Butler-TruBlend 2.2 AQ Commercial Blenders

TruBlend 2.2AQ The Butler TruBlend 2.2AQ is excellent for food-courts, juice bars, café’s, restaurants, bars and clubs. Its innovative enclosure reduces mixing sound without compromising on its ruggedness or your clients’ experience. Its simplicity lies in its’easy-to-use’ manual controls; a variable speed dial and pulse button that permit you to have as much control as you may want from a professional machine. It’s ideal for crushing ice in seconds, which makes frothy milkshakes, smoothies, frappés, juices and cocktails.


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Product Features

Product: Commercial Blender
Model: TruBlend 2.2 AQ
Power: 1680 W
Motor Power: 2.2 HP
Jar Capacity: 2.5 litres