Commercial Carrot Peeler Machine

The machine peels the carrot quickly and easily with small losses. The machine is light and easy to move and is energy efficient and quiet. The machine is designed to meet the debarking needs of the large and medium industry.
Vegetable peeler machine with the driveshaft and housing minimizes waste and increases portions per a load of vegetables or almost any root of vegetables and fruits. Each unit is easy to use and clean with water inlets for a complete wash. The potato peeling machine is automatic and can work with precision and with a minimum of waste. You can peel carrots, potatoes, beets, celery and other products. The potato peeling machine and the onion peeling machine are specially designed with carborundum coated discs and baffles, ensuring a uniform distribution of the peeling action over the entire surface of the product, resulting in less waste. The skins are removed instantly by a water jet. At the end of the job.


Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 212.0 × 84.0 × 90.0 cm
Power Input



Product Features

Product Type: Carrot Peeler machine
Capacity: 500Kg-800Kg/Hr
Material: Stainless Steel
Motor Power: 8HP