room, will facilitate bulk purchase and storage. Like this, the required things are always kept available. A constant temperature should be monitored for the preservation of raw foods and pest control as well.
  • Kitchen: The heart of any restaurant, café, or bakery is a kitchen. A good commercial kitchen needs plenty of space for commercial catering equipment, everyday work, and work. Good access and ventilation, food preparation areas, cooking gas, water, and electrical points at suitable locations.
  • Designing an Eco-friendly Space: Always, one must keep in mind the impact on the environment of their restaurant or cafe. Eco-friendly mindfulness must take over the way we design and start our kitchen.

Carefully select the materials that will be used throughout the kitchen and go for eco-friendly options such as stainless steel, porcelain, or glass. With these materials, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are establishing a new hotel, cafe, restaurant or bakery and want to design the kitchen from scratch, it would be best to get in touch with the best manufacturer and suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu. In that case, consult the experts at Grafyt. We are highly regarded among the leading suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment in Coimbatore.

Here are the common problems in a commercial kitchen:

  • Lack of adequate research: Before purchasing the kitchen machinery, make sure to go through all the technicalities of each piece. Lack of research, either by unawareness or incomplete knowledge, can lead to both short and long-term losses.
  • A sole focus on pricing: Do not let the price alone determine the purchasing decisions. It can cost you even more than the investment. Any compromise made in substandard machinery may have a negative impact on your kitchen. If money is hindering you from going for standard equipment, make sure whatever you purchase is from top manufacturers.
  • Ignoring energy efficiency: Commercial kitchens consume several times more energy as compared to domestic kitchens. Make sure to check the Energy Star ratings of the equipment before you purchase them. A poorly rated machinery will result in high power consumption and unnecessary bills.
  • Choosing wrong equipment sizes: Before you go to purchase commercial kitchen appliances, ensure that you have a robust plan. Having the measurements of the kitchen floor plan and space available in the kitchen helps in mindful shopping. Many business owners either purchase oversized equipment or go for undersized equipment. Hence, they face liability.
  • Not understanding warranties: Equipment in the commercial kitchen is subjected to severe wear and tear and is bound to work for a certain period. Warranties at the time of purchase make sure maintenance costs are covered for your appliance. However, failing to abide by the terms mentioned in warranty agreements or not renewing them will increase the expense on your balance sheet.


Are you facing difficulties choosing the right commercial kitchen equipment in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu? Then get in touch with Grafyt, and we will help you to choose the right equipment.

Commercial kitchens are generally made to withstand large-scale use. However, the food service business can run smoothly only if the equipment works properly. If the restaurant equipment is not maintained regularly, it may suddenly break. Thus bringing productivity to a complete stop. Below are some tips for maintaining your commercial kitchen equipment:


  • Review your owner’s manual: By reviewing the owner’s manual, one can get familiar with the ways to handle specific equipment. It simplifies the way to operate and maintain the equipment.


  • Repair broken parts: After years of usage, parts and components wear out. If you ever hear an unusual noise from the equipment, it’s an indication to call a professional technician. Regularly repairing the components can enhance the life of the equipment.


  • Cleaning and sanitising: It is always a good practice to keep your kitchen equipment clean and sanitised to prevent the accumulation of food particles, grime, rust, and debris. The dirty kitchen equipment makes way for the wear and tear of the products. By cleaning and sanitising the equipment regularly, one can prolong the life of their equipment. It’s advised to use mild soapy water to clean the stainless steel. If you are unsure how to clean your kitchen equipment, refer to the owner’s manual or reach out to a professional.


  • Schedule professional planned maintenance: Ensure to contact a professional, experienced technician for the regular planned maintenance of your commercial kitchen equipment. That enables the equipment to run at its peak capacity and minimises unexpected interruptions.

If you are looking for maintenance and repairs for your commercial kitchen equipment in Coimbatore, Grafyt will be your right choice. We provide quality service and ensure nothing stops your kitchen’s work.

Here is a list of the top 5 manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment in Coimbatore:


  • The Grafyt: Grafyt is one of the top-notch suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu. They are your one-stop solution for the HoReCa industry. The company’s main office is in Coimbatore and has outlets in over 50 cities in India. Along with manufacturing their own kitchen equipment, Graft sells products of several other national and international brands like Promac, Rational, BUTLER, Dean, Electrolux, Icematic, Indiwash, NECTA, etc. With over 100+ manufacturing brands and service partners, it presents an impressive range of products and services in its portfolio. 


Not only is it well known for finished products and a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment for varied purposes, but this company also provides maintenance and repair services for your already built commercial kitchen. 


  • Ganapathy Kitchen Equipment: Ganapathy Kitchen Equipment is one of the reputed manufacturers and exporters of an extensive range of good quality commercial kitchen equipment. Handpicked raw material, purchased from noteworthy vendors of the industry, is used for the production of the material in compliance with global quality standards. Also, the latest technology along with advanced equipment is employed to manufacture these products as per the client’s needs.


  • Kovai Kitchen Equipment: Kovai Kitchen Equipment has been a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer and supplier to restaurants, hotels, bars, and other food-oriented places for the last 10 years. The company’s manufacturing unit is situated in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. High-quality materials and high-tech machinery go into the production of its products. To match the advancements of the modern world, this company uses the latest technology, by which it has retained clients’ trust in its products.


They offer the equipment for bar, pantry, preparation, display counter, storage equipment, glass display counter, food display counter, and commercial service section equipment.


  • S.V. Kitchen Equipment: Established in 2011, S.V. Kitchen Equipment manufactures commercial kitchen equipment. Its main office is located in Coimbatore. They are one of the reputed producers and exporters of a vast range of kitchen equipment. This company offers bar counters, kitchen racks, gas ranges, chapati plates, cocktail stations, utility trolleys, and many more.


  • Sre Ayyan Industries: Sre Ayyan manufactures and supplies modern commercial kitchen equipment in Coimbatore. The kitchen equipment is made of top quality, and they offer the best range of products. Sre Ayyan Industries is dedicated to manufacturing, supplying, and dealing with an impressive range of kitchen equipment.


Grafyt is one of the leading places where you can find commercial kitchen equipment in Coimbatore. With our top-notch products, we can satisfy all your kitchen needs in a matter of minutes.

For better cooking efficiency, chefs and cooks must use equipment that needs less energy, like induction cooktops or microwaves, rather than frying pans. Also, it becomes vital to use top-notch technology such as gas ovens fitted with catalytic converters, which generate more heat and emit fewer pollutants. In addition, there are grills available exclusively for indoor usage that require no ventilation. Therefore, one may consider using such innovative products. Also, it is advised to go for automated cooking applications, which reduce the risk of food getting burnt whenever staff is on a short break.

Commercial cooking efficiency is essential to maintain a healthy ambience for the working staff. There are also other benefits, such as lower costs, reduced labour requirements, greater operational flexibility, and many more. Also, it reduces the wastage of food or prevents overproductions sometimes. Hence, an efficient kitchen always ensures profit.

So if you are new in the HoReCa industry, you must consult with the experts. Other than housing self-manufactured kitchen equipment as well as those from several other national and international brands, Grafyt provides maintenance and repair services for your already built commercial kitchen. That’s why we are highly regarded among the most-trusted manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality commercial kitchen equipment in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu. So get in touch with the experts at Grafyt today!

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