Commercial Electric Pressure Fryer

A commercial pressure fryer utilizes a pressurized environment to cook meals. Exactly as with fryers, pressure fryers use oil to cook the meals and cause the Maillard reaction which provides their distinctive flavour to foods that are fried. Nevertheless, in pressure fryers, a lid is lowered over the fry pot and sealed, making a cooking environment.

Sizing should be the first factor to consider when shopping for one of these fryers. The most common way to describe the size of a commercial pressure fryer is by its oil capacity.

standard plate size available


Additional information

Power Input



Product Features

Type: Pressure Fryer
Power Supply: Electric
Material: stainless steel


  • extra large volume
  • manual control,
  • holds 14 lb. product
  • 48 lb. oil capacity,
  • digital timer
  • the quick disconnect filter system
  • pressure regulated lid interlock system