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Commercial kitchens are designed for the mass production of food on the premises of hotels, cafes, restaurants, hostels, institutes, etc. They also include safety measures like safety shields and finger guards. Residential use kitchen equipment generally lacks these safety measures. Industrial extinguishers, exhaust fans over cooktops, automatic fire suppression systems and fire retardant systems are some of the components of commercial kitchens. 

Meals prepared in commercial kitchens are prepared and served for on-premises consumption. A building or establishment with a commercial kitchen also includes a kitchen, dining rooms and several cooks and other staff to prepare, cook and serve the meal. 

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Commercial kitchen equipment is one of the important components that help run your business smoothly. They influence the workflow, quality of service and food, and safety compliances. Before choosing the commercial kitchen equipment, consider given three factors:

  • Energy Efficiency

Commercial kitchen equipment tends to consume a lot of energy. Compared to domestic appliances, restaurant equipment uses a lot of energy. Hence while choosing the appliances, make sure to choose energy-efficient equipment. Along with reducing carbon footprint, energy-saving appliances can save around 25% on electricity bills. 

  • Quality

The quality of commercial kitchens is essential as they operate throughout the day. Therefore, it is crucial that your equipment can handle the vigorous functioning of daily use.  

Whether you buy new or refurbished kitchen equipment, ensure that the appliances are made of commercial-grade material. It extended the service life of the equipment. That is why inspecting the equipment properly before purchasing the product detects any flaws.  

  • Size 

The commercial kitchen’s design should be in accordance with its size for better workflow efficiency. The appliances should fit properly in the given workspace of your kitchen, avoiding clusters. Take the measure of the space and buy the equipment accordingly. 

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The restaurant’s HVAC system should be integrated along with the commercial kitchen ventilation. The “V” in HVAC stands for ventilation. Therefore, the cooling and heating system should work according to the kitchen’s ventilation to avoid missing functionality. That is why it is recommended for kitchen designers and HVAC experts to work together. Moreover, choosing a heating, ventilation and air conditioning designer experienced in installing designs for food service establishments will benefit you. 

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The six guidelines that all food establishments should follow to meet the standards of a commercial kitchen are:

  • Flexibility and Modularity

Flexibility and modularity are two important components of a commercial kitchen. The layout of the kitchen should be laid in a way that it can be changed later. Changes keep happening in commercial kitchens, like introducing new dishes, redesigning the menu or hiring a new chef that operates differently. All this can make you change the layout of your kitchen. Hence an adaptable kitchen can make it easier to renovate it at any time. 

  • Simplicity

The more simple the kitchen is, the easier it becomes to keep it clean and efficient. On the other hand, the crowded kitchen can lead to poor sanitation, impacting food service. Hence, a simpler kitchen design enhances production and also ensures cleanliness. In addition, modular equipment eliminates unnecessary shelving, and selecting equipment with only necessary accessories saves money and time. 

  • The flow of material and personnel

While designing the commercial kitchen, it is important to make it as less chaotic as you can. The design should allow easy flow of material and personnel. Hence no employees or material should be lacking behind. 

  • Ease of sanitation

Cooking is one thing, but the employees also spend much time cleaning the commercial kitchen to ensure hygiene standards. The kitchen’s design should be optimised for sanitation. Installing a caster on equipment and work tables allows easy movement while cleaning. 

  • Ease of supervision

The job of the executive chef is to manage the kitchen. Designing menus, ordering supplies, monitoring food quality, and ensuring the equipment works properly are some of their responsibilities. Hence, an open kitchen is ideal for more effortless movement, increased vision and better communication.  

  • Space efficiency

The kitchen area should be space efficient. The restaurants may have minimum room for their equipment, so it is essential to place all your equipment in a limited space. While designing a small commercial kitchen, it is important you have countertop equipment and other small products. 

Keep these factors in consideration when designing a commercial kitchen for your hotel, face or restaurant. So if you want to purchase top-quality kitchen appliances, visit Grafyt, one of the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Ahmedabad.

Problems that one faces with commercial kitchen drainage systems are:

  • Food waste blockages

Food blockage is the primary reason for commercial kitchen drainage systems blockage. During rush hours, it is common for catering staff to neglect what goes into the drainage. As a result, the food debris from the preparation phase and leftovers goes down into the drainage and lodge the pipes. 

The waste accumulates in the pipe, which causes the dirty water to back into the sink. In addition, it is unhygienic, and unclogging these pipes causes unpleasant smells and frustration. 

  • The issue with the FOGS management system

Various technologies can help manage fats, oils and grease (FOG), simple grease traps, accredited biological dosing systems, more advanced automated grease removal units (GRUs), or a combination of three. 

The kitchen where the main issue is starch should get a biological solution that especially tackles FOG and starches (FOGs) into the grease system. The installation of the wrong solution can lead to issues with FOGS. In addition, an efficiently combined FOGS system calls for lesser servicing and emptying than standalone grease traps. 

  • Building related issue

The drainage system of the building where your food establishment is, needs to be properly planned, constructed and maintained regularly. If it is improper, it can lead to various drainage complications that further cost more. 

The new space can be designed around the existing drainage system if your building already has a kitchen. For example, setting up your commercial kitchen at a warehouse will require flooring and adding channels to install drainage. For multi-storey buildings, it is important to consider how you will access drainage and whom it might affect.

It is crucial to look out for all these drainage problems as they can impact the hygiene of the kitchen. Grafyt is recognised among the best kitchen equipment suppliers in Ahmedabad. So you can find high-quality equipment with a warranty. So visit now and avail the best offers from one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Ahmedabad.

Here are the top 5 manufacturers you can choose your commercial kitchen equipment from: 

  • The Grafyt

Grafyt is among the top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in India. They have availability of all types of kitchen equipment for the HoReCa (Hostel, Restaurant, Cafe) industry.

The Grafyt has its main office in Navi Mumbai. Besides that, it has offices and outlets in 50+ cities of India. Grafyt sells nationally as well as international brands. Promac, Rational, BUTLER, Dean, Electrolux, Icematic, Indiwash, and NECTA are some world-renowned brands at Grafyt.

It has over a hundred manufacturing, brands and service partners offering a vast collection of products in India. Some of the most famous products are bakery equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, refrigerator equipment, exhaust hood with filler, etc. 

  • JanShakti Industries

JanShakti industries, set up in Bapunagar, Ahmedabad, is known for its exceptional commercial kitchen appliances. The company was set up in 1965, and since then, it has been considered one of the top commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Ahmedabad. The industry is located opposite Rustam Mill and is a prominent landmark in the area. They accept cash and cheques for transactions to make the purchasing process more accessible and seamless for their customers. 

  • Aerovent HVAC System

Aerovent HVAC System is known for its outstanding kitchen equipment. The company was set up in 1998 and had its headquarters in Dudheshwar Road, Ahmedabad. It is with their exceptional services and products they strive to aim for excellence and customer satisfaction. They accept cash and cheques for business transactions to make the entire process easier. 

  • Shri Veer Industries 

Shri Veer Industries has some of the best commercial kitchen equipment in Ahmedabad. The company was set up in 1995, and since then, it has retained its position as one of the leading names in the field. Its headquarters is in Bapunagar, Ahmedabad. As a result, you can find top-quality products made of premium material. 

  • Chamunda Equipments 

Chamunda Equipments is a reliable name in the commercial kitchen equipment industry. They started in 2000 and made the customers the centre of their business. The company has achieved customer satisfaction with its exceptional products and services. It is located at Gota Road, Ahmedabad. 

If you want to buy appliances for your commercial kitchen, you can check the list of top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Ahmedabad. Grafyt is one of the leading hotel kitchen equipment suppliers in Ahmedabad, aiming to provide high-quality products at affordable prices.

There are numerous commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers and suppliers around the country. That is why it can become quite challenging to choose the right one. Before selecting any manufacturer or supplier, consider the following factors:

  • Finding the right supplier: A good supplier or manufacturer can help with installation and maintenance service benefits. Hence it is crucial to choose the right supplier. 
  • Quality checks: The next vital factor is the quality of the equipment. It is something that can not be compromised in any way. The commercial kitchen equipment should be made of commercial-grade material that withstands daily usage. Go with the manufacturer that has top-quality products with proper quality checks. 
  • Ease of Usage: The vital factor to consider is that the equipment should be easily operable as it needs to be used daily. So choose the manufacturer offering efficient operating equipment. If the product is too complicated, it should come with a guide to make it easier to use. 
  • Pricing: While purchasing kitchen equipment, it is important not to exceed the budget. It is not necessary that you need high-price catering equipment. If you spend a lot on equipment, then it will create pressure to increase productivity which leads to a hectic situation. Thus, you should focus on manufacturers with budget-friendly products with the required features.

If you are setting up a commercial kitchen, it is important that you choose your types of equipment carefully. Commercial-grade material, budget, durability, energy-efficient are some factors you should look for. So before setting up your kitchen for your cafe or restaurant, come over to Grafyt and discuss with our experts today!

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