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A commercial kitchen is a fully equipped specialised kitchen that is given out for rent. It is also known as the culinary kitchen, shared kitchen, community kitchen, food innovation centres, accelerators, food hubs and several other names.

In a commercial kitchen, everything is on the go. Hence, it is necessary to ensure the easy flow of all the processes without hindrance. The main work in the kitchen would be cleaning, washing, food storage, preparation, cooking and serving the dish. Thus, you should design the kitchen properly and with the right equipment.

  • Appliances and kitchenware: While buying appliances and kitchen equipment, it is necessary to decide how to maintain its cleanliness. The appliances should be well built and suitable for everyday use as per your business, along with easy-to-clean features. Stainless steel appliances are one of the top choices because they don’t get tarnished and are easy to clean. The parts of your kitchen which should be made of stainless steel are:
    • Sink
    • Counters and table tops
    • Preparation area
    • Splashbacks
    • Exhaust windows

Apart from this, using stainless steel utensils for food preparation is also one of the options.

  • Storage: Utilising the kitchen space for storage is the ultimate solution. Even if the kitchen is vast, improper storage planning can lead to chaos. Use smart planning to maximise storage efficiency and easy flow. The storage should be separated for non-food, cold storage and dry storage.
  • Food preparation: For the washing and cleaning steps, stainless steel basins would be the best option. For cutting, chopping stainless steel counters and table tops are the preferred choices. The food preparation station should be divided into two parts- one for meal sorting and the other for raw food items.
  • Meal preparation: The cooking part is where all the magic takes place. The section includes all kinds of equipment such as geysers, ovens, fryers, exhaust canopies, etc. The kitchen station is also divided as per the food preparation steps, such as the grilling station, dessert station, fryer station, salad station, and baking station.
  • Service area: The service area is where the dish is kept, and the waiters and servers would pick it up to serve the customers. The garnishing and final touches to the platter are given here. The tabletop should preferably be of stainless steel as it gets messy hence easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • Efficient layout: A successful kitchen is one in which all the components are laid out lucidly. Keep in mind how the kitchen would function on a busy day and design it accordingly.

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There is no one fit for all kitchen design layouts. It depends on the factors like space, business type, appliances, storage, etc. Here some of them are described in detail:

  • Space: It is one of the most crucial and limiting factors. The area which is kept for kitchen work is instrumental in the functioning of the service. If you have a small kitchen, the open kitchen style is definitely off the table for you, while the zone style or island design would not look the right fit. A gallery or an assembly layout would be a better choice. If the backside area is less, the kitchen would be inefficient. Improper space allocation can significantly affect the speed and efficiency of the kitchen. Hence it is crucial to stick to a design suitable for your space.
  • Appliances: It is also necessary to decide how many appliances are required for all the items on your menu. Decide and plan the required number of fryers, grills, dishwashing stations, ovens, etc. If your menu needs a lot of deep frying, an indoor cooking oil tank connected to the fryer will make the work much more manageable. Good quality handles are a must for all appliances for long-term usage.

The storage space for all the raw materials is also important when choosing the kitchen layout. Prepare a design on how many shelves, pantry and cold storage are required. An efficient kitchen with proper storage is the ingredient to a successful kitchen.

Communication while designing the layout is crucial. The servers and waiters should not get in the way of cooks, or the appliance opening area should not be crowded. Communication is extremely important while managing the operation and helps in better performance.

Now you know what elements to consider while choosing the best kitchen layout for your space. While looking for commercial kitchen equipments in Chennai, you may get in touch with us at Grafyt. We are one of the leading hotel equipment suppliers in Chennai, providing top-notch quality machines that would last a long time.

A good kitchen has a variety of durable and high-standard wearing materials such as cooktops, ovens, deep fryers, dishwashers, glass washers and other appliances. The commercial kitchen should also have mixers, grinders, microwaves, blenders and even food processors to reduce the preparation time and labour effort. It should also have a uniform for the staff and cleaning elements.

The cuisine of the restaurant, its values and principal and preparation techniques determine the number of cooking station tables that should be present in the commercial kitchen. The size and scale of the restaurant are also contributing factors. For a smaller kitchen, traditional standard equipment is generally used. Commercial kitchens require durable, long-lasting equipment that can carry a heavy workload for mass food production.

Commercial kitchens keep safety as their top priority. They have the rules set; for instance, the exhaust fans should be present over all the cooktops. Fire suppression systems are installed all around the kitchen, which are controlled by sensors. Non-slippery flooring materials are used for areas which get damp frequently. The places where the worker would have to stand for a long period are padded. Commercial kitchens use industrial extinguishers and fire suppression systems as compared to the usual fire extinguishers in ordinary kitchens.

One of the important components of any commercial kitchen is dishwashing equipment. The dishwasher should be efficient enough to clean all the leaves with no spots or odour on the plates and cutlery. In addition, it gives the customer the impression of good cleanliness and hygiene when the cutlery and glasses are perfectly clean.

The equipment used in the commercial kitchen should be strong and large enough to fulfil the quantity requirements of the business. It should also be efficient in terms of the time taken for the work to be done. The usual kitchen equipment takes much more time as compared to the commercial ones. Thus, investing in good quality equipment is an asset. You can get some of the best commercial kitchen equipments in Chennai from Grafyt. Our equipment has an outstanding performance rate to the customer at a reasonable price. The shelf life of all our appliances is long; thus, investing in our company for your equipment needs is a long-term investment. We are also among the leading hotel equipment suppliers in Chennai. Get to know more about our products by visiting us at Grafyt in Chennai for all your needs.

Commercial kitchens involve a lot of planning and can take up to 2 years. The smaller commercial takes around one to three months after the consultation session.

Putting together all the pieces of your commercial kitchen is a long job. For equipment, you can find stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Chennai at Grafyt. We offer a wide variety of commercial kitchen equipment such as fryers, refrigerators, ovens, etc.

If you are looking for commercial kitchen equipments in Chennai, here is a list to help you out if you are just beginning:


Grafyt is one of the well-known commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Chennai. We cater to all kinds of commercial kitchen equipments in Chennai. In addition, we fulfil the requirements of hotels, restaurants and cafes. The head office is in Chennai, with branches spread over as many as 50 cities pan India.

We provide commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Chennai not only for Indian brands but also for international companies. Along with world-renowned brands like Promac, Rational, Butler, Dean, Electrolux, Icematic, Indiwash, Necta, etc., Grafyt has its own catering equipment in Chennai. These pieces of equipment are of high quality and come with an outstanding warranty. We also have fine furnished products such as bakery equipment, refrigeration equipment and kitchen equipment.

Paramasivam kitchen equipment: It is also one of the well-known hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Chennai, catering to all budgets and needs. They offer bakery equipment, refrigeration equipment, furniture such as chairs, tables, counters, dishwashing equipment, drain, air control, pre-prepared refrigeration, fabrication and interior designing. Most of the equipment is manufactured by themselves.

Kalam kitchen enterprise: It is one of the suitable options for those who are new to the field. They provide a one-stop shop for all the stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Chennai. We provide all kinds of services, from shoplifting to catering equipment, ventilation, and stainless steel fabrication. 

Subam Kitchens: It is one of the kitchen equipment suppliers in Chennai and manufactures canteen equipment, kitchen equipment, washing equipment, service equipment, exhaust systems, kitchen trolleys, dining tables and chairs, kitchen storage equipment, kitchen preparation equipment, wet grinders, bakery, cooling equipment, electrical equipment, etc. With an experienced team and developed infrastructure, they provide a combination of durability and quality. In addition, we provide complete transparency to build the trust of our clients.

Kookmate: Established as ACES in 1983, Kookmate is one of the best pollution-free catering equipment manufacturers in Chennai. They were the pioneers in the field of air pollution control machines. They had a good rate of growth with their machines in the HoReCa. Therefore, they got a lot of opportunities to commission complete kitchens during their development.

If you’re just a beginner in the HoReCa industry and are looking for excellent commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Chennai, the information could be a bit overwhelming. However, at Grafyt, we have got all the info covered about the best commercial kitchen equipments in Chennai required here to make it easy for you.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed by all the information and the decisions to be made as a new entrepreneur. While looking for the right manufacturer whose products are ideal for you and priced as per your budget. To begin with, here are some of the points to consider which would help you in choosing the right kitchen equipment supplier:

  • The commercial kitchen equipment supplier should have a wide range of products and has the trust of several businesses.
  • Look into their history and check if they have a strong supply chain.
  • Instead of focusing on one supplier, have a few options. Gather the information on the price of all the equipment from each of them.
  • Do thorough market research, check each company’s pros and cons, and find the best one for you.

If you are looking for the leading commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Chennai, consider Grafyt. We customise our product to the needs of each client. All our products are carefully analysed by quality analysts to ensure that only the best products reach you. With the state-of-the-art infrastructure, all our equipment is manufactured in our plant itself. Our products are made to last long and are made up of high-quality materials. We aim to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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