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In central Milan in the 1930s, Primo Ambrogi entered the established firm Ditta Carlo Bossi, specialised in everything to do with flues and chimneys and, adding his own skills in metalworking and fire-resistant materials, he set up the Ambrogi firm. Already gaining respect for his technical abilities, in 1939 Primo Ambrogi was asked by the owner of a famous city centre restaurant in Milan to build an oven for his kitchen. It was Ambrogi’s first successful venture in the sector.

The 50s and 60s

In the early 60s, despite the early death of the founder, his young sons Franco and Pieremilio Ambrogi continued the firm’s activities, specialising in the construction of wood-fired ovens for pizzas, and enthusiastically embracing their new challenge. Seeing the excellent market response, the brothers continued optimistically, making this the main activity of the Ambrogi. In those days this was a new thing in northern Italy, and within a short time the firm expanded into Europe (the 50s saw the manufacture by Ambrogi of the very first pizza ovens for Switzerland, Germany etc). Over the years, the name of the firm became recognised and known by many worldwide as a synonym for quality. While still a mechanics student, and despite continuing to build traditional ovens with brick domes, in the late 50s the young Franco Ambrogi conceived the first oven made of prefabricated metal.  Next the firm designed and fine-tuned a new system for constructing the cooking chamber in prefabricated fireproof concrete. While retaining the virtues of the brick dome, the fireproof concrete prevents errors in construction, allows special shapes to be produced and makes the whole oven more durable. The initially sporadic demand for this innovative product rapidly became a flood. In just a few years it became the most popular model, and paved the way for a new concept of ovens, to the extent that several other manufacturers redesigned their techniques, replacing brickwork with prefabricated mono-blocks.

The MEC80 oven and the 70s

In the late 70s, Ambrogi once again revolutionised the market with the MEC 80 model (whose name is inspired by the European Common Market). The design of this oven now called mod. BASE- is a pre-assembled wood-fired oven ready to be delivered and installed on-site without the need for specialised labour. In effect, Ambrogi can be considered the creator of this particular piece of restaurant equipment on the world market. Having moved years ago to the outskirts of Milan, today the firm is in its third generation, led by Luciano and Giada. All the processes needed for the construction of ovens take place in-house, from metalworking to the formation and assembly of the ovens and the preparation of fireproof materials etc. Furthermore, our highly specialised staff take care of the installation and start-up of the finished product in restaurants and pizzerias.  Although Ambrogi is a highly-structured modern firm, its production is considered an artisan process. At Ambrogi we continue to work with the same passion as our founder. And we’re constantly improving our methods by adopting new technical innovations. In the course of our long history, we have gained growing trust and esteem from our national and international clientele, rewarding the effort and sacrifices we make  in order to offer our customers the best possible product.


In 2019, Ambrogi celebrates eighty years in business. From the firm’s origins to the present day, it has continued to specialise, gaining unparalleled experience, excellent skills and 100% Made in Italy tradition. Constant innovation in manufacturing processes and close attention to customers’ needs make our name synonymous with reliability and competitiveness.

Ambrogi produces wood and gas-fired ovens to the highest quality standards, allowing customers to work confidently and with very low fuel consumption.

To ensure that the Ambrogi name remains a leader in the manufacture of professional ovens for restaurants and pizzerias, we draw on highly qualified staff in all sectors. Moreover, the members of the Ambrogi family take personal charge of the design, artisan production and assembly of the ovens. Sales and after-sales assistance are also followed with particular attention to customers’ needs.