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The kitchen is the place where the menu comes to life. It is the place where food is prepared, cooked, and plated. The commercial kitchen is the cooking area that is manufactured to sell food. It needs to be inspected to ensure that the food prepared is safe, hygienic and fit for public consumption. The commercial kitchen is used in: 

  •  Hotel
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Mess
  • Industrial Canteen
  • Education/Professional institutes
  • Marriage Hall
  • Bakery and Pastry
  • IT Centres and many more. 

The commercial kitchen uses industrial-grade equipment that is fit for busy restaurant use. Moreover, it must have a unique design to allow a seamless flow of food from the prep area to the line. 

In a commercial kitchen, dozens of people can come and go throughout the day. That is why it is important to have a well-organised kitchen. It saves time, helps avoid accidents, and minimises waste. 

Grafyt is one of the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in India. So if you are looking to purchase top-quality commercial kitchen equipment in India, Grafyt would be an ideal choice. Here, you can find a few of the best cloud kitchen equipment, including commercial ovens in India.

Before purchasing commercial kitchen equipment in India, one should always look for the following things: 

  • Budget 

Before purchasing any commercial kitchen equipment, it is best to have a blueprint. Above all, it is also vital not to go beyond the budget. Not all high-price catering equipment can ensure high quality. Moreover, investing a lot of money in equipment creates a quite hectic situation in the operational process since productivity is required more. 

Thus, the primary focus should be to get the equipment with the required features while keeping an eye on the price tag to ensure that you don’t go beyond that. You can get some of the top budget-friendly at Grafyt. 

  • Alternative Option

Instead of focusing on any particular brands for kitchen equipment, it is best to go with alternative brands. You can get different equipment from different brands. It helps you to get a better product in a lower range. 

  • Warranty

When you purchase kitchen equipment, it is recommended to check their warranty as you will be investing your money in this equipment, so it is best to buy the ones that are under warranty so that you can get it replaced or repaired later. 

Major manufacturers give testing results of the product over the par level as the warranty. That ensures high quality. Moreover, it helps to save money from buying new equipment. 

  • After-sales services

Sometimes you purchase a product, but then you face some issue. That is why purchasing the product from an after-sales manufacturer is important. In addition, it helps to build trust in the product. 

It also helps manufacturers to gain higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty and help in word-of-mouth marketing. In addition, the equipment with after-sales services has higher brand value. 

  • Spare parts availability

Go for the brand offering commercial kitchen equipment with spare parts easily available in the market. In case you experience parts failure, you can easily get it replaced instead of buying the whole new equipment. 

These five things are vital to consider before purchasing commercial or cloud kitchen equipment in India. It can help save time and money and ensure high quality.

No matter what food service establishment you have, here are a few guidelines you may want to follow for designing a commercial kitchen: 

  • Flexibility and Modularity

The commercial kitchen layout should be flexible; that is, it should be able to accommodate change. For example, redesigning the menu, adding new dishes or hiring a new chef that operates differently are some factors that can compel you to change the layout. Hence creating an adaptable workspace ensures multi-use workstation or movable equipment. 

  • Simplicity

Kitchens can get cluttered, which is the root of poor sanitation and confusion. In addition, it has a negative impact on food service operations. A kitchen should be designed with simplicity to maximise production and ensure sanitation. The limited trips to the dining hall and modular equipment eliminate unnecessary shelvings, and selecting equipment with only necessary accessories saves money and time. 

  • The flow of material and personnel

A kitchen can help you eliminate chaos. However, it should be designed around to ensure the easy flow of material and personnel. Thus ensuring no employees or material is backtracked. 

  • Ease of sanitation

Besides cooking in the kitchen, the employees also spend moderate time cleaning it. Thus it is vital to design a kitchen that is optimised for sanitation. The best way is to install a caster on work tables and equipment, to allow their easy movement while cleaning. 

  • Ease of supervision

The executive chef manages the kitchen by designing the menu, ordering supplies, monitoring food quality, and ensuring the equipment works properly. An open kitchen with few or no walls can help provide a better vision and communication and more accessible movement. 

  • Space efficiency

Most restaurants have minimum room for their equipment, and thus it is vital to figure out ways to get all equipment in limited space. While designing a small kitchen, it is important to have countertop equipment and other small products. 

If you want to buy commercial ovens in India, you can find the best quality ones at Grafyt. It is one of the top restaurant equipment manufacturers in India. Visit our website now and check the wide range of collections.

Commercial kitchens are fast-paced businesses where mistakes can be costly. So apart from ensuring that the customer gets the food on time, keeping it clean and functional is also important. 

It is highly important to ensure the sanitation of the kitchen. A moment of carelessness can cost you your entire business. Many managers make a checklist before, during and after the shift to avoid it. 

Other than that, the other problems that managers face are chaotic kitchens and unmanageability. Thus it is important to invest in technologies and equipment to ensure quick and seamless cleaning. In addition, it helps them to meet strict hygiene standards. 

The kitchen soak tanks are a helpful piece of equipment. It can speed up the cleaning of utensils. It does not require scrubbing, as you can just soak the utensils in the tank and rinse off all the grease and oil. 

Washing stainless steel, roasting trays, and tin can be cumbersome. Therefore, restaurants generally hire staff to do this job. However, soaking tanks saves time and labour. It is also a practical and economical way of ensuring that all the utensils are spotless. 

The staff can help clean the pots, ovens, pans, deep fry baskets, grill bars, gas rings, and cooktops. All these tasks help to ensure that the hygienic standards are met and food is prepared most cleanly. 

You can find semi and fully-automated equipment at Grafyt. We are one of the top commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in India that aim to provide excellent-quality products.

Here are some of the tips for cleaning a commercial kitchen. From products to use on kitchen surfaces and daily maintenance tips, here are some of the cleaning tips:

  • Keeping wiping while working

Kitchen countertops attract bacterial growth. Over time the grease and oil get deposited, so it is important to clean them regularly. If they are not cleaned, then they become a haven for microbes. Also, as the food is prepared on these surfaces, the food can become quite unhygienic.  

  • Assign sections to different staff

Split the responsibility among different staff. Designate areas for different staff personnel to manage it better and ensure cleanliness. 

  • Monthly deep clean 

It is important to plan preventative kitchen maintenance. For example, some kitchen areas do not require daily cleaning. That is why monthly deep cleaning can help ensure the highest cleanliness standard. 

It is important to follow these guidelines to ensure the standard hygiene of the kitchen. If you want to purchase top-quality commercial ovens in India or any other equipment, then visit Grafyt. You can find the best commercial kitchen equipment brands in India.

Here is the list of top commercial kitchen suppliers in India: 

  • The Grafyt

Grafyt is one of the top 10 kitchen equipment manufacturers in India. You can find all kinds of kitchen equipment for the HoReCa (Hostel, Restaurant, Cafe) industry. 

The main office of Grafyt is in Navi Mumbai, and the other outlets and offices are spread in other 50+ cities of India. You can find both national and international brands here. Other than that, Grafyt has its own brands such as Promac, Rational, BUTLER, Dean, Electrolux, Icematic, Indiwash, NECTA etc. It has more than a hundred manufacturing, brands and service partners. It offers a wide range of products in India. Some of the most famous range of products are bakery equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, refrigerator equipment, exhaust hood with filler, etc. 

  • Thomson & Thomson Kitchen Equipment 

Established in 2000, Thomson & Thomson is one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in India. They offer kitchen equipment training, fire safety, guide, kitchen setup plan, etc.  

  • Udai Kitchen Equipment

Recognised among the top 10 kitchen equipment manufacturers in India, Udai kitchen equipment has been in the market for the last 25 years. They manufacture and supply all kinds of kitchen equipment to hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, institutes etc. The manufacturing unit of the company is established in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It makes use of high-quality materials and machines to generate premium products. The use of the latest technology has earned customers’ trust over time.

  • MAX Equipment

Established in 2008, MAX Equipment is one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in India. The main office of the company is in Mumbai. They are top manufacturers and retailers of kitchen equipment. Some of their products include bar counters, kitchen racks, gas ranges, chapati plates with a puffer, pizza ovens, potato peelers, glass storage racks, cocktail stations, utility trolleys, dough kneaders, etc. 

  • Bhargava Equipment 

Bhargava equipment is one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in India. They design, manufacture, and supply products in India as well as export to the roads. It is a well-known company that established its position after 10 years of establishment. The main office of the company is in Mumbai. 

If you are looking for economical yet high-quality commercial kitchen equipment, consider Grafyt. We are highly recognised among the top commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in India. So you can find excellent-quality equipment with a warranty.

If you want to choose the best commercial kitchen manufacturers in India, then you choose to look for the following factors:

  • Quality and Durability

While purchasing the kitchen equipment from the supplier, ensure they have the finest collection. At Grafyt, you can get top-quality products made of the best materials. As a result, the customers purchase the equipment to ensure they get the most effective products in the market. 

  • Range of Products

A wide range of products gives customers the flexibility of choosing the product of their requirements. Grafyt has small and large commercial equipment. You can also find manual and semi or fully-automatic machines. The products are manufactured from top-quality anodised material with a safety feature, sharp blades and powerful motors. 

  • Nationwide Support & Service

The supplier or manufacturer that you choose must offer nationwide support and service. Grafyt intends to design and develop relations with clients to serve them in future as well. With the widest range, you also get the standard warranty for the products. 

Grafyt is one of the highly-recognised commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in India. We have high-quality technical support. Moreover, the wide range of our collection can help improve your kitchen. So come over to Grafyt and shop away!

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