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It is a kitchen that stores, prepares, cooks and serves food on a large scale. With a business running on a large scale, the equipment is also not the kind used in conventional home kitchens. For example, the commercial equipment has finger guards, safety shields and other safety features. Many of these features are not available in the equipment used in our homes. To add to it, there are a lot of safety features integrated into the building’s structure as well. Features like sensor-controlled fire suppression systems and industrial extinguishers make a commercial kitchen way more sophisticated than an average conventional kitchen.

If you are looking to establish a new cafe, hotel, bakery or restaurant and want to design the cooking space from scratch, it would be best to consider commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Bangalore. Thanks to its product quality, long-term warranties and outstanding after-sale support, Graft is highly-regarded among the leading commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Bangalore.

Choosing the right kitchen equipment is a necessary thing. It cannot be a kitchen without any sort of equipment. Space and equipment are the most basic needs to shape any kitchen. But how to choose the ideal equipment? Here are the three points to consider.

  1. Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency is the key to reducing the kitchen’s electricity bill. To back it statistically, energy star-rated appliances can save up to 25% of a kitchen’s power bill. It also helps reduce the carbon footprints of the kitchen. It is easy to maintain energy efficiency this way. Having star-rated appliances is the key to saving your money.
  2. Quality: As a commercial kitchen runs nonstop, the equipment must be able to withstand such an amount of use. The quality must be of industrial use, and the equipment must be usable. It entirely depends upon you whether you want used or brand-new equipment. What needs to be checked is the model of equipment and whether it meets your demand. One must inspect the equipment for flaws and ensure it is of industrial quality.
  3. Size: After designing the commercial kitchen, placing equipment should be done so that the efficiency is not reduced. The size of the equipment matters in a space like that of a commercial kitchen. In a commercial kitchen, there are all sorts of equipment with many employees working with them. It makes it important to check the dimensions of equipment and space. Efficiency is the key to working smoothly. Before purchasing commercial kitchen equipment, it is advisable to be ready with the dimensions.

It is significant to keep the three points listed above while searching for commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Bangalore. With these three points in mind, contact the experts at Grafyt, one of the top hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Bangalore.

A ventilation system makes the kitchen less heated and allows fresh air to get inside. An atmosphere that pleases a customer’s senses is the one that attracts a customer.

Integrating the HVAC system with commercial kitchen ventilation is the most important thing to do for good ventilation. It helps balance both the heating and cooling with the kitchen’s ventilation. A way to ensure a suitable ventilation mechanism’s presence is to make the kitchen design and HVAC design experts work together. 

There are several commercial kitchen equipments in Bangalore where you can find ventilation solutions of various kinds. But to ensure the ventilation in your hotel, cafe, restaurant, or bakery is of excellent quality, visit Grafyt, one of the best hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Bangalore.

A kitchen requires some components to run efficiently. As it consists of many pieces of equipment and men, a kitchen must be designed and administered to operate in a way. The components are:

  1. Flexibility and modularity: Modularity is an essential element that must be a part of any commercial kitchen. As there are changes in any restaurant’s ways of operating, an adaptable workplace is a need. With changing executive chefs and menus, the needs and expectations also change. One must ensure multi-user workstations and movable equipment for ease of readjustment.
  2. Simplicity: Kitchens need space and effective working mechanisms. Simplicity is the sole answer to ensure enough space and effective working. Simple methods like having server stations near the kitchen or having modular/drop-in equipment surely create space and increase the working efficiency in the kitchen. Another wise move is to go for what suits the need. No need to go for any extravagance in the matters of equipment. Unnecessary purchases don’t only hit the purse. They also cost you in matters of space.
  3. Flow of materials and personnel: Efficiency consists of smooth movement. Be it that of materials or employees, easy movement surely helps with efficiency. The solution is- a design that consists of a logical layout. With the kitchen ideally meant to function in a circular pattern, the need to have an efficient design is dire.
  4. Ease of sanitation: Having a clean kitchen is something that affects both the reputation and the working of the kitchen. It is easy to ensure proper sanitation in the kitchen. Just install casters on the tables and equipment. Another good step is to instruct the staff to clean a workstation as soon as the work is done.
  5. Ease of supervision: Supervising a kitchen is a responsibility given to someone who is an outstanding administrator. The idea of managing a kitchen involves way more than just seeing what is happening. It involves monitoring food quality, finishing dishes, ordering supplies and much more. As communication is the key to good supervision, having a kitchen with few or no walls and partitions makes it better.
  6. Space efficiency: With equipment taking up some space in the kitchen, it is important to know how to fully utilise it. There must be countertop equipment and other small accessories for a small kitchen. For more cleanliness, it is advisable to have stainless steel countertops.

Congratulations! You are one step closer to the point where you can have your own commercial kitchen. Getting in touch with top commercial kitchen equipments in Bangalore can be an excellent next step. Grafyt is recognised among the best manufacturers and suppliers of commercial kitchen equipments in Bangalore.

The kitchen drainage system can surely have its own problems. As most of these problems can turn up without prior notice, some solutions must be in one’s mind to solve problems at any given time. Here are the problems that one needs to look out for.

  1. Food waste blockages: The most common problem is the waste blockage. While having a busy time in the kitchen, it is surely a possibility that food debris gets ignored while someone is doing the dishes. The accumulation of the same food debris leads to blockage of the drainage system. If not dealt with properly, the problem can increase to the point where dirty water starts making its presence felt in the sink. 
  2. Problems with your FOGS management system: What is FOGS? It is an abbreviation for Fats, Oils, Grease, Starch. To help manage FOGS, you can buy equipment ranging from grease traps to grease removal units. But to counter starches, having a more dedicated biological solution can surely help. Restaurants do install the wrong solutions. And it does lead to FOGS-related problems. But it is good to have an excellent system to tackle the problem.
  3. Building-related drainage issues: The core of the whole drainage system is designed when the building is being constructed and designed. There are some problems that are surely the products of a building’s inbuilt drainage problems. Planning a drainage system properly is a need that cannot be avoided.

To conclude, before contacting hotel equipment suppliers in Bangalore, make sure to have the most basic groundwork done so that it can support your business for a long time.

Without the proper know-how, selecting the right hotel equipment manufacturers in Bangalore can be challenging. So here is a list of the five manufacturers you might want to consider:

  1. The Grafyt: The Grafyt needs no introduction. With over one hundred brands like Icematic, Promac, Dean, Rational, NECTA, BUTLER, Electrolux and Indiwash, The Grafyt has a wide variety of products available in over 50 stores all over India. Specialising in equipment for baking, refrigeration and other commercial kitchen purposes and providing excellent after-sale support, Grafyt is among the best hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Bangalore.
  2. Sri Sakthi Innovations: Focusing on customer satisfaction, Sri Sakthi Innovations has been manufacturing customised kitchen appliances. They surely needed to be on our list with the quality of the appliances they manufacture.
  3. Chowdeshwari Kitchen Equipments: Chowdeshwari Kitchen Equipments have a history of manufacturing quality equipment with quality and experience. With the experience of working in Bangalore on many commercial kitchen projects, Chowdeshwari Kitchen Equipments must make it to your list.
  4. Steelkraft: With experience in manufacturing numerous bakery, canteen and commercial kitchen equipment, Steelkraft has been providing quality commercial kitchen solutions for a long time. With such expertise in manufacturing and supplying commercial kitchen equipments in Bangalore, Steelkraft can be suitable for anyone new in the HoReCa industry.
  5. Prime Hospitality Equipment Service: Prime Hospitality Equipment Service cannot be left out. Counted among some of the trusted stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Bangalore, they have adequate experience in providing your kitchen with quality commercial kitchen equipment at affordable prices.

With our five suggested names mentioned above, it should be a lot easier for you to have your own preferred canteen kitchen equipment manufacturers in Bangalore. So, with everything sorted, let us move to the final bit of this guide.

With the list given in the previous question, you have enough places to visit for. But how to choose the ideal one? Here are some criteria and factors to keep in mind while going for your own choice.

  1. Finding the right supplier: Having the right supplier is the key to ensuring that you get the benefits of installation and maintenance perks later on. These benefits are crucial to getting the work done professionally with less expenditure. A person must surely go for choosing the right supplier this way. Grafyt needs to be mentioned here. With more than 50 stores all over India, Grafyt makes the supply and servicing process way better than one’s own expectations.
  2. Quality checks: You cannot compromise with the quality of the equipment in a business as grand as that of a commercial kitchen. Ensuring that the offered equipment meets certain standards, makes it easy for one to trust the equipment and its performance. That is where Grafyt enters. With over a hundred brands, its quality is surely something to look for.
  3. Ease of usage: As a commercial kitchen has a lot of work on a daily basis, you would surely not want to have equipment complicated to understand. The focus is on efficiency and can only be ensured by easy-to-use equipment. Even with complicated equipment, some type of user manual helps make things easier. By focusing on this factor, you can determine your future in the working days in the kitchen.
  4. Pricing: The super crucial factor needed to make an idea a reality is money. No person has unlimited funds. Equipment pricing must be kept in mind to maintain a good profit margin. It is good to allocate everything to a certain budget. That makes it easier to have a good profit margin along with savings that can be used for other purposes later on. If you don’t want to have long-term costs, it is always good to have a thought about the pricing. It makes things easier for one to decide.

With a variety like that of Grafyt, the wide price range makes it easy to accommodate the demands and interests of many.

With the above-given factors, it is easy for you to ensure the ideal choice out of the very many commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Bangalore. However, it is always good to consider these factors after doing research about the best ones. It helps shortlist and then choose the ideal manufacturer.

At Grafyt, we provide you with quality commercial kitchen equipments in Bangalore. Counted among some of the trusted commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Bangalore, we are here to make your commercial kitchen experience great. So contact Grafyt for the design and development of the kitchen in your hotel, cafe, bakery or restaurant with high-quality equipment today!

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